Pink Kawaii Things on Tik Tok You Should Buy

Publicerades den 15 apr 2021
They're so CUTE! I must have them all.
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  • Half of the stuff in this video is from aliexpress-

  • don't worry I don't have the set either, sigh.

  • do more videos like this

  • Plz link the Starbucks set someone!!!!

  • Vixella-Omg is that a fish? what is that someone please tell me in the comments! New Zealanders-😳

  • Not mints, soda candy vixella.

  • 10:41 IS THAT GENSHIN IMPACT!?!?!?!?!!!

  • I love the demon Slayer snack

  • Wait can we get a Sasha house/office tour??😦

  • The girl with the Nano lights is mochiiimarie. She is a astethic tiktoker that has a seres called Cute things for ur setup. And se DOSEN'T have the Starbucks set. PS: Sorry if my english is bad I'm Romanian

  • The food on the food cart? Most of it is in a store that is mainly located in NYC it’s called “Asian Market” you can get tons of snacks and foods from Asia!

  • What the title should really be: me freaking out over things for 11 or sum min

  • 5:49 reminds me of a pink oreo for some reason 🌚👌

  • She needs 30 million subscribers

  • I think because this my aesthetic is now kawaii-

  • Ok but Sasha is absolutely stunning 😭

  • Vixella I think you have it

  • Oh soft core aesthetic I have the aesthetic

  • Pink makes me mad so I was rageing

  • Vixella should partner with Origin PC for her pink PC

  • *Panreabread*

  • Plot twist: the rest of the house is dirty

  • 1:43 That is a fish cake that someone stole from Gran Torino

  • are you going to show us what you bought

  • i know were the "hello panda" snack is its were i live in the Philippines!

  • Whenever I hear that ✌hey y'all✌my face just automatically smiles. Thanks for making my day better sasha

  • 0:00-0:01 = hawks 0-0 :)

  • You can get items like this in a store called DotDotBang in some malls, I went crazy there.

  • Omg same I want a gothic kawaii set up tho~

  • I'll build you a pink pc...

  • I paint but I dont have a computer- once I get a computer and a keyboard I am painting every individual key and the L is gonna be LGBTQ+ flag :D

  • If you want aesthetic tiktoks, follow Nintendo.grl! She is basically everything aesthetic

  • You can get hello panda snacks at Costco or walmart or hot topic (my hot topic has some aesthetic things so...) I love them and so does my nephews

  • the fish things are sort or like a an cone that u have for ice cream filled with marshmallow stuff

  • 4:30 That little thing is called a Divoom Ditoo. It is a mini retro pixel art game speaker. Totally didn't pause the video when she put it down just so I could read the box and find out what that thing was because I want it for myself, Nope (・∀・(・∀・(・∀・*)

  • Where in the Uk is that shop I must go there

  • I think she gets all the food n stuff from Dekai Anime but sometimes she makes it

  • this video convinced me to buy pocky

  • you find the stuff on Amazon and you look up kawaii set up stuff and if you want decor for your room look up. Kawaii decor for room and if you want pink kawaii stuff just look up kawaii pink and whatever you want and if you want the Starbucks set go on Amazon I hope this helps let me know if you see the comment

  • I counted how many tik toks has the Starbucks set if I'm wrong I'm sorry but I think it was shown 5 times

  • I found them for you on eBay 18:99 for the coaster and that cute cup and the paw print one for 11:99 xx

  • When you have the same phone case as the person with the sick phone stand lmao

  • Oh! That Hello Kitty plate at 9:50 ! I have the whole set for four I think! Cutlery, dishes, mugs, cereal bowls, the works! It's SO cute

  • who is going to tell her tofu cute has a website that delivers..?

  • "Gouwgus" was it for me❤️she soumded like Janice from Friends💙💜💙

  • I guess she doesn't realize the charger is a satanic ritual (I'm pretty sure that both chargers are like a Heaven-Hell situation kinda thing)

  • She is gonna have at least 50 keyboards in a week (they may still be in the mail)

  • Omg I love this tiktoker so much at the start I watch all of her vids I love these tiktoks

  • Somebody get her out of there she is gonna bye everything!!

  • Some of these are from aliexpress and the snacks from dekai anime:)

  • Kwai home

  • Her:has a asthetic panic attack

  • but did you buy the set? lol

  • Good way to spend all your money :)

  • Me: *sees hello panda biscuits* Me, a person from the uk 0.0000000000000001 seconds later: Hey don’t u get dat from Sainsbury’s?!

  • No one noticed the nezuko setup in the first video . . . . . No? . . . . . .ok . . . . . . .

  • I wish you put the links to all that stuff in the description.

  • you need to do another one of these I love them!

  • I have a 3ds🥰And a GAME BOYYYY😝✨

  • *me watching this video with earbuds..* R.I.P. fellow earbud users

  • 10:18 the fact that she called me out


  • this is my life in the futue note to futur self have an office like this

  • "If you want something bad enough, you can convince yourself you need it." - Sasha new favorite quote 😌😂

  • Need part 2

  • 2:16 why does she sound like Gina Linette from Brooklyn 99 😂

  • YESH come join us in the UK cult 🤩💖🦄🍡

  • You can get lots of stuff like this from Sugoi Mart and it can come in Japan Crate!!!

  • Vixella: "talking about her home" 1 Second later: it's that a pink pot?!?!?🤯🤯

  • on wednesday's we wear ✨ pink ✨

  • This Shop, Its called DIYSO yeah it has some of these foods and drinks

  • Sensors Give Moving things power to MOVE the wings UP

  • The Ink tv speaker thing is a divoom Bluetooth speaker

  • Vlog Idea! Buy a bunch of aesthetic stuff and do an unboxing and setting up video.

  • I have two similar boba little things and i have pink Kawaii one and regular boba one.

  • Omg I have a 3D s toooooo well a 3Ds xl


  • Tryna look like ------ Were those sparkly pans????

  • PLEASE buy these! I need to live vicariously through you

  • Their is a app called Tokyo treats to get Japanese snacks.

  • i just realized this is @nintendo.grl, omg. I love her content. *EVERYTHING* she does is so kawaii!

  • this video is basically just vixella saying "i need it." for 11 minutes and 49 seconds straight.

  • I may have bought a snack cart with a bunch of cute snacks in it after this video

  • You get the cat paw cup and heart cup off etsy

  • Vixellas next vid will go something like this: Hey yall, so I am sorry for not uploading much but I have change not just my setup, not just my room but now my whole house looks amazing!

  • 8:35 yes

  • I am in the uk 🇬🇧

  • Can some people reply with places to get kawaii things and snacks in the UK please? I know of tofu cute and that’s it haha 🌸🌱

  • Me watching these girls with all these adorable things: *Don't be shy, give me your house*

  • I wish i can buy this suff but i cant

  • GOWGUS!!!

  • Vixella"SOMEONE GET ME A PINK PC". me"paint yours till you have the money to get one..."

  • i want all of it :-)

  • Sasha, I feel your pain ! I just want aesthetic and kawaii decoration >u

  • I need more of these XD

  • i cant i cant i just cant i cant watch it im too jealous

  • Hi, so if you like pink kawaii things, you could try playing a mobile app game called "kawaii home" it's this really cute pastell game where you get to design rooms. I installed it today and i am OBSESSED with it! Please try it, i think you will LOVE it!!💖🤍

  • OMG THE Nintendo.grl AHHHH 😩😩😩💕💕❤️❤️❤️

  • yes you SHOULD buy and you would but... SPOILER ALERT your broke < 3

  • The accent is kind of like- New Jersey? Reminds me of New York for some reason >_