I Chose "SURPRISE ME" For My ENTIRE Bitlife

Publicerades den 7 apr 2021
Basically I've let random chance RUIN my Bitlife.
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  • “Hey, what are your initials?” “Oh, just EE!” “Ummm.... eeeeeee?” “No EE.” “.......... *wha-“*

  • ......my birthday is the 27...the same as the first characters b day and I’m a Taurus

  • is no one going to talk about how the first girl didn't get her period

  • vixella: we're going out with perry vixella agien: perry the platypus me: laughs

  • you should do bit life and sims 4 together so like you use bit life to do whatever it says and you do that stuff in the sims 4

  • 1:03 hit home ):

  • Im NOT joking, but irl, my grandparent's have a dog whos a Boston Terrier named Bailey- *im actually scared*

  • I think u should play bit life but play as ur fans

  • when you broke up with your fiance I literally screamed with my parents right next to me

  • Like what are the odds she would get that name

  • It says that you only have to flag 3/3 mines so after that you just leave

  • It shouldn’t be “surprise me” it should be “ruin my life”

  • Oh my goodness, where did you get that jacket? I need it in my life

  • Love it 😍

  • That girl Precious ain’t that precious

  • Your father and husband going to a film festival instead of your funeral 💀


  • This is how the bomb thing works: The numbers indicate how many bombs are in a 1 by 1 radius of the number. You have to flag the bombs by holding down and click the ones that aren’t bombs. The actual game is called minesweeper.

  • not me re-watching all of your bitlife vids and re-downloading the app e_e These are always so funny!

  • whats your real name?

  • No bc I got invested then she fucking dumped him.. I slammed my phone into my pillow Vix Ella is not IT 😭

  • Well in class you see a classmate Zelda throw a tomato at a person Me who’s listening to this and playing legend of Zelda botw: 👁👄👁

  • Hiiii

  • The fact that she said “v card” lol

  • I need more of these it's so fun

  • vixellas partner: I respect your boundries Vixella: must be the one lowest standards i ever did see

  • sasha i need more bitlife videos yours are so funny my bf and i were laughing so hard please

  • the bombs are just mindsweeper lol

  • Lol *I wish you could do this in real life*


    • *Mikayla is a popular name*

  • do more of these i lovee themm

  • seeing her fail the easiest game of minesweeper I've ever seen cause she doesn't get the game is hilarious

  • you're so pretty i love your hair

  • also did no one notice her principle was nmed mr the ogre

  • big f in the chat for alvaro

  • Imagine if she was living in a country with royalty and she met a prince (or princess even though the sexuality option never came)

  • Sasha: * is deployed * Me: Oooh~ Minesweeper~ Sasha: I don't know what I'm supposed to do! Am I supposed to dessert my post? What am I supposed to do?! Me: Hasn't she played Minesweeper before?😅

  • Gloom when her relationship with her dog is at 90%: oh no! My relationship with my dog is so low! Vixella when her relationship with her dog is at 0%: oh no my relationship with my dog is not great

  • VIXELLA if it says 1 then it means that its touching 1 bomb

  • Lol i loved this

  • yay!! play more bitlife please!!

  • Where are you❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓

  • Vixella

  • 8:25 Vixella: surprise me Me:🤦‍♀️😥

  • I was going to do this but I got a Royale life! EEEK it’s my first Royale life!

  • It's a game called minefield if you wanted to know

  • ur father hated caesar because he wanted caesar and that's that on THAT

  • Vixella: HE'S SO NICE! Also Vixella: HE HAS'NT LEFT ME YET-YES!

  • the bombs its basically minesweeper, if there's a one it means there is only one bomb near it in any of the squares around it if there is two then there's two, if you have two 1's next to each other then they share the same bomb. hope that helps for future minesweeping and future bitlife

  • I *was* playing this game, but then they decided to disrespect the dead. Only bootlickers will keep supporting ShitLife... especially if the developers don’t address the backlash.

  • Hii how did u make your profile pic for SEnewss did u use Adobe photoshop pls reply xx

  • You've never herd of minesweeper?


  • You don't have to have the person in your relationship tab thing, you can just go to the job tab and go to Co-worker or something like that

  • Omg Sasha seriously doesn't know how to play minesweeper

  • I feel so old 😭 Whan I was a child, the mine sweeping game was one of the few computer games to play.

  • Hello

  • Vixella! You should play Choices.

  • Not been here for a while how's it going yall?

  • the minefield clearing is done if you cleared every single space with no mine and flagged the ones that do, the numbers say how many mines that block touches

  • Does anyone know where Sashas jacket is from? It’s so cute!

  • vixella on the bombs your supposed to flag the ones you think there are mines on and the numbers is how many mines this square tuches

  • Err, I accidently skipped forward and saw a … Girl... looking like a fricking roblox paperman. Edit few seconds later: Me: Your little sister Erica, confesses to you that an older student has been giving *him* WTF Even more seconds later: Me: MCDONALDS HIGH SCHOOL ARE YOU KIDDING ME Even more seconds later: Me: OOOH VIX ELLA'S DATING SCOTT Even more seconds later: Me: OH COME ON SCOTT I LIKE SCOTTELA! IT RHYMES WITH NUTELLA

  • How had vixella not played minesweeper-

  • I’m LOVING your hoodie, those colors 🤌

  • So, the numbres in the mines minigame are what tells you how many bombs are close to them, so you got to see which of every box that surrounds the number is the most plausible to be

  • R.I.P Starbucks boyfriend.

  • Who else noticed that her sister Erica was conceived in a park on a picnic blanket? Her parents sure are outdoor people. But I mean at least Pedro was planned.

  • Poor Vixella, doesn't know how to play minesweeper 😪

  • My family dog is named Bailey :0

  • should i get bitzenship or god mode??

  • The music change like YESSSSS

  • This was wild 😂😂

  • am I the only one who's heart-broken with the starbucks bf????????

  • This looked fine I said when I clicked on this video...

  • Dying by mine definitely fits the element of surprise theme... 💣💥

  • imma need this jacket, not gonna lie

  • my dogs name is bailey

  • There is another version of the game called Ancient Life. It is more work but the lives feel so much more in-depth and different each time! I would love to see you play it!

  • I’m guessing Sasha never played minesweeper on the old Microsoft Windows lol

  • I love these!

  • Sasha I love your jacket 💞

  • Did anyone notice that the school she goes to is called McDonald High school???!!!


  • can you make house without any walls... the no walls challenge ..

  • under my erica ella ella ella eh eh eh, under my erica ella ella ella, eh eh eh eh, EH EH.

  • This video made me download bitlife again. It sounds more exciting than the last time I played it

  • im a huge fan vixella

  • I LOVE your BitLife videos!!!!!

  • I got a bit life ad

  • That jacket...

  • The bombs are minesweeper! I used to play that all the time 🤣

  • Omg my birthday is on april 27 and im a taurus😲😲😲😲

  • For mine sweep you have to flag all the spots you think have mines. You know where mines are because the numbers tell you how many mines are around that number (including diagonals) if youve flagged all the blocks and you dont win, you got something wrong.

  • The game is called Minesweeper and it used to come by default in all PCs along with solitaire... Yes this is how old I am that I know exactly how to play it... 🖤🙈

  • My birthday is literally April 27

  • Vix Ella was watching Vixella

  • If you join any if the military careers in Bitlife you need to learn how to play Minesweeper. The numbers tell you how many mines are around it. The number 1 means that tile touches only 1 mine. 2 means it touches 2 mines. 3 touches 3 mines. Ect. Mines can touch the numbers on the top, bottom, left, right, and diagonally.

  • You are suppose to play minesweepers the numbers are clues to how many bombs are in the 8 boxes it’s touching

  • my inner minesweeper addict: noooooooooo