Let's Get Personal ♡

Publicerades den 13 apr 2021
Answering all your questions, and I started crying lol.
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  • not me immediately picking up The Great Gatsby as soon as Sasha says she likes it

  • Sasha: Is that TMI? Me: I mean maybe but also most of your fans have been here so long that we think of you as family.

  • I always try searching for sims vids but if I cant find it I search Vixella so I can find sims vids🍕Btw I love you Vixella

  • Do u live with zeuz and is he moving in with you in your new house

  • Day in life

  • Fitness journey, house, shopping, behind the scenes stuffs I can’t wait for the vlogs!!

  • Daisy is the woooooorst!

  • I have an attention span of about a week. One week I will be obsessed with Sims, then I am obsessed with another video game 3 days later, lol

  • vixella woke up and chose *arson*

  • I am building a house too twins! 🙂

  • i cant be the only one who cried on the last part

  • OOOu try living like your sim or cook like your sim. Kelsey did a painting like her sim those could be super intresting

  • Super honest :)

  • You're so sweet and yes the world should have nice people and please show love

  • Aww cool thanks Sasha

  • Girlllll I best see a whole video dedicated to you making your precious balcony *-*

  • You should do a House Tour when its done!!

  • Yeah just do it :)

  • V Vi Vix Vixe Vixel Vixell Vixella Vixell Vixel Vixe Vix Vi V

  • Let your sim control what you do for the day / do the same thing as a sim for a day 🔥❤️ love your channel

  • You should play forager, it’s a super cute game and I feel like it would be a good break. You don’t have to record it- I just think you’d enjoy it :)

  • Vlogsha? Sorry lol but I would love to watch your vlogs!

  • It’s ok, I just got off mine and I think my boyfriend just got on his XD

  • Because of the panini. OMG that's the funniest thing I've ever heard 😂

  • I would say to the world, you only live once so make the most of life, follow your dreams ♡︎ we should treat the world the best we can, let there be peace.

  • Sasha: and I just needa shake it up - 4:32 Me: BrInG tHe LiGhTs Up BlAsT tHe DoOrS dOwN dUsT uRsElF uP sHaKe It Up ShAkE iT uP lol Ps love ur vid!! ❤️

  • Vlog Idea: The day in the life of Yuna.

  • Once your house is done you should do a house tour furnished Or unfurnished or both!

  • A day in the life of you Sasha that would be really cool!!

  • Omg! Please start a Vlog channel! -House/office tour -Juicy Q&As -Get ready with me -Day in the life of Vixella -Collabs with other youtubers (like lilsimsie or plumbella) -Would you rather extreme edition - Skin routine -Night/morning routine I just wanted to say, Vixella, your content make me sooo very happy so it would mean the world to me and millions others if you made a vlog channel, Hope you have an excellent day 😉

  • I can’t find the link for the 3rd channel am I blind!!??!!!

  • I have 2 questions for a part 2: 1. How old are you? 2. Why did you name your channel Vixella?

  • No one: Sasha’s insta: CORN

  • The Great Gatsby is a great book choice! Don't be ashamed girl! 😊

  • I actually found Midnight Sun way more enjoyable than Twilight! Edward and the Cullen's perspective were far more interesting to follow than Bella.

  • You should make a reacting channel And a vlog channel! I love u!💕

  • Vlog idea: house tour of current house


  • I almost cried when you told us your favourite memory of your dad 💕

  • I’m sorry but is it just me who wants all of sashays outfits!!!! 🪐

  • where are your cat ear headphones from ? soo cute !

  • House updates on your new house!

  • love you sasha

  • you should play stardew valley. have you played stardew valley????

  • Panini We want this we love this Pandemic we hate this do not use it around Sasha

  • The Great Gatsby is the BEST book. And The Outsiders

  • can you share maybe pinterest inspo boards for your house? maybe that'll be good on the vlog channel. vision boards for the house!

  • I’d love to see vlogs about your fitness journey

  • If you like modern farmhouse, look at shiny silver corrugated metal paneling for details like accents on walls and ceilings! Our entire ceiling is like that and it’s SUCH a unique gorgeous detail plus it allows natural light to bounce off and onto the walls!


  • so your house is like "rustic"?

  • Everyday routine


  • I love your jumper :00

  • Please do the not so berry challenge

  • Ok I was SHOOK when you said youve read midnight sun cause my mum has been reading that for the past like Month XD

  • when you do you vlog to a buying/dec your room


  • Could you maybe do a blog of the process of your new office. Like when you decorating and stuff like that??

  • My dad died when I was 6 🥺 I wish he was stil there

  • I would love to see house building process, your routines (morning, night routine) and day in your life

  • Make your new house in the sims

  • "Is that TMI...? I don't care." 😂 Spoken like a true woman on her cycle! I'm on mine now, too! But you're probably done by now... Lucky. Just started mine...

  • we love personal sasha!!

  • do some more bloxburg and start vlogging AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Hi I love your blogs

  • Can you build the house you are building in the Sims 4???

  • 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚟𝚒𝚡𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚊ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

  • DOG CAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!YUNA!!!!!!!!!

  • Can you link what you use like you’re headphones desktop and gaming chair?

  • I have an idea! ✨ Once the house is complete, do a before and after and also maybe a tour? love you soooo much♥ stay safe and healthy💕

  • Will u ever have kids in real life

  • I suggest when u start a vlog channel u should do 24 hours pranks on ur bf and friends


  • her relationship is like a bob ross painting.

  • Vlog channel yes plz😋👍🏽

  • This video 11 minutes 11 seconds. 11:11 💕❤️

  • Th at

  • Have you thought about taking up singing ?

  • HOUSE TOUR!!!! :]

  • Justice for Myrtle

  • My dad was(Still is) also in a band-

  • Your dad sounds like a wonderful man.

  • Hi Sasha, I hope you read this You're literally my favourite SEnewssr and I've been watching you since Fancy Simmer and I'm literally always so excited to see what you upload next and where you decide to take your channel to next. I'd literally watch anything you post it always would be fun because it's content made by you! 😁 I can't wait to see what you do next and I hope you all the best and success and I'm really looking forward to either seeing a new channel or new videos. You're great! Have a nice day :3 Also one day I wish I could be a famous youtuber/streamer like you. If I make it as a big enough channel I hope I could collab with you I would LITERALLY cry

  • Nothing like Yung Dab to bring two people together 😂

  • Weeeee gahhh I just have to fix my exbox gahhhhhh I miss my sims is easy am fixing it gahhh is fun 💖💖💖💖💖💖✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  • vixella deserves so much more!! i love this woman so much


  • I feel horrible about your poor father I hope it’s not rude if I ask what happened I love your channel q😘

  • 3:06 when this question was asked, I thought of the time when Jaidenanimations answered this question, and it was funny i think for a joke she said "PEE IS STORED IN THE-" and then cut herself off to answer the question seriously, but it was funny

  • Omg Sasha when your house is done being built u should build it in the sims

  • wait your over weight no way. you dont look like it at all.

  • you should prank Zeus

  • VLOGS!

  • If you start your vlog channel I would love to see some videos about/with Yuna!

  • Saying I’m on my period is not tmi and if anyone thinks it is then... why.

  • I agree with working for myself thing lol

  • If you make a vlog channel, do a new house tour!

  • I also LOVE the great gatsby! it's a great book!

  • Hey, what weight loss program are you on? Looking for one. Btw you are beautiful in any body girl