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Hello loves! My name is Sasha, welcome to the Squasha Squad! ✨




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13:05Tik Tokers Giving Me Second Hand Embarrassment
11:32Tik Tok Made Me Buy It
Tik Tok Made Me Buy Itvisningar 85tnDag sedan
14:54life hacks that will ruin your life
life hacks that will ruin your lifevisningar 104tnDag sedan
13:05The Most FREAKY Nail Art on Tik Tok
10:59I Took Sims 4 Quizzes \u0026 Got Everything Wrong
20:41rich people have no taste
rich people have no tastevisningar 117tn8 dagar sedan
23:00Ranking EVERY Sims 4 Pack
Ranking EVERY Sims 4 Packvisningar 105tn8 dagar sedan
12:54The Most AMAZING Art Tik Toks
The Most AMAZING Art Tik Toksvisningar 91tn8 dagar sedan
9:52Let's Go CC Shopping in Sims 4
Let's Go CC Shopping in Sims 4visningar 115tn8 dagar sedan
11:54Girls Go Games but it's SAVAGE
Girls Go Games but it's SAVAGEvisningar 109tn8 dagar sedan
18:52Choosing The WORST Option for EVERYTHING in Bitlife
10:32Siblings or Dating?
Siblings or Dating?visningar 70tn15 dagar sedan
13:12These Are The MOST DOWNLOADED Houses in Sims 4
16:12Reacting to Funny Youtuber Tik Toks
Reacting to Funny Youtuber Tik Toksvisningar 185tn15 dagar sedan
9:52Revealing my final form...
Revealing my final form...visningar 85tn15 dagar sedan
12:43Revisiting My Old Save Files in Sims 4
Revisiting My Old Save Files in Sims 4visningar 134tn15 dagar sedan
11:50Pink Kawaii Things on Tik Tok You Should Buy
13:39Sims 3 Details That Didn't Make It To Sims 4
11:11Let's Get Personal ♡
Let's Get Personal ♡visningar 152tn22 dagar sedan
10:01I Tried Sculpting People's Faces...
I Tried Sculpting People's Faces...visningar 90tn22 dagar sedan
8:02So I Decided To Google Myself...
So I Decided To Google Myself...visningar 114tn22 dagar sedan
8:16Someone Recreated the BABY BBQ Mod for Sims 4
16:37I Chose "SURPRISE ME" For My ENTIRE Bitlife
I Chose "SURPRISE ME" For My ENTIRE Bitlifevisningar 176tn29 dagar sedan


  • tiktokers:*having fun* . grown ass adults:let me laugh at them-

  • 😄😄😄😄

  • Her: This is like the cutest dog ever and I'm gonna ruin it Me:YOU CAN'T RUIN A DOG THEIR TO GOOD

  • After this, I believe the rumor that they hire people to follow them as "paparazzi "

  • 🥶

  • Wait wait wait....she's Allergic to grass?? 🤔😑

  • The reason why she said she was uncomfortable when she was in labor when it said she stepped in a water with a sock on it’s because her water broke because she got in labor so she probably stepped in her water. Hello I came back after 3 years and I’m here at now so uh yeah bye

  • Her own little bubble....... with some 1.43 million people in it.

  • why did these kids get popular again whose idea was it to give them rights to begin with

  • GeT iN DUmMYs WeRE GoINg ShOPpiNg

  • do more videos like this

  • Umm they aren't talented

  • Bella is the only one I actually like

  • where can I buy that humidifier pls help me :D:D

  • Her: "I have a sister who's 12? She's so much older than me!" Me: has a brother whose 15 years older than me 😩🌯

  • Nikita is a Savage

  • Soo we not gon talk about the meme with that little girl

  • This takes "IMA TREE" to an amazing level "She's a trashcan" Relatable

  • I am honestly so happy she got sponsored by them :3

  • Not me watching this in May....

  • The lass that got Addison Rae to dance with her needs help, uh...she needs to delete tiktok, or just disappear off social media...

  • 6:48 I cringed so bad😭

  • Every time Sasha is like “what” “who is that” is literally me.

  • Is it bad that I don't know who half of these people are? I mean, of course, I know who Charli is and a few others. But that's literally it lol.

  • 13:08 *uh ok then* o-o

  • When she said "This is going to be a very red room.." then she looks around- I was like: "I know what you're thinking.. redrum.

  • Hailey always gets ignored it’s so sad 😭

  • 7:17 When you haven't been on vacation in 3 years: 👁👄👁

  • Mabey you only have to do the routen 1 time

  • nice builds!! I might want to download one of these builds

  • Sarah was running bc they were gonna ask her uncomfortable questions

  • I hate me bc I don't have a phone or a computer I just have a TV so I can't win :(

  • Vixella: I don’t think I can justify spending that much Also Vixella: *spends 500$ on sims packs*

  • vixella: OH YEEHHH SLIMEEE me: *cracks* great way to start the video, vixy🤣

  • Vixella do you know why Larinsid is not making a video 😟

  • Vixella telling me not to filled my iPad Me that's a good idea and provides to do it

  • I need to know where that jumper is from 💓


  • I need this xD

  • 2:33 in the top of her gallery it says “OMG Cowplant Vixella”

  • Sasha when they make an avocado cutter 💵💵💵🤑🤑

  • americHUH

  • Day 10 of asking sasha to play planet zoo again <33 no pressure

  • Hi! I have a question, what kind of mod do you use so you can click on the needs that they can decay or fill like in the sims 3?

  • I can't... Hahahahahhah🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣best video EVER... 😂😂😂

  • 3:38 that build is from james turrer


  • 11:01 are you kidding. I know only Nikita. Literally everybody else in this video is just... who even are these people?

  • This just reminds me how horrible paparazzi are. I wouldn't want to be famous Ngl i don't know any of these people

  • Why do I not know that Sasha has Been friends with Ariana grande-

  • Plz link the Starbucks set someone!!!!

  • no this is sirius🐕

  • I love it that Zeus said "this is such a hard game" when I play this game nearly every day lol

  • your sweater game is SO on point lately sasha!!

  • I don’t have that flip to

  • People in my city are wearing those small clear masks. They are completely pointless because they are open at the top.

  • 6:58 dust bunny!

  • I think that we are all embarrased of straight tik tok..

  • maybe in the sims 5 these sims 3 details will be included???

  • 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • That way how you are moving things! Is it some cheats on it? Or you download something?

  • Tiktokers are so embarrassing. They will look back on this like damn but let them have their fun 😂

  • *Elsarbie has a beard. Horray*

  • In dubai it’s actually legal to party during 2021 😌 Maybe they should move over here

  • If Vixella's video played in public I'd clap because she's my favorite SEnewssr

  • Vixella: Making amazing videos Me: Liking my own comments

  • I'am the 409 coment

  • The second hand embarrassment I feel right now is ridiculous .

  • whats the name of the last build?? i LOVE it

  • I like the name angel, you might not though

  • I think Nikita was the only one I knew in this whole video 😂

  • Im so sad I want these!!!! My life is depressing 🥲

  • rest in peace to your jumper

  • This was a subjective video. I dont think i get it

  • idk how but i cc shop every day

  • Did Sasha even notice that Ethan’s last name was balboa and that was the same name her principal had

  • I would NEVER leave my bathtub between the pillow and shelf that holds wine and a BOOK! Ugh I would soak so long I'd be pruny....

  • i love bounty

  • Honestly, I'm 13 and I just know who Charlie and Dixie are, and I don't even like them.... So don't feel like a boomer <3

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