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Hello loves! My name is Sasha, welcome to the Squasha Squad! ✨




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17:03This Sims 4 Pack is PARADISE for Builders
23:21Decorating our CUTE New House!
Decorating our CUTE New House!visningar 137tn2 dagar sedan
22:22The Sims 3 is...disgusting?
The Sims 3 is...disgusting?visningar 131tn8 dagar sedan
17:50Ruining a once in a lifetime Sims 3
24:07The Sims 3 is not what I remembered...
The Sims 3 is not what I remembered...visningar 221tn8 dagar sedan
15:01There's a New Sims Game...and it's OPEN WORLD
11:54The Color Wheel is BACK in Sims 4
The Color Wheel is BACK in Sims 4visningar 278tnMånad sedan
13:10Get in Simmers, We're Going CC Shopping
Get in Simmers, We're Going CC Shoppingvisningar 173tnMånad sedan
14:07The Sims 4 but Every Room is 1 Tile Bigger
QUEEN BONEHILDA HAS RETURNED TO SIMS 4visningar 131tnMånad sedan
5:41The Sims 4 is up to something...
The Sims 4 is up to something...visningar 103tnMånad sedan
30:21How I Really Feel About The Expansion Packs for Sims 4
11:57Custom Content, Sims 3 vs Sims 4
Custom Content, Sims 3 vs Sims 4visningar 171tn2 månader sedan
12:03I miss the way things used to be...
I miss the way things used to be...visningar 153tn2 månader sedan
21:50Can I Build a Christmas Tree Shaped House in Sims 4?
16:34I've Decided to Retire from Building in Sims 4
I've Decided to Retire from Building in Sims 4visningar 149tn2 månader sedan
14:42Taking Sims 4 Quizzes but it knows too much
Taking Sims 4 Quizzes but it knows too muchvisningar 188tn2 månader sedan
11:35My Kitchens in Sims 4 are Changed Forever
My Kitchens in Sims 4 are Changed Forevervisningar 161tn2 månader sedan
11:14Can I Turn This Weird Box Into a House in Sims 4?
16:53I Tried Making a Sim Using ONLY Random Genetics
17:09These Sims 4 Holiday Builds are AMAZING
These Sims 4 Holiday Builds are AMAZINGvisningar 143tn2 månader sedan
11:1120 Ways To Use Platforms in Sims 4
20 Ways To Use Platforms in Sims 4visningar 233tn3 månader sedan
13:01The Best Thing I've Seen in Sims 4 So Far
The Best Thing I've Seen in Sims 4 So Farvisningar 283tn3 månader sedan


  • Hopes raised, *cries in console*

  • I have missed your game play sooooo much!! I was so excited to see these Sims 3 videos! Please keep them coming!

  • *the sims 2 nightlifeis NOT for children* Me at 5 playing :*makes my sims woohoo everyday

  • I play Sims 3 and 4

  • As soon as i click on the video i could smell some honey

  • Alternate title: Sasha worshipping cc creators for 17 minutes and 3 seconds straight

  • That picture tv is actually real, my cousin has one. It’s called “The Frame” by Samsung

  • Can we get a moment of silence for the console players.. by heart goes out to you. -Sincerely, A CC addict😂

  • Sasha: *See's all the beautiful furniture * Teacher: Great Job Sasha! You pronounced all the vowels correctly!

  • EA Better be takin notes 😓😓😓

  • E

  • Sasha is the lords work, you do you queen!

  • Sasha is the lords work, you do you queen!

  • I love this video 😍

  • Cc makes sims more fun i just got mine and i love it bc i only have base game and CC

  • only vixella could make this house cute

  • When Sasha didn’t realize the big desks were dining room tables.....

  • Eyy no, it's not worth it at all, especially the bust the dust. Why can't they put the bust the dust on base game????? I prefer download a bunch of cc instead of paying those kits. EA literally a $$ thirsty company lmao.

  • we have bounty bars in canada too (but nobody likes them) also they don't have cadbury chocolate bars in america bc we have those too in canada

  • Me: why does everyone watch get sponsored by honey. Its everywhere. Mr Beast, Moriah Elizabeth, and Vixella.

  • This stuff pack should just have an option like: make patios etc. count as tiles on or off option thing

  • Man what would we do in the sims 4 without cc? Raging at the game probably.

  • tHe InTeRiOr DeSiGnErS i FoLlOw On InStAgRaM

  • eilot has space buns!....why does eliot have demon eyes? LOL

  • "more plonts!" Yes vixsella yes more plonts

  • "CC creators are doing the lords work" Sasha - 2021

  • God I wish I could get mods so bad :(

  • I feel like the only reason I'll buy sims 4 it's to just use the custom content...

  • vixella yet blessing us with another video🤍🤍

  • My dog just died:(

  • I feel like Vixella should try to play house flipper?🤔

  • So wait..can simmers that are showing off new things for EA only allowed to use a certain sim for certain things? Lol just wondering bc I noticed this is the same sim from lilsimsies video on these kits.

  • I’d rather support these cc creators than buying kits, just saying

  • Sasha,you should make a house with only CC furniture

  • At least the kits aren't like the sims 3. In the sims 3, each kit would have been 20 dollars.

  • When you are trying really hard to not get any CC....😅😭

  • More sims 3 videos!

  • 🥶🤢🤧😴💩👽🤖👻🤡👿😈🕳️🎃🎊🎉🕳️✨✨🦷🦴👀👁️👄👁️👍

  • Idk why but this face I HATE it 🥺

  • alt title "sasha roasting ea for 17 minutes"

  • Country Kitchen Kit: $5 kit 15-item kit. Felix's Patreon: $5/month 60-item stuff pack.

  • >:( STOP

  • Some people can justify giving EA yet another $5 for just a few items... I'd say, forget about the new "kits," and give that $5 to your favorite CC creator instead!! 😄


  • Build Challenge: Every room is a different CC Creator/CC Pack

  • Hey you should try the mod sims 3d

  • my favourite is the throwback kit, I just love the clothes so much. No, i don't think it's worth the money and yes, they should have included it in the fitness-centric packs prior to it. I still love the clothes though.

  • Bro these CC creators be making the game 500x better-

  • Woah my god this pack is so GOOOD BEST PACK!

  • Wait a secondddddd those hairs look like custom content or dat just me?!

  • OMG OMG more CC yass they look so gooood

  • So much better than the "Kits" 🙌🏻

  • Her: talking about how honey is so good How it is for me: WHY DOSE THIS NEVER WORK!!

  • and this is why i rebought the sims 3 again yesterday.

  • We need that TV in the sims 4. It’s to die for

  • TS4 was my first Sims game. I bought TS3 for a few bucks on Steam a couple years ago but it was SO different from 4 that I couldn't handle it and haven't touched it. But this video makes me want to try again. I'm crying over here lol.

  • Sasha about candles: look how bougie she is French speakers: 👁️👄👁️ (Fun fact: The "bougie" she's talking about comes from bourgeoisie [boor-zhwa-zee] which means upper (middle) class)

  • The cc creators are killing it

  • Vixella you should tall about the 21th anniversary of the sims since the cc creators did amazing on it.

  • Us console players just sitting here in the corner, crying...

  • Sasha being like EA needs to hire these cc creators and now heyharries cc was actually put in the game

  • Can you make a unicorn

  • The Eames chairs will forever be in style XD

  • Why does CC look so good and im shaken and can you tell me why you keep telling me to get honey when I already have it 😆

  • Omg I went on this video and thought it was like a few years ago but then I looked in the comments lol

  • Harrie shows how it is done. Vixella: this is so boujee... I love it, I love it... I love that. 😻 lol EA should hire Harrie and let her take the reins of the sims team. She is showing them up. 👏

  • Cries in PS4

  • When there at the park she’s like: Vixella: Is there anything else to do here? Doesn’t look like it. Also vixella: hehe

  • Does anyone know how to download?? I tried but said I need an app? PLZ help!

  • When cc is only on computer... if it would of been on a PlayStation my sims and houses would be BOM