Using a Randomizer to Build a House in Sims 4

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This is a cursed video...
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  • I was on a ten hour drive (with a hotspot) so I binge watched Sasha, it felt like minutes but hours passed

  • Why does she sound like Snape from Harry Potter here: 3:32

  • Such a cute house, would 100% live in it

  • This could've been done in 5-6 rooms Sasha: fancy kitchen, dining, 3 bathrooms, bedroom, EXTRA bedroom

  • The next build challenge you should do is "Building a house without cheats" so you cant use alt, move objects, show hidden objects ect. love your videos sasha! :>

  • Vixella every two seconds: I didn’t know I had this Or Omg that works so good I love it so much Or Oh that’s way better

  • heyyy I have that scrunchie too girl lol

  • Can we talk about how gorgeous Sasha looks 🥺💗

  • when she said funky i thought she said fu*king

  • i hate when youtubers are like oh whatever I don't know let's do that fuck it just wanna be over it. like if making a video/building is a punishment?? bro it's your fcking job just do it and enjoy the process (and vixella says that in *every* video I've seen)

  • Girl that hair style aint gonna work it looks like u just woke up😑😒

  • Why is no one talking about how pretty her hair looks today?

  • Yay! Sasha uploaded a video on my birthday!!!!

  • 0:10 is the best noise haha xD especially the realization at no doors

  • could you do the sims 4 but every room has to be a different letter of the alphabet? (for example if you get r you have to make everything in the room start with the letter r)

  • Girl... you made a hallmark movie set.

  • Oooo, you should replicate the phasmophobia builds in the sims and make them haunted lots! This farmhouse reminded me of Grafton farmhouse 😂

  • Idea: House for 8 sims using only 10k, you have to have all of the essentials (e.g. kitchen, living room, dining area, bedrooms, bathrooms etc) debug items are allowed! :)

  • Do the sims 4 but every room is inspired by a different city! Paris London New York Singapore Lagos Tokyo Austin San Francisco Seattle Portland Berlin If you can think of any other cities with solid aesthetics please add!

  • Sasha: *builds a crazy nice kitchen with expensive appliances* also Sasha: "where'd all my money go?!?!?!" XD Love you girl

  • the app grey house her:any colour

  • Sasha you should do a video were you make a house but you can't you use any of the stuff you love so for instance you can't use the mirror you love or any couches that you like btw I loooooooove you're videos

  • Can you please do animal crossing again on youre ather SEnewss account

  • there is probably not ONE build she hasn't put window flower boxes

  • Love the curls today

  • I’ve thought of a challenge, build a house upside down. Like inverting your screen to be upside down then build a house

  • “I WOOD like a fireplace....” (would)

  • i love your vids

  • THAT HAIR SLAPS THOUGH I LOVE IT SO MUCH ITS SO BEAUTIFUL ...on another note, this is a very impressive house Sasha


  • Almost like the one in Phasmophobia :DD

  • I love your hair with the crimped waves.

  • Sasha: * excited abt decorating with Christmas stuff * Me: “she rlly love Christmas huh?” *noticed her wearing Christmas pants in February * Me: “yep lol”

  • did anyone else realize there is three bathrooms for two people 😂😂

  • can you do a base game house challenge!! def would be hard 😭😭

  • Did no one notice that the house was supposed to be grey?

  • Take a shot every time Sasha says “vibe” 😂

  • Gurly you made a home for 4 sims hhahahaha

  • The Christmas theme is fitting, in most places that I know of (especially Colorado) it's colder now than on Christmas.

  • She looks lovely with curly hair

  • “We need to budget” *spends almost 3k on a fireplace*

  • you should do sims 4 but every room is a different pack!

  • How do you get infinite money in the Sims 4?

  • visco girl

  • Your hair looks so beautiful with all the waves!

  • Since no one is gonna say it… u have BEAUTIFUL HAIR SASHA💕

  • It said for 2 sims. Technically you could have done a double bed with one bed room.

  • Anybody else get strong phasmaphobia vibes from the exterior?

  • Just pointing out, I think the photography studio referred to the single item from Get to Work that had the backdrop and the camera? That's what came up in my mind at least

  • I am discovering how bad I am at these. I randomized it (got a tiny 100-tile rainbow house for 7 sims in Britechester with cat stuff) and just spent the last 30 minutes creating 1 sim. Going to have to randomize again for less sims apparently.

  • Okay but Sasha’s hair looks sooo pretty here

  • Sasha...THERE IS A DAIRY MOD YOU CAN HAVE COWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Idea: Spin a wheel to say how many items in the house.

  • Vixela: starts the kitchen by looking at the stuff Me: skips 10secs Vixela: has done a masterpiece Me: AMAZED!!

  • Can you put this on the gallery

  • great challenge

  • Can you upload this to the gallery?

  • Through out the entire video all I could think was PLEASE add a HUGE FUZZY CARPET HUGE FUZZY CARPET *HUGE FUZZY CARPET*

  • I love your hair😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • U should make a new into I think that would be cool what do you think?

  • i was begging for her to roll out 2 budgets for both floors just so that that house had a chance

  • @Vixella your hair looks stunning!!!

  • Can you either make a house from Phasmophobia Or play Phasmophobia in sims 4?

  • Would love to see more of these videos!

  • new challenge: build a house in the Sims 1 and try do build the same house in the Sims 4

  • Sorry I’m really late, but Vixella should do a renovation in her first ever Sims 4 build. (Don’t give me credit for this, I got this from a Lilsimie vid XD) Love the build btw! 😊

  • And I love your channel btw you don’t have to do it but it will warm my heart btw the house I made for it is kind of bad

  • Hi I made a challenge I was wondering if you would do it, it is called Nimby’s shell I believe if you can’t find it go to Nimby13 it should be the first one if you don’t understand the rules you pretty much just have to make the living room, kitchen and the bedrooms small and the hall way, the bathrooms and or if you want a porch they all have to be big you can do anything to my build or just not use my build me and my sister both did so please do it... I hope you are having a great day!

  • If someone told me to build a house for 2 sims, I would put them both in the same bedroom???

  • I love that every sink in the house has a garden hose on the side of it lol!

  • Windows and doors: * can be alt placed where ever * Builders: *“reality can be whatever I want”*

  • It’s The Christmas pajamas For me

  • 4:59 I head hondu XD

  • Okay but this house looks really similar to the haunted one in the movie Monster House

  • Where's the mirror?

  • That "Hey y'all" at the beginning at each video makes me so happy every day

  • love her hair

  • No garbage can = Cancelled OwO

  • You should do this again but with base game.

  • you should build a house that looks like a star

  • Sasha: spends almost half the budget outside Me: oh no, she forgot

  • Every kitchen sche builds tho

  • Living for the crimped hair

  • loving the Spongebob references sprinkled throughout Vixella's videos 🧁 (Ol' Reliable!) I wish there was a jellyfish emoji... *sigh* 🐙🎄❤️

  • This was so good! The kitchen was so so beautiful :) :)

  • 8:51 I wood like a fireplace, get it😂😜

  • How many times did she say VIBE..... OMG 😂😂

  • Can you please re do this house without a budget omggg it would be amazing

  • Ok but sashas hair today is gorgeous

  • Vixella: I know you’ve been here for only two seconds. Me:actually two minutes

  • Because of the first three letters is Rustic, I thought it said Russian. Lol. Shout out to all the Russians out there 😊

  • Hi! New subscriber here after only watching two of your videos :) love your content!! also love Sims so time to binge your videos :))


  • Quick building tip : get halfwalls for dormers this will make your dormers look smaller and way better and then put a roof on it ^^

  • hey! i have watched you for years and years, and i want to know, what program do you use to record? i love you btw vxiella

  • I WOOD like a fireplace hehehehehehe

  • Sasha, can you sometime continue doing the zodiac let’s play or do a let’s play with the new pack please? I think that would be soooooooo cool and fun!!! Or continue the not so Barry

  • Okay hair lookin AMAZING

  • Does it really matter - Sasha 2021

  • Umm can yo help me by umm telling me umm how to make stairs for the umm porch