The Most FREAKY Nail Art on Tik Tok

Publicerades den 30 apr 2021
Yummy pickle snack nails, my favorite!
The Most UNIQUE Nail Art on Tik Tok
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  • That highlight be looking amazing

  • no this is sirius🐕

  • I don’t have that flip to

  • Sasha: NOODLE NAILS Me: Can I eat them?!😂

  • You didnt let the polish dry enough before removing the tape

  • anyone else notice sh swore

  • Ma'am this is a Wendys-

  • Vixella:Oooo is this more drippy stuff Me:BRUH ITS ACRYLIC BEED

  • OMG you know what I just learned!? You can buy apple headphones at 5 below

  • can I tell you something cough drops make me feel better because they’re like minty fresh but once you’re done with them there’s nothing to do with it

  • Vixella love you i have a pitbull and she sheds like a husky and her hair is in my food my nails its crazy

  • I agree with you girl whole pickles are the best I cannot eat a pickle that’s not hole

  • I freaking like be pickles

  • I was laughing 😂😂😂🤣when she said ima go visit your website

  • Sorry I do not like pink

  • I just broke up with my girlfriend I mean ex- and I miss them you are the only one who is gonna keep me sane for the next week 💀💀💀

  • if u thought that the 80 layers of nail polish were bad, you should react to simply nailogicals polish mountain videos

  • You are like me I Love pickles 🌸

  • She said “HYDRODIP your nails”! lmaooooo Oh Cristine teach her the ways of cheated watermarble!

  • the nail was the imPASTA

  • I was crying you made feel happyer

  • Me too girl pickles are delicious

  • Wait what website is that

  • She realy did say hydrodipping.

  • Ayo don’t be shy what’s the website for the press- on nails?😐

  • omg... I thought that the animal crossing song was in the background so I started to sing along a little too loudly... i’m dead

  • I LOVE PICKLES TOO SASHA 😁😁😁 but question dill or sweet or both? Also the dog hair thing is so relatable 😂cause i have a husky too

  • i love when that girls bf voice over her video

  • So many of these nails looked thick with the acrylic, idk if I could stand having my nails so thick lol

  • 2:09 it's not head phones it's ear phones you are literally wearing head phones and those are broke ear phones. I'm not trying to mean I'm trying to educate. (I'm 10 if you were wondering)

  • her:what if u make a mistake!? me:you dont???

  • her: they make it look so easy! me:it is???

  • Now waiting to see Sasha with Tangled on her nails after that last one👀😂

  • I need a reaction video for SimplyNailogical's Polish Mountain 👏🏻👏🏻

  • That stuff is Polly jeal

  • Girl I know the month of daily videos is over but you should totally react to Simply Nailogical, Cristine is so damn funny

    • It autocorrected to Cristine with an h smh

  • Not Vixella wanting to frame some Cinderella nails…

  • Ok, but I genuinely need the link to those press-ons now. 👀😍

  • Can you do a video of you doing nails video? sorry if that doesn’t make sense

  • 3:55 that was the first tiktok I ever saw :0

  • Random person cheering in the comments "go to the website! Go to the website! Go to the website!"

  • Sasha not knowing you could watercolor nails

  • That was not hair. Its fiberglass.

  • You are my favourite yotuber. I love so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • That looks fuking cute are you kidding me-Sasha

  • When Sasha said you can hydro dip your nails I was like 👁️👄👁️... it's called watermarbling 🤣

  • This video is just one long "Cristine already did that, but bad and more funny" xD

  • As a nail artist myself, I love seeing her get so amazed :)

  • 3:45 what did she say🤣

  • Wait! What is her website..?? (The press on girls website)

  • I am a kid and i can paint my own nails

  • i needed the hey y'all

  • Im now watching this video for the second time

  • 14h

  • can you please do a part 2 of Pink Kawaii Things on Tik Tok You Should Buy i really enjoyed it

  • Hi sasha u know how u do the cc shopping for sims for the downloading my computer says that u have to find a application to apply to and im confused how to do it?

  • Dont be shy link the website for those press ons 😚😚

  • Bestie you need to watch simply nail logical 😂

  • Pickles are so good, Sasha. I am glad we agree.

  • I bet Sasha cut short after realizing she could buy those nails. Waiting to see them on top of your fingers at some point, ma'am.

  • Ahh yes: layers of gel polish commonly known as Polish Mountain

  • You swear omg u said the f word

  • I got the clips lol childhood

  • I love the intro idk why

  • Id be game for the disney nails!

  • if you wanna use tape, first apply a top coat and let it completely dry then use a tape that properly sticks down, and remove it before the polish dries then apply another top coat

  • We love the f bomb slip 😂

  • “You got that something...”

  • First off omg ur outfit is SO CUTE but about the one with the hair from the brush, people use extension hair for nails. They add builder gel to it so it is like a plastic fake nail

  • nailogical did 100 layers of gel...should check it out

  • why are youu doing reacting nowww :(

  • "Noodle nails" 😂

  • Sasha needs to watch some simplynalogical

  • You could say the spaghetti nails are an impasta

  • my cousin is a nail artist and will do our families nails its just really fun to see the process

  • Who else wants to see Sasha buy those press on nails at the end and try them on?


  • h💿l💿 everyone!

  • I got a. Headphones at a gas station for 7 dollars not 30

  • The reason for the hairs is to be used as an acrylic base for your nails.

  • Ok ummm if she thinks that only 88 layers of nail polish is nasty than she should watch simplynailogical’s polish mountain video

  • the hair thing is basically building a base for the nail and a structure lol

  • The fact the pasta nails tiktok is brazilian 💀💀💀💀💀 obrigada Brasil pelo entretenimento

  • Order nails from that girl!

  • She....she..she swore I think

  • Also hydrodipping CAME FROM nails, literally it was a thing in the early 90s

  • Have you never seen polish mountain before? 100 coats?

  • She needs to watch simply nailogical! I feel like Sasha and Cristine have the same sense of humor

  • Dont read scroll down to the end of this coment! I Said dont! Its not worth it! Stop! I Said stop! Wow u still going? Not There yet U really wanna see the end dont u? Ugh U serious- i Said stop- Its a long way left! I told u its not worth it! Im getting a bit tired- U made it! Sike U must Me hungry! Here🥩 its conny Pls just leave😭 Theres No end to this Hah u made it. Noting is here i told u. Your still here?! Ugh Okay this is the end i promise! No this is! Nothing is here. I warned u. But u didnt listen

  • Ironically I love watching nail art but I hate the sound of nails being filed 🤧

  • "Then, wait for it to not be wet" Sir excuse me there's a word called dry I'm sure you meant to say "wait for it to dry"-

  • Sasha: I wanted my nail to be like a nude color and it looked like my finger was a little to long Me with my bad habit of biting my nails: Can’t relate.🥲

  • Cinderella is my absolute favorite Disney Princess.

  • 21,008 view... hehe

  • this gave me inspiration to do my nails for no reason thanks lol 😂

  • watching this after getting my nails done 😼💅🏻

  • Earlyyy

  • I wanna know why that same song is used in so many of these.

  • To whoever is reading this, You are so adorable!❤️❤️

  • why are they all the same song😭 “u got that something”