Cute & Aesthetic App Games to Play When You're Bored

Publicerades den 26 apr 2021
So kawaii & relaxing!
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  • Ok but Sasha needs to try playing love nikki

  • Can you play Clawbert

  • I love her shirt!!

  • Omg Kawaii kitchen is my favorite game


  • I think you should do a holl video in sumikko farm

  • You can tell Sasha is in her natural habitat playing these games-

  • Jesus loves you :)

  • Love your gam🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the second game reminds me of Chobits, a lot

  • I saw the thumbnail of this video and it was faster than the speed of light. And it turns out I had most of these games. But it's still cute.

  • So I don’t know which one was first, but a while back I played a game called rilakuma farm or something like that. It’s almost identical to sumikkugorashi farm or whatever it’s called, the first game. It’s pretty much the same in bort gameplay and art style.

  • I found a game its called hamster collection and its SOO CUTE

  • no one: not even Mr. Sqiushwards: Sasha: **Says the word "cute" 100,000,000,000 times this whole video**

  • You have to play this game called ‘Lemon Cake’ it’s so kawaii, you have your own bakery and you can like bake things it’s soooooooooooooooooo aesthetic and cute

  • Have you played dresslily?

  • I found you from minecraft lol

  • Bless your soul. I needed this

  • 7:25 the sims 4 could never

  • I think I prefer these games over the Ad-Revenue Games because yes, those games are free, but when I play the game: I expect to be able to play it. Every time I click on something, if I have to watch an ad for it to work, the game gets old real quick. I expect it maybe once or twice or maybe for a bonus option but when it is EVERY time, that shit is annoying.

  • Same girl a hate tomatoes

  • aesthetic and kawaiiness over 9000

  • Nice lashes girl.

  • “stop driving AEROPLANES DOWN THE STREET” Sasha 2021

  • Hey🤡🥰🥰

  • Hi Sasha Im Addi, I had a idea I have notice youve been taking a break from sims 4 so when you get back to it I thought you could do, A building a tiny neighborhood video. But with a twist each tiny house would have a theme in a way for example: Rocks/crystals Galaxy SEnewssr(no one in particular Grandma cookie Plant mom holly wood or theater Kawaii perfect fits Animals You could of course think of your own I think it would be really cool! And I would say build it on 60x60. I dont have sims bc Im not allowed but I love your sim videos tysm!

  • Thank you, Sasha, for reigniting my love of cute app games. 🙌🏼💕

  • UwU

  • *slowly grabs phone*

  • Sasha! The cutest game that I have ever played is called animal restaurant 😁 please play it!

  • Try “wholesome cats”

  • Ok I ummm I downloaded all of the games Sasha was playing. Now I play them all the time!!! AHH THESE GAMES ARE SO CUTE!!!

  • Ok yeah, I downloaded Sumikko gurashi farm and now I'm having a *BLAST-*

  • i have played kawiii home,im i guess 40 or 30 level,actully its so cute and girly,i think its my type ,cuz im girly:)

  • sasha waqiting for her kawaii orders


  • All of the lil animals in the first game are a part of a brand! If you go to Daiso, Japanese dollar store sorta, that’s in the US, you’ll find all sorts of stuff with them on it! I just got a new mask covered in those lil cuties 💜

  • Drinking game: drink everytime Vixella says “so cute” lol 😂

  • 2 hours

  • The second game I've played and I don't really enjoy it. I've got kawii kitchen. I want to try the first game

  • I'm so happy I play pretty much all of these games it's so fun to see her play them!!


  • Omg! Plz play Royal Chaos it’s so much fun😭✋🏾

  • When you're early but the video disappeared so you are 12 hours late

  • I think you would love Animal Restaurant! You can customize your restaurant and it's so cute ♡

  • I've played Kawaii Home!! Maybe I should reinstall it 😁

    • Same but also I feel like I was the only one that got SUPER excited when I remembered that the game had a third option in the avatar section. (As in for gender)

  • Y’all should try Toca Boca just because it’s super cute and you can touch literally every object in the game

  • There’s stickers of the first game’s characters on WhatsApp

  • Please play some more of these games! They are super cute.

  • the first one was a mix between hay day and stardew but its an anime cutetsy type drawing style

  • Drink everytime Sasha says "cute"

  • If you ever do a part two you should try pastel girl its really fun and my current favorite game

  • I love cute kawaii things too! 🌸 those apps are amazing

  • I have characters from the first game on pj pants

  • the loading screen of first one looks like a kawaii gudetama world. 👍

  • If you wanna do a part two you should play the mobile app called Egg! It is so cute and adorable :)

  • day 6 of telling Sasha she is beautiful

  • Thanks Sacha, my storage is full

  • oof that highlight do be POPPIN tho

  • Sasha: I’m burned out on the Sims 4 Also Sasha: These games

  • 10:37 She really said "I'm a giraffe"

  • On whatsapp

  • I actually have the Sumikkogurashi stiker

  • was wondering why her hair looked weird at first then realized she just wasn’t wearing her earsss

  • amazzinggg cuteee

  • take a shot every time sasha says "cute" (pls don't)

  • what the duck is this game called

  • IF ANIMAL RESTAURANT IS NOT HERE I SWEAR- Edit: she didn't play animal restaurant :(

  • what is the farmer game called cause i need it

  • Play pixelpets

  • Check out township, it’s a similar type of game, just less cute

  • Me at the start of the video: “HER HEAD IS SO SHORT!! 10 seconds later: “Whew! The kitty headphones! Totally part of Sasha’s head!”

  • I have played Sumikogurashi Farm and I loved it so very much~

  • These games totally fit your Kawaii aesthetic🌺

  • Drinking Game; Take A Shot Everytime Sasha Says "Cute"

  • Omg cuteee!💕🤍

  • me: sees sasha without headphones my brain: who are you and what have you done with sasha!?

  • I loved this can you do another


  • Day 6 of asking for a breed out the weird challenge

  • Lemme ask y’all a question WHY IS EVERYTHING IN JAPAN ✨SO DAMN CUTE✨

  • Does anybody think that the first game little animals looked like what LaurDIY have stuffy‘s that look like that

  • Do u like hay day

  • I played kawii kicthen there a diffrent ideas in them it was so fun i also played the next game after kawwii kicthen

    • Diffrent food u can have cute form on top of drinks if ur higer

  • if you want more cute apps i suggest, Mystic Mansion, sweet sins superstars, Happy hop: kawaii jump, Clawbert, mergemeadow, Kleptocorns, Piffle, and animal restaurant. i hope you enjoy these apps :D

  • Try playing "Ruff Times", it's a really cute game and the puns in it are PAWsome! >:D

  • i had kawaii home on my tablet and its such a good game!

  • I love your pink highlight SOOOO MUCH! It looks so cute and amazing


  • Omg I have that first game

  • Has anyone done a "cute" counter?

  • you look so beautiful sasha 🥰

  • Earlyy

  • your hair is getting so long! What is your secret?!!!!!


  • Your hair is so cute🌺

  • Meow

  • Cute🌷🐤

  • I’d like to recommend Fairy Bakery! It has a very cute and aesthetic vibe! You basically manage a bakery and unlock different kinds of cute bread to sell, it has a simple mini game when you bake, and also have a farm where you harvest to make flour. The missions are pretty simple and doable and earning tickets to buy furniture to decorate is pretty easy too. It’s a really cute game!

  • what's that last game/app called?? it's so cute even tho I'm more of a dog person I still kinda like it, it's cute. what's it called someone please tell me