My Kitchens in Sims 4 are Changed Forever

Publicerades den 12 dec 2020
These mods are lifechanging!!!
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  • She would love and hate bloxburg

  • This dumb Q , but do i need eco lifestyle pack :-

  • 1 sub to Vixella = you want to have the kitchen she created

  • Me after watching this video: *goes cc shoping*

  • is EA listening? ...

  • How do you put down a cc house cc in sims4

  • The fact that i don’t notice the lag bc my game is like that since i got the mods, scares me

  • you can drag any food in the trash you dont need them to do it lol

  • maybe you dont even notice it.. nope. i do

  • I dont think sasha has played roblox on mobile 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • woah woah woah can u put the microwave in the cabinet space 🤔🤔

  • For the lags . Just spam esc for a few times and it will fix it.


  • I’ve never been so sad to be a console player. N E V E R

  • Challenge for the simers : Create a character that Looks like a sin fron sims 1-3 and then draw them!! (any art)

  • Ahh yes when you just look for one specific cc you need but you end up with 50+ tabs on your browser and 10gb of other cc from that creator and end up using only cc and avoid EA stuff. I know that feeling too well.

  • Can you make a house with just using the pets pack and put it on the gallery?please?

  • hey ive never downloaded sims cc before and tbh i dont know how! could someone help please?

  • I need this cc pack specifically JUST for those counters

  • How do u put CC and mods into ur game?? Asking for help here!!!!!!!!!

  • Sasha:look how stunning the pictures look Pictures:a kitchen cabinet,outside,in the grass

  • you can actually stack the plates and bowls ;0

  • You should do a whole house with all of these packs. Like that would be so cool.

  • I went to the site but i can't find out how to download it! PLEASE HELP!!

  • Can You Please make a Random geneticts challenge with only cc

  • you should plat roblox again

  • "Go ahead and stick it up there dude" Sasha 2020

  • I love your spongebob shirt! and Little Dica!

  • it's so realistic

  • .......................I have it already yeeeee

  • Why don’t you try to recreate some food in the Sims 4 in real life for a video?

  • matching color swatches? EA could NEVER compete

  • Can you do a mobile sims gameplay

  • HOMEGIRL needs to be a comedian omg I’m dying laughing ✨😂🤣😂

  • In my opinion you should get another series like “The Sims 4 but every room is a different _______ but it’s “The Sims 4 but every Sim has a different _____ (Different pack for bottoms, tops, shoes, hair) (every sim is has something like a 1 wizard, 1 Jedi, 1 Vampire, 1 alien, 1 cat, 1 dog) just for an example

  • Uhhh I have a question: Why do you show custom content that you *LOVE* and never use them?

  • Build challenge idea: Every room is a different soial media app. Please do it I have been reqesting things for GOREVER

  • in your next stream can i pls have a shout out i have been watching for like 4 years and i love you with all my heart

  • Omg your channel makes me so happy! Whenever I’m having a bad day I like to re watch all of your old let’s plays and they make me smile :) thank you for being you :D

  • Build challenge: the sims 4 but every room is a different Zodiac sign!

  • can you do a inverted one color challenge please???? ( you put it inverted and make a sim out of one color, if you didn't gat that ) THANK YOUU! oh! and maybe add two sims and do random genetics with it, so make a sim inverted random genetics!

  • Build challenge: get a house and then do whatever you want but there’s a time limit for each room

  • Vixella, you should play Roblox again-

  • For the lag, opening the Esc menu and staying in it for a few seconds fixes it.

  • That's great stuff

  • hey!! I got a great video idea, you know how you can sort objects in the build mode by room? how it shows, for example, the bedroom and the kitchen and all of the things that are usually in the kitchen? :D so how about building every room as to how they are shown in the rooms!!!

  • Wow so cute en beautifel

  • sims 2 is coming back into sims 4

  • Vixella you inspired me to make a sims let’s play if you get a minute can you watch it 👉🏻👈🏻

    • It doesn’t have to be on camera I just want you to look at it and tell me if you like it

  • If I get the Sims 4 cc will it kick me out of Sims four

  • Hey! Where’s the zoop scoop at? Please do more planet zoo!

  • They need to add LED lights for the sims

  • "Omg it looks like a tiktoker's room" -Vixella (a.k.a. Sasha) 2k20

  • You should make a house based on there items.

  • Btw part two of the alphas PROMIS came out

  • These are so good ! I HAVE to bring a video suggestion hoping you will notice it ! Please (AND I MEAN PLEASE) do Rags To Riches series Againnnnnn !!! Please !

  • Vixella: "It's so pretty, I wanna touch it" Me: *falls off chair, dying*

  • This CC "stuff pack" are much more better than this original stuff packs : My first pet stuff Romantic Garden Stuff Luxury party stuff Spooky stuff Moschino stuff

  • Can you pls stop doing a whole bunch of cc I play on a xbox and I cant have cc so pls stop

  • the fact we're all so excited you can put bowls on shelves really shows how low ea has set the bar

  • when you review cc could you link where you find them in the description please?

  • i can finally consider getting these packs because i got the sims two weeks ago after wanting it for a year 🏃💨

  • Ok I’m on my way to slow my game down 😂

  • When it comes to new stuff I freak out abt light switches-

  • get them mods gurl

  • i honestly can’t watch because of the lag. i hope you figure it out

  • Omg Here face for this whole video 🤣🤣

  • Me who plays on Xbox 👁👄👁

  • Hi Vixella I love you so much and I was just wondering if you could do a planet zoo let’s play where you make a zoo with us

  • New the sims 4 challenge: 1 baby every one hour. Please do it. ☺️😊☺️

  • I just tried the cc and OMG!!!!!!! Its soooo good!! Ya'll, it runs so well and looks amazing! If you can, please download this! (:

  • just wait until she finds out that the stove has object slots🤭

  • This makes my day!! My rabbit got ran over by a a car and passed on yesterday R.I.P little man. February 26th 2020 was an amazing day when we brought Wrangler Sharma home. Wrangler helped Michelle through rough times he always knew what to say. Watching a little smile on his face always made everyone happy. He always would run around the backyard, Lick our feet, Try to eat potato chips. Wrangler always layed by the window when the warmth of the sun hit the window. Every morning he jumped on Michelle’s bed to wake her up by running all over her face and biting her nose. We will always remember our beautiful moments with him. It is hard to say goodbye to a special companion, but Wrangler is in a better place. And in his next life he will be a free and happy creature all over again. We love you Wrangler, Always and Forever🐇💫

  • You should slowly renovate a house (this one for example) using this creators cc packs

  • Hi Sasha! Can you please do a QNA because my question is out of the stuff packs which is ur fav out of the expansion which is ur fav and out of the game packs which is ur fav? And out of ALL PACKS which is ur fav

  • Hi I made my own sims 4 challenge it’s called the teen pregnancy challenge Rules: Must be a teen girl Must hookup with a random guy You can if you want have her live with her family ( it will make the whole thing juicier And you must do that on repeat until she has eleven kids Now you don’t have to do this if you want to. :) Like so she can see

  • Build challenge idea. Have a sim paint 1 painting per room. Each room is based off that painting. Colour pallet and style

  • My game is laggy and I have no cc :\ I have a good PC too...

  • I have a video idea “making a house using only one color”

  • Can you are re do the big house in brindle ton bay that's in the middle 0

  • “Holy swatch”-Saha 2020

  • My robot sticker won’t show up on the fridge? Pls help me? :/ :3

  • Idead for your bext video : The sims 4 but every room is a different towny The sims 4 but every room is a different lets play Here is an example for the second 1 : rags to riches - cheap things 100 baby challenge - a toddler room full of beds The sims 4 but every room is a different extension pack Hope you will do at least one of these! Love you , big big fan , i hope you got some ideas ✨🤗🙃✨ Sorry if I misspell but i am not English :)))

  • 0:09 😂

  • My sims got deleted for some reason my computer just wiped it off it’s weird

  • Holy swatch 😂

  • wait nvm how do you download it

  • oh nvm

  • wait how do you download it?

  • I downloaded this pack yesterday and I was not disappointed

  • i have a sims 4 challenge what if you only get a certain amount of time to furnish each room!!!!!❤️

  • that fridge just reminded me of unus annus smh

  • make a video of makeng boy look like girl and girl look like boy please

  • Cc creators really be doing the lords work

  • You should do like a house building tutorial! I love your videos and they inspired me to build my own houses!

  • Let me just tell you right now.... RIP my cc folder. I'm downloading this all!

  • Girl you can stack the bowls and plates

  • as soon as I heard she made this I got my starbucks ready

  • i hate youtube... i literally didn’t get this notification until a WHOLE ASS DAY after it was posted... ugh

  • Brb inserting "holy swatch" into my vocabulary forever