Tik Tok Made Me Buy It

Publicerades den 4 maj 2021
Tik Tok Made Me Buy It! Love these Amazon Finds, so cute and pink!!!
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  • 9:01 I have this exact bath board thingie mah jig and I loooove it, so handy!

  • Watching the Ads so Sasha can have this life.

  • imgoing on amazon

  • Where are links to all these things

  • "You could look at yourself on the toilet!" - Vixella (sasha) 2021

  • where can I buy that humidifier pls help me :D:D

  • I need to know where that jumper is from 💓

  • Sasha when they make an avocado cutter 💵💵💵🤑🤑

  • Im so sad I want these!!!! My life is depressing 🥲

  • I would NEVER leave my bathtub between the pillow and shelf that holds wine and a BOOK! Ugh I would soak so long I'd be pruny....

  • ur talking about their rooms like ur background isn’t the most aesthetic calming visually satisfying thing ever 😭😭😭

  • 9:29

  • Omg i have that keyboard!

  • your eyeliner looks especially good today

  • Using this as wedding registry ideas 😂

  • "Time is a.. theory"

  • You should do one of these where you actually buy some of the items and review them!

  • it is cool

  • I have that typewriter keyboard, she’s cute but she’s LOUD

  • ughhh i wish my life was perfectly organized and everything had a perfect space 😩😩😩

  • sasha you should do a vid were u after u watch the vid u buy the thing in it that u like then do a unboxing! :D

  • My on,y flex in life is that I have that iPad case lol😂🤣🥲😢😭

  • Will you ever be doing sims 4 lets play series again?

  • 5:20 I actually own one of those and it works for ipads pretty well (not sure if it came from the same place) honestly its a god sent

  • Sasha: **ignores the star cutting board** Sasha literally 10 seconds later: "Where's the cutting board from?!"

  • UmmI neeeeeddd......ALL OF IT

  • So is there a video on how to convince your significant other to let you make the whole house blush pink? I loved this video btw! ❤

  • I bought the Prep Deck and can confirm IT IS A LIFE SAVER. I use it SO MUCH. A definite must have for salad lovers or if you like to make snack packs!

  • Can we talk about how the big mirror in the giant closet look like the one Sasha used in every sims build? I need it.

  • i wish i had the oney for this kindof stuff

  • hun i hate coffee too the smell makes me nauseus.

  • does anyone know what lashes sasha is wearing 🥺 theyre gorgeous

  • :the cat is sad bc it’s not getting likes      />  フ      |  _  _ l      /` ミ_xノ      /      |     /  ヽ   ノ     │  | | |

  • i am honestly so hooked on tiktok made me buy it videos. i follow three channels that only upload videos like the one sasha’s watching.

  • Sasha should've posted this a couple days earlier.... so I could get this on my birthday wish list

  • Alternate title: Sasha wanting to blow her entire bank account to make her office a fricking pink wonderland

  • Everyone gangsta until vixella gets *broke✨*

  • I have that foam maker at home. It will splash you so much nothing will be left in your cup

  • YOU GOT THAT SHIRT AT CHANS! MY TEACHER HAS THAT SHIRT! (yes im usining my mum acount)

  • How do you break an ice tray ?

  • Okay but... tell me why Sasha's sweater cardigan thing is amazing & so colorful! It belongs in this video, but also where is it frooommm?

  • I was thinking she bought stuff she saw on tiktok hahaah

  • Take a shot every time Sasha says, "Don't be shy."

  • Sasha!!! Can you make a video where you try some products you found on tiktok? Also ily and your content babes

  • We have the plug with multiple plugs on it (idk what it's called) but like each time I fill up all the plugs on it my parents say "take some of them off it'll catch in fire or it'll short circuit" Then I'm just like: THEN WHAT DO WE USE IT FOR

  • Don t be shy, give us the links

  • I agree, cute things work better. If it's cute as you'll want to use it more. I know I have random household junk that's retired to a draw because I dont want to display it. And, well, out of sight, out of mind, I forget I have it and it's never used.

  • Not me RUNNING to find all the bath items

  • Btw the outlet thing works. We have one for my friend shtank

  • Tiktokers are the most un-relatable humans 😶

  • Since you really like that pink heart alarm clock ill help you find it. To find it, in amazon, search: "pink heart alarm clock" and you should be able to find it

  • Honestly I’m just waiting for Sasha to buy the Japanese Starbucks set😫

  • Sims 5 *takes notes*

  • Me: watching aesthetic and organized tiktok Me also: Has a very messy room

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  • The dog bowl mat RESONATED with me, bc we all know huskies dig in their water, and they may be my babies, but they TEST. MY. PATIENCE.

  • I feel like if she actually ordered the things, she wouldn’t buy 1 of everything , she would the things until it was out of stock

  • I love this video everything was so cute

  • We just wanna know where u buy ur sweaters GIRL!!!! :D :'D

  • This made me wanna online shop again lol. Nice vid, Vixella. 😌✨

  • Loved the video! I can't find the mirror on Amazon :( if anyone finds it let me know please 💕🥰

  • Yes I was waiting for this video!!!!

  • alternate title: u are watching shasha being amazed on pink things and saying she wanted to buy

  • When she saw the bathroom stuff we all related so well but the automatic bubbles though cute love them but my mom would knw i used it since it's countable 🔥💔🙀😂

  • don’t be shy, give us a haul when all the stuff you bought comes in 🥰

  • I think I will have to download TikTok. I have resisted for so long.


  • Me: trying not to waste my money lately Vixella: hey y’all look how cute these are Me: *I don’t need them, I don’t need them, I Don’t Need Them*

  • Vixellas most known state ment is....... don't be shy link it in the bio😏💅

  • I have a collapsible laundry basket yet we only have one but my mum does a lot of shopping

  • I love these type of videos too, girl!! 😄

  • I freaking love the meat smasher. I use mine all the time 💓

  • me: well time to bookmark this tab

  • btw why only girls watchin this lol

  • I don't like the knife scissors, it just feels wrong

  • my mom has the humidifier at 3:10 but its for her tropical plants.

  • Me seeing Sasha’s video: likes before watching because I already know it’s gonna be good

  • Girl you live in Houston, you do not need that personal humidifier. Open a window. From a girl who also lives in Houston.

  • Sasha have you tried magnetic lashes???

  • Who else notices the office music in the background of the portable laptop stand tik tok???

  • 2:50 Honey, starbucks is coffee, frothed milk, sugar, ice. Don't just be basic basic, be *advanced* basic and make your own.

  • More video like this please 💕

  • Funny thing the lady with the giant closet said i have tips for living in small places...um no that's not a small place lol

  • You know that toaster is $300..... 😅

  • This video was NOT good for my bank account and I’m honestly fine with that 😍

  • Ahh capitalism at its finest. I feel like most of these items are pretty useless but just look pretty lol.

  • I neeeed 70 percent of this items

  • i have the plug thing and its AMAZING buy it!!

  • I'm slowly buying everything in blush. It's been my favorite color since forever. Ever since I found a blush handbag at Marshall's for $18, two years ago, I've started spiraling. Everything is pink now.

  • Who else feels bad for Sasha watching this and just getting jealous??


  • It may be cute but it's expensive 👀

  • I am the 305'th comment

  • organize my brain pls :)

  • The Starbucks cups that u like you can find on eBay have a good day

  • Her face went I need that

  • 6:13 This is the moment Sasha realized her life is meaningless, and that she wants to live inside a Tiktok. We’d miss you if you left us! ❤️

  • My 125 foot closet... these containers are perfect for small space living

    • Every time I watch one of her videos i just think to myself: WHERE DID SHE GET HER SWEATER?!?!?


  • Y’all half this stuff is a bed bath and beyond👌🏼