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Hello loves! My name is Sasha, welcome to the Squasha Squad! ✨




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11:11Let's Get Personal ♡
Let's Get Personal ♡visningar 88tnDag sedan
10:01I Tried Sculpting People's Faces...
I Tried Sculpting People's Faces...visningar 60tn20 timmar sedan
8:02So I Decided To Google Myself...
So I Decided To Google Myself...visningar 92tnDag sedan
16:37I Chose "SURPRISE ME" For My ENTIRE Bitlife
23:53This Was NOT The Finale I Was Expecting...
14:20Try Not To Laugh but They're My FAVORITE Tik Toks
10:46Sims 4 Memes Only REAL Simmers Would Understand
THIS IS HOW EVERYDAY FOOD IS MADE ???visningar 87tn7 dagar sedan
11:16I Took Sims 4 Quizzes \u0026 Got My Feelings Hurt
20:30I Got STOOD UP so I'm Getting REVENGE...
I Got STOOD UP so I'm Getting REVENGE...visningar 100tn14 dagar sedan
HUGE SIMS 4 UPDATE! BUNK BEDS!visningar 114tn14 dagar sedan
11:59Rating my OLDEST Sims 4 Builds
Rating my OLDEST Sims 4 Buildsvisningar 132tn21 dag sedan
22:00I Found My Boyfriend’s HIDDEN SECRET...
I Found My Boyfriend’s HIDDEN SECRET...visningar 127tn28 dagar sedan
16:34These GIRL ONLY Apps Should Be ILLEGAL
These GIRL ONLY Apps Should Be ILLEGALvisningar 154tnMånad sedan
15:31I Tried Building a PINK BARBIE House in The Sims
26:51I have a dirty little secret...
I have a dirty little secret...visningar 169tnMånad sedan
17:03This Sims 4 Pack is PARADISE for Builders
13:26The Sims 4 is Now Selling TINY Stuff Packs???
23:21Decorating our CUTE New House!
Decorating our CUTE New House!visningar 166tnMånad sedan
22:22The Sims 3 is...disgusting?
The Sims 3 is...disgusting?visningar 157tnMånad sedan
17:50Ruining a once in a lifetime Sims 3


  • I went onto my sims world because I wanted try them when I got on my dog died then like 5 seconds later one of my sims died THE DAY BEFORE WINTERFEST and I liked my sims :(

  • By modern farm house do you mean something like what chip and jona do.

  • Omg pls do vlogging!


  • Sasha: I think I’m down 21 pounds Me: uh huh nice. *continues to eat cheezits*. LOL

  • whyd i cry at the end sasha i have daddy issues

  • Why I tell Mai from Avatar would be happy (well happy for her) in the goth kitchen

  • For a vlog channel, you could 24 hour challenges, day in my life, answering assumptions about me, etc! Hope this helps!!


  • Planet zooo


  • girllll i love the great gatsby so, so much!

  • Vixella always makes beautiful houses in the sims. Mine are just square-shapes torture dungeons... Creativity level -5

  • When the dog body slammed the floor that is me getting out of bed each day 😂

  • You and Zeus should put an application to join the no pixel server on GTA!!!!!!

  • What's the name of the channel???

  • 11:11 time stamp, 11k views, 1k comments first comment 11 hours ago. My girl. My love. I have never seen someone so blessed by the powers that be! This is going to be so successful for you!

  • An idea for a video or Vlog or SOMETHING idk is making the rooms that are being built onto the sims. Kinda as an idea of way you want the room to look like. It just came to mind :))

  • I love your sweater!!! It looks so comfy!!

  • Sasha- What should I put in my vlog channel? YUNA, YUNA, AND MORE YUNA

  • PLEASE make a vlog channel

  • Hey vixella! New Zealand is nice and fun


  • Play gta

  • will you still react to sims 4 memes?

  • You should do the sims 100 baby challenge not with Mc command center like the actual one the one that the girl did on buzz feed

  • only dream smp fans would notice the music playing at 9:39

  • Vlog channel!!! Maybe a day in my life, behind the scenes, obviously a day with your dog, house tour (if youre comfortable with doing that. you can compare your new house and the older one), etcccc :D.

  • If you make a vlog channel can you do a get ready with me or something like that??

  • Play Skyblock or Bedwars on Hypixel! I love your vids about it.

  • For vlog ideas relating to the building house, you can do building episodes, decorating episodes, shopping spree episodes, or even videos with all of multiple of them. I will watch them all 🥰🥰

  • I lowkey finna move to alpha cc

  • Vlog name VlogVixella 😊

  • Vlog idea you can see those websites that do a is your dog smarts?

  • Post more BitLife, it's so so so so so os so so sos so so so so so entertaining

  • Don't forget to type "motherlode" using the keyboard a few times.

  • Um excuse me, corn is a grain. Uneducated 😒 If you couldn't tell, that was sarcasm. I love you Sasha! ❤

  • Could you start doing CAS challenges please, if it's something you'd be interested in??

  • Cool


  • I looked in the comments for 5 seconds and saw no one talking about this so- 3:37 *The no*

  • Video idea: a day in the life

  • Long boi omg best name for a greyhound love it

  • friend

  • Sasha, could you do more Bitlife videos?

  • Are you gonna do anymore Roblox/brookhaven/comedy vids. I thought your brookhaven vid was hilarious

  • I don't have social media so pls if I see this comment I have a question do u cosplay?

  • Damn Vixella You Are Doing A Lot Keep It Up

  • Vixella: puts windows in the bathroom Me: wth I need some privacy thank you very much

  • House tour plz:)

  • Girl I would LIVE to see you do room makeovers for your new house! I'm a sucker for interior design and I would LOVE to see how you do your future stream roomn/office??

  • Tomorrow is my birthday my I have a shout out? Plus hope you enjoy your new house

  • You shoul have vlog video about a new house tour! Luv u!!!!

  • I personally would watch you do anything haha, so keep doing you and we will love you no matter what!!

  • Yes, please start a vlog channel Sasha. We’d love to see that

  • I'm literally reading the Great Gatsby right now and I just got to the super intense part in chapter 7 and let me just say... tea

  • A kid in 5th grade is 5'2 :]

  • omg i love that sweater 💙

  • When I saw the thumbnail I was like: HEH!? NOOOO YOUR MY FAV SIMS SEnewssR PLEASE NOOOOO! me watching the vid: plssss don't quit.. Me seeing she's answering questions: oh oh thank God there's some hope!

  • I would love for her to do the "24 Hour As My Sim" Challenge in the new house because built-in hour tour

  • I would love to see a day in the life of Sasha, a day in the life of Yuna, anything with Yuna tbh

  • Vixella: i wanted something new something modern... me: she does one modern build and thinks she can build a house 🙄🤚 btw i love your vids ❤️❤️

  • The "this isn't even my final form" part got me 😀😄😆

  • i’m really happy that you’re posting what you want and not just posting sims. you can really see how much fun you’re having

  • In the words of sasha "The world does not revolve around you."

  • I hate corn too lmao

  • Did I miss the announcement of her new house?!?!?

  • Please more, this was so entertaining

  • where can I get the sims 3?

  • When she doesn't answer your question about making Kuvira in cas

  • When your nee house is finished and fulley furnished can you please do a house tour also love you😘❤

  • Please make the vlog channel 💗

  • The random globe at the end of one of them😂

  • I would LOVE a vlog channel

  • The fact you reached over and picked up eyeballs have me weak

  • Nopoooooo

  • If the hole world was listening I would say "pop de scoop " .what the hell._.

  • 3:26 lol that’s the opposite of me it’s so easy to be mean (not on purpose) but it’s so hard to be nice 🥲

  • Will you be doing a house tour on your third vlogging channel?

  • an Una Vlogggg