I Played the Most ODDLY SATISFYING Apps I Could Find

Publicerades den 6 apr 2021
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  • vixella: OH YEEHHH SLIMEEE me: *cracks* great way to start the video, vixy🤣

  • Vixella: Making amazing videos Me: Liking my own comments

  • What is the first app called

  • Please give me name

  • I love it when she plays games that make her beam! Vixella has such a pretty smile!

  • I found one of your videos on my recommend and….. I’ve been binge watching every since.❤️

  • 3:38 *Exsists* SEnewss: DEMONITIZATION!

  • Day 1 of telling shasha her vids are amazing

  • If you want to see something really satisfying, watch the bagel episode of How it's Made

  • After watching this video I un-ironically downloaded all of these and let's just say I'm now very oddly satisfied, thanks Miss Squasha

  • 1:57 All my nightmares.

  • I can't! 😂 1:20

  • 0:11

  • So my dad used to work with some celebrities so he’s met like Danny Devito and Mylie Cyrus’ dad and stuff and apparently Mylies name is actually Destiny, but she smiled a lot so when she was a kid she was called Smiley by her family. But it sounded so much like Mylie they just called her Mylie...HER REAL NAME IS DESTINY CYRUS. Am I the only one who thinks that rlly weird???

  • When she yelled "What the heck is that?!" I snorted water EVERYWHERE from laughing 😂

  • Where are you getting ur 90s shirts?

  • Can u make a video of you making slime pls

  • GURL! show me how to get that sweater! COME ON! RIGHT NOW! dOnT bE sHy!!!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THE sWeAtEr???!!!

  • That ball is a dog!

  • 6:42 your welcome ;)

  • Vixella: Die Die Die Die Me: She has become Bakugo or Nishinoya

  • Have you ever played in Lego computer games? I just LOVE how one could destroy a lot of things in these games. I would enjoy to see you playing one of them)

  • you should play a game called color bump 3D it is on the app store

  • I have the second app!


  • only dream smp fans would notice the music playing at 9:39

  • ewwwww i hate the sound 🤢

  • Something about Sasha’s facial expressions when she was playing the slime game made me love this video even more

  • Me over here with misophonia

  • 2:15 Bakugo that you?

  • What's the name of the first slime game..

  • what is on my ball? -Sasha _2021_

  • Sasha- this is the best app I’ve ever played. Me having this same app- BESIDES THE 20000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ADDS

  • The editor 😂😂😂😂 Really did a good job

  • خيال بيبي

  • me just waiting or the intro

  • Don't tell me you haven't played at least two of these games.

  • what's the first app??

  • 6:40 im yelling

  • sasha playing th first game at midnight and we know it

  • These apps are ALMOST as satisfying as Sasha's hair

  • That whole soap and sand cutting thing wouldn't work for me, because if you give me a knife and something I'm allowed to cut I will *stab it with the rage of a thousand suns* Sasha would absolutely *hate* me

  • No one: No one ever: Sasha: OMG Im washing the car! OMG I love it! OMG I love it!

  • who else is loving the new content? its so fun

  • That car washing thingy really brought me back to nintendogs The nostalgia be hitting hard

  • Hi


  • That demolition smashing game appeals to the little child in all of us that delighted in knocking down block towers

  • What is all the apps I'm the vid I want them

  • Sasha: ..AND IT'S SO HARD TO GET THE HAIR OF- *ad stars playing*: A healthy dog is a hydrated dog

  • Im the only one who asked what is the game called unu

  • Slime app is virtual slime

  • Your videos have been so chaotic lately and I'm loving it 😂

  • what ARE these apps? They look very fun.

  • what is the slime app called

  • “Sorry, I just had to yell” IS A BIG MOOD 😂

  • I love your Videos! You can watch my Channel too. (If you want to) I would be very (very) Happy😂😍🥰😘

  • Conclusion Sasha loves vaccums

  • Will you be posting next episode of ts 3 Sasha? *PLEASE YES 😂♥️

  • no one: absolutely no one: bakugo: 2:14

  • Try doing rule breaker on episode 👺👯‍♂️

  • Why do I have all these apps...🥲


  • The OhOhOhOhOhOhOhO sound efect...

  • 3:50 carry on talking sees ant AHHHHH me throwing my phone because I got jump scared

  • Can you pls play rule breaker on episode🙏

  • °•°¶°•°

  • How satisfying❤️

  • Hi Vixella! I love your videos! I have an idea for a Sims 2 Gameplay. Its to do the 100 Baby Challenge in Sims 2 it may sound crazy but i think its gonna be Fun!

  • 0:04 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Me wow

  • Guess I’m not the only evil one.

  • Vixella can you please do more episode videos I want it totally love them and they bring so much joy

  • 2:13 bakugo? Is that you?

  • Vixella:DIE DIE DIE Me:you good Sasha?

  • In your next video can you play roblox tower battle

  • Girl get you a Lily brush. It should look like a comb but I promise you It's worth the price you pay for it. There will be NO more dog hair... anywhere!

  • I want all of these apps 😂💜

  • 14 hours late. Hi

  • 9:23 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Imagine how *hot* her phone is rn-

  • Is nobody gonna talk about how funny this video is?? 😀🖐✨

  • Can anyone tell me where her sweater is from? I’m in love with it 😍 also I’ve been loving the daily uploads! Thank you.

  • Can someone list the apps plz?

  • This came out when i was in school had to do my homework first

  • I have a half German shepard, half Siberian husky, she sheads like there is no tomorrow, pet her, get a handful of dog hair. Edit: I live in the middle of Louisiana, it's very hot during the summer.

  • Can anyone help me , what headphones is she wearing? I want to by the exact same ones💖

  • What is the first app called

  • “Awe It’s a little wiener 😍” -Sasha 2021

  • I watched one of your twitch streams for the first time last night and I loved it! 💕

  • I’m laughing like an idiot at this video. I love all the screaming sound effects

  • Props to the editor, that editing SLAPS

  • Getting all these random videos has been such fun. It’s a surprise but it’s always so interesting. I wonder how long it will take her to start running out of ideas though? But if she keeps doing videos about episode it should keep her going for a while. I would not complain.

  • Anything satisfying is now oddly satisfying

  • Can anyone tell me what the first game that she played is called?

  • what's the first slime app game name?

  • Do u get excited about real life cleaning too? Cuz I dont😂 the soap app was the best tho:)

  • Susan! Ooh the soap cutting one are made with blender! (A 3d program) the monkey hiding in the purple one is called Susan!


  • Will you please play Life is Strange? Amazing vid btw