Ruining a once in a lifetime Sims 3

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I'm disappointed but not surprised.
🦄 PART 1:
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  • the purple aura is vampire, the brown is werewolf I think?

  • This is my favorite series on SEnewss right now

  • The Sims 3 all about unicorns video u Will cry of happiness Vixella


  • You need 1 billion subs

  • “Is he ASMR-ing to me?” 😂😂😂😂

  • Hi Vixella,You'r probly not reading this because you're making video but if u are reading this i hope u stay safe and have fun even if your sims house blows up

  • 0:14 We repeat it to see if she says the word😆😆😆

  • “I’m not fully rested and I’m pissed” MEEE THOUGH 😭🤚

  • The chaos in this game is ✨ *astronomical* ✨

  • No one: Vixella: AHAHSHDJ 🍊🍊🍊🍊

  • Vixella is literally so funny 💞💞!

  • Hey he’ll

  • WOW I desperately want to play the Sims 3 now, but my poor MacBook laptop would explode

  • Since when does sims have zombies?!?!

  • Sasha is so chaotic and I love it

  • Nobody: No one: Sasha: we got NASA?!?!?!? 13:02

  • the amount of times i cackled in this vid omg

  • It's SO NICE to hear the Sims 3 music.

  • Girl I am A big fan. Love the sims any tips and how can I keep up with your channel??

  • Haha “go watch pt 1” ahah yes I’m missing quite a lot 💀

  • cause agnes is a witch ✋🏼😌

  • i have a fishing sim she loves to fish i have pets pack and every night i see them im close to befreinding it the they can have a unicorn and then i can have a party and get sims i dont like and then put the food in the room have them all go in and remove the door then have the unicorn burn it down one time i saw 2 unicorns and they where glitched there where too meany (plus anotherone at another park) and their horns where up high in the sky it was a weird glitch edit: unicorns are out from 8 pm - 5am

  • Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

  • Poochca

  • You should make a gingerbread house in the sims 4

  • When it’s easier to find an unicorn than A MAN. I felt that.

  • 7:53 - The kind of supernatural you are. Obviously. Green - Fairies Gold - Witches Red - Vampires I forgot the werewolf color cause I don't use them much. Probably Orange

  • Lel


  • I haven't laughed so hard in a WHILE. omg I love this series.

  • Can you do a other vidéo pls 🥺

  • My face whan vixella just uploaded 😁 My face after I watch it 😭😭😭

  • "i said my favourite food was stir-fry!" 3 seconds later "HOLY SHIT-"

  • I have an idea first make a character on bit life and after you finished your life on bit life you attempt to re-create it on sims

  • ;-; when I was 12 years old I would always add the unicorn to my family by cheating 💀 from seeing the cloud-

  • Brb, playing the sims 3 aka best game of all time

  • You can sell the portal for around $700 and the camera for $800!

  • im sad cause she swored and im eight :(

  • more more more

  • So the next ep plzzz

  • Unicórnio gaúcho

  • When will you stream part three?

  • What about getting a girlfriend? Lily seemed to have a good flirty time with that woman sim in the first episode

  • Sasha swearing ? WOW!

  • Dustin was destined to divorce Iliana. In my last save, I had him marry a man and they eventually moved into the future where they became the richest couple in Oasis Landing. Meanwhile, Iliana stayed with the kids and hung out in Sunset Valley 😤

  • Ugh, I think her home is making her homeless...I think everybody can see that she is sleeping haha

  • Sasha did you know you can golf in the medical field career when you get to level 10?

  • Amgad's daughter: when the power is back make a video of every room in a house in the Sims 4 if is a different app: Instagram Facebook Minecraft Tiktok SEnewss Fortnite Twitch Among us Snapchat There are more in your video before the last

  • Amgad's daughter: when the power is back make a video of every room in a house in the Sims 4 if is a different app: Instagram Facebook Minecraft Tiktok SEnewss Fortnite Twitch Among us Snapchat There are more in your video before the last.

  • Amgad's daughter: when the power is back make a video of every room in a house in the Sims 4 if is a different app: Instagram Facebook Minecraft Tiktok SEnewss Fortnite Twitch Among us Snapchat There are more in your video before the last

  • More, please! I love these new videos so much.

  • This Sims 3 challenge took me hostage and forced me to boot up Sims 3! 😰


  • Why are these so funny omg lmaoo please continue this

  • You should do a sims 2 challenge play through and sims 3. Sims 4 will beg for you but you will not go back. You can only go back if your building.

  • I missed sims 3 videos so much 😆

  • The red line around a sim shows how much they hate u...

  • This series is sooooo hilarious and nostalgic please don't stop posting it!!!

  • Please keep posting this on your channel! I miss sims 3 craziness!

  • So… I am in love with this series! Love you Vixie. Hope all is well in Texas rn 💗💗

  • This is my third comment but your Roblox account I just searched your username you were I think you were following Ollie I think that's his name and your account looks so much different I think someone hacked it or were you recently on it like it's creeping me out I'm not trying to be rude but did you go on your account or did someone else I looked through a lot of SEnewssrs and no one hacked your account but at least I thought till I saw your video not yours I saw someone after Roblox account I'm not telling you who it is but she does post a lot of Roblox and he does that with f and then laugh letter is f not f and not f flamingo that's his user who stole your Roblox account

  • I’m sick because it rained on me all night, what should I do? Sleep outside more.

  • will you please play Roblox I really want you to but it's okay if you don't I really enjoyed your Roblox videos I know you're powered out or something I will love your videos I love your videos now but I love love

  • I remember during this stream all I was saying in chat was “GET WALLLSS”

  • Ha remember when soccer was a thing you could actually watch sims play instead of just sending them into a pixelated stadium abyss? Me too, friend. Me too.

  • sasha please play more of this i luv it

  • can’t wait to relive the igloo incident 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • new drinking game: take a shot every time sasha says ‘sicko’

  • "where do i buy a weapon?!" Welcome to texas

  • Unicorns are rare? I had one in like every save i had? Maybe i was just lucky. Lol.

  • please stream more sims 3

  • I'd like to see more of this series tho 🤣

  • me-watches video Sasha- HOLY *ShIt* me-dies laughing

  • I Am LOVING this series

  • can you do a : cats and dogs sims ??

  • Ngl kinda wanna play the sims 3 now

  • i love these videos!!!!

  • Ok but this makes me miss sims 3 so much. Like things actually happen? Sims are actually interesting? The Sims 4 could never

  • " I got the corona is it because the zombie touched me sicko" I love this part

  • So how come your Sims 3 game looks good when my Sims 3 game looks lime crap. Anything in settings I can do?

  • no one ever uses my name for anything and there were two Lily’s/lilyauna my name is lilyauna but some people call me Lily

  • I wonder why you haven't sold the time machine yet. But, I absolutely love this! I hope you will continue this challenge~ This has also made me want to start my Sims 3 game back up

  • I have strep fml

  • Oh, I can't wait for the igloo incident

  • why is this isn’t a series? it’s so good

  • Do you like the sims 3 or the sims 4 better

  • does anyone know where her sweatshirt comes from ? 🥺

  • this video seriously made my day thank you ❤️

  • post plz the new sims 3 ep 3

  • This entire video I’m just sitting here being confused like “What is even going on here? What is Sasha doing?” The Sims 3 does that to you.

  • So we’re going to steal her husband and her job? Anyways *good days by sza*

  • the sims 3 is so chaotic its giving me life

  • I love the sims 3, please play it more often! 💕

  • I vaguely recall plant vs zombies content for TS3, I don’t know if it was from the TS3 store or a preorder bonus of some kind, but I always had a few of the little flower shooter plants to defend my garden and patio from Zombies. I know it was not cc because I didn’t use cc in TS3, I only just caved and started using some in TS2.

  • “I appreciate NOT being hunted at work..... Thankyou....” Fucking VIBES 😂😂😂

  • More!!!

  • Sasha: "It's time to wake up." *MONSTA X's Beastmode starts playing in my head*

  • I have a friend that never eats soups because she hates eating with a SPOON.... what

  • “Ugh men” Sasha 2021