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  • For a chance to win a copy of The Sims 4 and an Emoji Starter Pack, download Disney Emoji Blitz using my link: See description box for more details! #ad

    • Can you please help me put mods on the console :)

    • Could you make a video showing us the mods and cc you got!

    • Don't want to enter the giveaway but I will download the game and play to support you :)

    • I NEED MEG- I love the movie Hercules. >w

    • Can you do a sims 2 legacy challenge plz

  • I decided to do this with u because I have so much cc it lags when u try saving a lot....

  • woohoo wellness is also really cool

  • me with my 6000 mods

  • Your MC Command Center is outdated! Please update for better gameplay. squasha: hUh?

  • me: *PANICKING CAUSE I HAVE 210 ITEMS AND 1 GB OF CC* also me: sees that squasha has 1400 mods

  • I downloaded so much cc for sims 3 and I've tried 10 different ways to get it on my game but it won't work

  • Anyone else get addicted to the Disney Emoji Blitz after this video? Or just me? 😅

  • omgg the agony I remember that feeling when I deleted all my CC

  • Are mods making your game run slower?🤔

  • i feel you, i cleaned and deleted around 3200 mods.... now i just use some male cc (because we need more clothing for males T_T) and mostly gameplay mods. I think my laptop is relieved XD

  • So here's a story I hope none of you guys have to relate to. So one day after school I come home to play the sims. My brother looks at me and says, "I lost the Sims!" I rush to my room and look from wall to corner. I found nothing. When I did find the sims, behind and under the bed, it was scratched. I thought, 'Oh it can't be that bad! I'll clean it and run it up again!' I cleaned it and then put it in the xbox. It didn't load up immediately. I tried again. Nothing happened. Then I gave it to my father. He said, "It's to broken. We will have to get a new one." I got so mad at my brother because he took it, threw it on the floor, used a broken hanger and scrapped it, then so I couldn't find it he hid it behind and under the bed. On Christmas we got a new disc. He broke it too. We got one more. We left it at the old house. And we never played the sims ever again. I still don't forgive my brother for what he did. I had a family that took a whole year. It was two mothers and a whole lot of kids. Their first two were twins. I never got to play with them again. I don't think I will ever see my builds, family's, or save files again. Like I said, I hope none of you can relate to this. If you do IM SO SO SO VERY SORRY!! IT SUCKS TO HAVE ALL YOUR FILES BE TOOKEN AWAY BY SOMEONE YOU TRUST! If you never been threw this then good for you. If you lost one or two files then imagine that but with the whole game.

  • Kawaiistacie's Slice of life and her Better schools mod are 2 must haves for me, and wonderful whims is also really good

  • Watch out EA is cracking down on people that use sims 4 mods


  • Omg I love wonderful whims when it needs to be updated it will show you like mccc an it’s so easy to update as well! Love that mod definitely one of my favorites! You’ll enjoy it girly! ❤️❤️

  • She ganna have a s m o o t h game

  • Sasha: *deletes 1,400 mods* THAT'S SO MANY Me: *screams in over 11,000 pieces of cc*

  • I need to do this i might kinda sorta have 50 GB of CC

  • your late to the game.. lol welcome to the Kawaiistacie mods.. I love them.. Kawaiistacie mods are a bit broken though they work but it says they need an update which she is working on slowly. You should also ge life decider by Kawaiistacie and memorable events by her.. memorable events adds a lot more events to the game like Baby showers and such.. and also a tip for wonderful whims since it comes with a menstral cycle already i would take out the one in Slice of life out since it will just make your sims have their menstral cycle for half the time if you have both in.. Wonderful whims Menstral cycle is better anyways.. you should check out littlemssams as well.. her mods are amazing.

  • ''pc good, but console no'' sad

  • omg sasha you should do a new series but the sims are in lockdown and the kids have to do online school and stuff xx :)


  • I have 38 GB of CC. If I delete that my life would be ova

  • Did she delete the over 8 in a household mod?

  • Ok so I know I’m late but anyone who does any build mode should absolutely have the TOOL mod by twistedmexi. Also the OSMP shelf by picture amoebae.

  • Can I plz have one

  • NOOOOOOOO! I dont have twitter! 😞

  • Do you ever question where little umberellas come from? well lemme teach you a lesson oobaadoobaadoo321 a long time ago a rlly old wizard was walking througha forest and he met a cool lizard the lizard said hey dude its about to rain soon, okdoodoodoo whatdoya needmetoto. i got magic moves that could do anything for you the lizard said gimme a tiny umbrella its all i rlly need i cant say i want much else im just tryna stay dry under these leaves these leaves thanks no no problem

  • I did it with you 😞 at least I can get new none broken cc now

  • vixella is my fav youtuber

  • If you like realistic gameplay, you might like the mod Mortem - it makes death a lot more realistic, including funerals. It really feels like your sim passed and their family ro friends were deeply affected by it. However! It does get rid of the grim reaper from the game and there was a glitch with my last Sim that died so I won't be able to get her headstone/urn but I'm fine with that because I didn't like her much lmao

  • There’s this cute mod called functional chicken coop mod my icemonmon! If u eat a bad egg u get food poisoning but if u eat and Easter egg u get 1+ happiness:3

  • Sooo I’ve been thinking about deleting my custom content and restarting for a while. This video encouraged me to do it... especially when I saw that I had over 3,000 pieces of custom content... I HAVE A PROBLEM 😂💀

  • Vixella shook about 5,8 GB & 1,444 files... Me : 28,4GB & 9,600 Mods OwO' well..

  • How come you didn't delete the resource thing because for me it stops my game from opening does it have a purpose

  • Vixella: I have so much CC! (1200) Me: I- Girl I have over 10k.

  • I just want to thank vixella for getting me ✨Addicted✨ to Emoji Blitz

  • Sims 4 build challenge idea! The sims 4 has a lot of different gnomes, so each room has to be based off a different gnome

  • *sees meg in the video* hello wife

  • What do you use to make your game brighter?

    • You can use reshade

  • Labour puddles mod!!

  • vixella:i had 1400,thats so much! my 4938287262663636 deleted cc items:amateur 👁️👄👁️

  • I deleted almost all my items the other day and sims runs faster than light now

  • not me having 11,000 mods in the sims 4...

  • Gurl you think you got many mods, I have 60+ GB of mods and I keep adding more

  • 1,400 mods gone Me: deletes AGHHH 5,000 FURNITURE GONES

  • You should do the not so berry challenge if you don’t have any video ideas

  • U downloaded Disney blizs only for the texting emoji‘s XD

  • Sasha: "1400 modss 😱" Me with my 6000+ files of cc: 👁👄👁

  • Siss you had 1400 cc I have 2500 and my game is so slow I have to do this but I don't want to :(

  • There’s a mod that make your female sims have periods and all the “wonderful” stuff that comes with it. It makes the game more realistic. Think you would really enjoy it!❤️

  • " We have 5.80 gbs " Me, looking at my 30gbs folder: Oh wow she's got a lot

  • Sasha are you okay 🥺🤣

  • Vixella 2021 deleting mods starts fresh in 2021 New year new s-m-o-o-t-h gameplay

  • I just did the same thing and i had over 1700 CC items to delete 😫😫😫

  • Can someone tell me if mods or cc gives a laptop viruses??

  • I would do a big clean out on my cc but I just got finished replacing and filling all of Brindleton Bay with families I made or edited myself and I don’t want Brindleton bay to turn into Baldheaded Bay after all their clothes and hair gets removed 😭

  • I realized I had more then her but it feels like there is more mods on her game then mine maybe I have more because I go cc shopping before I play the sims all the time I have 2,901 files

  • Do this In a year or two

  • The ultrasound mod is a small but really cute mod. Basically, when ur sim is in the second or third trimester, there is an option on ur phone for them to go get an ultrasound. When ur sim comes home, they will have a little ultrasound picture in their inventory, and when u hover over it, it will tell u if they r having a boy or girl and if they r having one baby or twins or triplets. U can put the ultrasound pic on the wall and I just think that it’s a very cute mod :)

  • Sasha: 1,444 FILES?! Me: ....umm...I kinda have.... 3,114 files in my folder..... send help

  • If you don't mind gross when they need to go to the bathroom click poop and turn up volume 🤣😅 It's from SOL Oh and sacrificial has the Life Tragedies mod also just beware the surprises

  • Girl give us a mod folder.

  • Do more planet zoooooooooooooo. Please

  • Me who already bought the sims4 be like: "you mean I could've gotten it for F R E E???????"

  • Handy Dandy Notepad- Vixella I hate the new rebooted blue's clues, like the whole mailbox doesn't come to deliver letters it comes to say they got a fricken email

  • SASHA you should go back to your eco lifestyle apartment and start with one sim. Then you play until you have 2 adults, 1 teen/kid, and 1 toddler (just how you built the house for). I would love to see you do this!

  • 8:29 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she's so cute

  • I’ve been wanting help picking out cc for my game. I don’t really know which sites are safe, etc. I like both Maxis Match and Alpha, so am very flexible, any advice from anyone?

  • meanwhile my mods folder is over 120gb.... im using a laptop. help lol

  • I know this is random but can you do the sims 4 but every room is a different holiday! Christmas New Years Halloween 4th of July Thanksgiving St. Patrick’s day Valentine’s Day Easter Mother’s Day Father’s Day Like is you think this is a good idea

  • Isn't base game like $5.00 ..?

  • Does that mean the could possibly be a new lets player?!??!??

  • 1400... Try 13400... 😂

  • I have a question. How come that mods don't work? Like I don't have sims illegally installed or something and I did everything good but nothing works :(

  • I don’t think Vixella recovered

  • I. Just downloaded the app omg I’m so excited I ❤️ Disney

  • Vixella: it's the circle of life me:👁👄👁 So that's what it's called.... so I am not a cc hoarder.

  • I literally had 13 gb of mods and i deleted them today

  • I wonder how she's been sleeping lately

  • Can you get the sims 4 on a laptop. I don’t have computer 😭. But I’m asking for one next Christmas. Anyways my birthday is after Christmas it’s in January so I get new presents in two months 😎. So I might get one.... depending..... because this year I got an iPad. I STILL HAVE HOPE.

  • God now make a video with your s m o o t h sims4 game

  • I think you should download the slice to life mod to get DRAMA

  • ahh so satisfying its like CLEANING UR PORES wut

  • l love you❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • Not me watching this with my 5000 mods... lmao

  • Hey do you want another series or challenge? I been having this idea of making a sim or family (with or without pets), (with or without occult sims); but the sim has to be based on what you think that sim would actually look like from the selected worlds BUT IT CAN ONLY CAN BE ONE SELECTED WORLD (you would have to make a whole different sim or family for that other selected world). For example: Snowy Escape world could a Asian, or Japanese based sim or family Another example: Oasis Springs it could be more of a country based sim or family

  • I do not have tyat

  • I want to do this but I’ve spent so much time adding all my mods that I physically can’t bring myself to do it

  • Can you do a let's play where you have a paranoid sim, with the foodie trail and gloomy. (Other is random) then you have to social distance as if it were covid! (To spice it up you could do a character cross over or theme challenge. But I thought this would be fun) (THIS IS ALL POSSIBLE IN BASE GAME)

  • Please do a cc shopping video🥺😊😊

  • my face when you said 1300 was like dead XD I have over 14 THOUSAND mods and CC installed lol. it takes my game 10 minutes to open XD

  • Why did you do this vixella

  • this made me clean my files lol

  • So I’ve had The Sims for a while now, but I’ve never actually downloaded any mods or custom content because my laptop doesn’t have room. I’m actually saving up to buy a desktop to use instead. I was wondering if you could do a video on the mods that you do and explain them a little more?

  • me; looks at her play sims . me goes to get my tablet to watch her play and play sims

  • Who wants not so berry back

  • (I think you live in Texas I might be wrong) Are you ok?