How I Really Feel About The Expansion Packs for Sims 4

Publicerades den 3 jan 2021
You wanted my opinions...HERE THEY ARE!
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  • thank you so much for doing that, i needed that review to be sure of the packs I want

  • The worst world is the 4 lot world with Get to Work Del Sol Valley is OK

  • I love how ur just casually holding ur starbucks cup in the thumbnail 😂😂 QUEEN

  • I love when you say vlady daddy it's funny

  • Need to lay down. Got full from the tea....

  • I actually enjoy Get Famous just for the ability to make myself super famous and likeable wherever i go. also gives you a bunch of social perks. but that's just me.

  • The get famous world should have just been based off of Hollywood,


  • Personally, I do really love brindleton bay.

  • the one thing about the cats and dogs expansion pack would be, how in sims 3 you would breed ur animals and they would look like both parents and not just the coat of the father and the space of the mother, that one thing i was let down on, when it comes to the sims 4 cats and dogs

  • Say it with me everyone. WE WANT BETTER BABIES!!! WE WANT GENERATIONS😭😭 I swear once we get those things I’ll shut up about asking for anything else

  • Get famous More like get lost OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH😳

  • " you wanna be a ✨witch✨" Ok but what if I already AM a witch (totally different kind of wirchcraft but wtv)

  • Pop

  • I havent played in years. I did most of my simsing around the time Sims 2 came out. But I installed Sims 4 yesterday after watching some videos of challenges and when I found this video I literally got paper and pen and wrote a list. Now I know which packs Im getting first! Thank you!

  • i remember i was so exited for get famous but i was so dissapointed i thougt judith was going to be a very nice and sweet lady but BOY I WAS WRONG the is worse the eliza!!! ooo teeaa

  • I got get together mainly for the large lots because I love building houses and the lots in the base game were just not big enough for a lot of projects i wanted to do.

  • Hi Vixella, I currently have 2 expansion packs, 1 game pack and 3 stuff packs. I have Get together, 4 seasons, spa day, romantic garden, perfect patio stuff and backyard stuff.

  • I really wish they’d add a farm expansion pack. Different animals like cows, horses, sheep, and more. Farming w tractors and maybe new careers with it. I’ve been wanting and expansion like that for so long and I was hoping they’d give it to us since we didn’t get horses in cats and dogs :(

  • In the Sims 3 Island Paradise, there was something where you could go diving and adventuring in the water, and It was really disappointing that they didn't add that. That feature in the sims 3 scared the heck out of me as a kid, and I miss it.

  • aaa its 50% off right now and i dont know whether to choose either cats and dogs or city living

  • i am the only simmer who liked get famous for something

  • Sasha: Getting ready to say my first pet stuff Also me: Getting ready to do a thumbs down with a fart noise

  • spoopy

  • The moral of the story, don't compare the sims 4 to sims 3 cause sims 3 is always better lol

  • Thanks! I think I’m between dine out, get lost (get famous), and also get to work!

  • Some thing u would like the the sims creatorsto add For me i want hotels in mt komori

  • The sims 3 expansions = superior The sims 3 graphics = not so good

  • I love the get famous and the dine out pack because there both amazing!!!! Also city living

  • when i comes to get famous i have an idea that if your befriend a celeb you would get more fame

  • Can you rate them from 1-10

  • I might get Eco Lifestyle and bc I wanna do Rag to Riches

  • I want to buy Get Famous but it gets so much hate, that I dont know if its worth it. Get Famous and Vampires would be the last 2 packs I would buy then.

  • The Sims 4- capitalism at it's finest

  • 0:17 u are right

  • Cats & Dogs, Seasons, & University I buy solely for build and buy. I am not ashamed. 🤧 At the same time, I actually live the first 2 for gameplay

  • the get famous pack not only added useless stuff but it messed up other gameplay features. for example if you sell enough of your paintings you’ll get famous and then you’ll have to deal with all of the paparazzi stuff. It really was not worth it and if i could get rid of it and get a refund i definitely would

  • i have the oppisite opinion on LITTERLY all these packs

  • Hahaha what!! yo weren’t brutal at all, I’m actually think that u were so nice speaking about this garbage game.

  • I think aesons should have gotten a higher rating for the calendar the calendar is so nice to have because you can see when your sims birthdays what days they have work and its really nice

  • Sims 4: teaching us to expect the worst as always and lower your expectations till it's rock bottom.

  • Ok I agree with every single one of these opinions apart from vintage glamour. I 👏 LOVE 👏 THIS 👏 STUFF 👏 PACK 👏 because I love that painting (you know which one), the vanity (obv), I use the butler a lot actually, it makes me feel fancy xD and all of the items are sooo pretty!!

  • Vixella talking about get together: "Uhh i dont feel like i use this pack that much" The wohoo bush: -_-

  • please remember, sims 3 island paradise was not FUNCITIONAL AT ALL, the lag was unbearable! also more playable areas not rabbit holes causes mass lag!

  • Bro I should have watched these videos cause I have all the bad pack :(

  • Get To Work. Get Lost.

  • I also feel alone because I’m an Xbox user and I always wanted my first pet stuff.......basically only for the small pets nothing else but still

  • you should def make a huge modern mansion using things from every.single.pack. lol you can make like a laundry room, bowling alley, indoor pool, movie room, and like all that kinda stuff!! pleaseee!! lol i would love to watch that and use it it in the gallery:))

  • The builder oh OK are you so mean like put a mask on my belt I mean the beds

  • This helped me so much i want to know witch packs are good and witch are bad

  • I have sims4

  • Me ignoring her: I like working, plus the items..? Also me: I'm going to buy all of them.

  • Sasha

  • City Living/Seasons > Cats & Dogs > The rest


  • Me in south Africa and one pack can cost R700 😪🥺😭

  • Holy moly I forgot about Island Living 😂

  • You know how you've said you are desperate for content? I had an idea... do an LP like Rags to Riches type with a retail store but only sell collectibles like stones, elements, simmies... idk rare objects... i really miss your LPs :) What do you guys think??? :D

  • Omg island living is beatiful? Yay i even have island living

  • why do i have all the packs that she says are terrible

  • When u just got sims and only have base game- I-...

  • The best build items has to definitely go to Get Together and not Snowy Escape. Snowy escape has some really good items, but everything is too minimalistic. If you only build modern ya sure, but if you build anything else, snowy escape won't really fit.

  • Should’ve watched this before I bought get famous lol

  • It’s too late.. I already wasted forty bucks on stupid island living

  • Some of these packs I REALLY WANT. Like Realm of Magic because IT'S FREAKING MAGIC! I don't have the Sims 4 and I want to play it, but watching SEnewssrs like you, Vixella, make me want the game even more. You're amazing, girl! Keep at it!

  • The point of this whole video: The sims 4 cant live up to the sims 3

  • Packs and stuff I'll buy The Ones We(My Sister And I) NEED: The uhh vampire pack And The one that comes with aliens The ones that I would love to have(my sister wants some of these too ill specify tho) Realm of magic(Me,I'd put it in need but the ones in need are the ones that we BOTH need instead of would like/love to have.) University(Me I Guess?) Island living(My sister,I don't love it but I like it) I forgot the other packs..uhh-

  • Sasha: "stranger ville, i would say its very much based off of stranger things" Me having just finished stranger things and rewatching it a day later: "say no more for i am sold"

  • sims 3 university was ahead of its time

  • cant believe they didnt add surfing to island living ☹️

  • sis did not just diss cats and dogs like that-

  • I have almost all the packs for the main purpose that some cc requires it. Some cas items i love personally. Some were eh, a lot of them i say buy when they have deals. They have deals a lot actually. I only need 3 more, and theyre the ones i didnt quite like for cas reasons :// Im not the best builder and still new to it, so for build items i didnt care lol however i agree with most of her opinions but some im like nah girl.

  • actually city living + get together + get famous = sims 3 late night sims 4 pls we need quality not quantity 🤭

  • I feel like all the sims 4 packs are just so lackluster compared to any other previous games. But like...cost just as much

  • Listen I’m a PS4 player because I can afford a pc and for some reason they have the my first pets stuff available to buy but you can’t even get cats and dogs like who thought of that it’s just teasing me that I can’t get the pack of my dreams!!!!

  • Really wish there was a pack with a filmmaking/directing career!

  • I play on PS4 I'm only missing 6 out of the ones you said I'm gonna get them wen I get cash but not star wars even though I love the original star wars movies

  • OMG is that gem art on the table behind you? I'm just saying I got something like that for Christmas and I am shookeff....

  • The Simon Cowell of Sims lol 😂

  • I restarted my computer and now I cant log back into sims 4 because of a glitch and im just tourchering myself by watching this

  • wOWWWWWWWW look at the like to dislike ratio peeeeeerrrfect

  • GeT LOsT aM i RiGhT?

  • *imagine an someone that helps make sims 4 watches this and upgrades the cats and dogs pack-*

  • Sasha: get famous... Also Sasha: more like get lost! I have a channel plz sub!

  • 30 minutes of sasha, sign me up

  • If everyone hates it (laundry day, eco lifestyle) it’s gonna be good. Top tips from me.

  • I have done the stranger ville story line three times 😅

  • why. do I want all of them???

  • when the expansion packs cost more than the actual game, lol. :)

  • How much money have you spend on Sims 4? And it's nice to hear about the Packs! Thanks!

  • JUNGLE ADVENTURE IS THE WORST PACK i used it was once of like 20 minutes never used it again i dont use the iteams at all you have to use go on mulitiple vacations to go to all the temples and hidden places you cant even make skeletons Also should i buy eco lifestyle or snowy escape

  • This video just reminds me how empty the game would be without an packs. And also how the heck did we let the Sims 4 have no consequences with having packs that have pretty much nothing compared to those in the Sims 3?

  • Who else thinks that the sale on expansion packs should stay

  • It’s the not being able to scuba dive for me ✨

  • 3:27 Girl I feel you.

  • Not me only buying Discover University for the shower and that one really nice plant that comes in the one and three sets...

  • So basically: if you played TS3 you‘re gonna be disappointed lmao

  • 7:31 Me: *has almost all the packs INCLUDING seasons* Also me: THE GAME IS STILL L A C K I N G

  • Realm of magic gave me Harry Potter vibes

  • Ignore me lol 8:36