I Tested The Newest Sims Game, Little Sim World! *BUILD & CHARACTER CREATION*

Publicerades den 9 apr 2021
The newest Life Simulation Sims game is SO CUTE!!! I can't wait for the full release!!!
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  • the wardrobe in ur bedroom is a fridge!!!!! lol!!!!!

  • I pray this game will be on the switch

  • I love rainy days too

  • I just wanna say Sasha I love your shirt

  • How to download this?

    • link in the description or on steam

  • This game reminds me of stardew valley

  • _So cute_

  • I was enjoying the video until you had to point out and praise the ideation of gender delusion. It's not a "beautiful" thing, it's actually something of great concern. Tread lightly.

  • But is it cute?

  • wait...I just found out its called little sim world welp

  • It's a cute game. I hope there's some more items and gameplay coming soon

  • The gender part made me so happy! As a non-binary person I feel so accepted!!

  • I thought that ment something different

  • it

  • Did anyone notice that in Little Sim World when Vixella was making her person is said quirks?

  • "Soggy socks" Me: DIRTY BOOTS

  • I love how they put all the genders 🥺🥰🥺

  • SEnewss DIDNT NOTIFY ME! I was waiting for this

  • The furniture is huge lol

  • im on ios so i cant get :/

  • I'm going to come and steal that jacket it's just so cooooolll

  • That’s basically a rip off of Stardew valley lol

  • How many time did you say cute girl?! Could have put a cute counter but a missed opportunity lol

  • Do more of this game cause I love you playing it

  • Hi

  • I herd cute about 27 times!😂

  • Vixella: puts windows in the bathroom Me: wth I need some privacy thank you very much

  • I'm telling you I'm crying because of the gender acceptance... This is beautiful.

  • Johnny Zest do be looking kinda different here.....

  • This looks like it's gonna be so fun. I love the art style!

  • I am so exited for this!

  • The only thing more this video needs is a counter for how many times she says "fun". hehehe.

  • They said "This girl Sasha/Vixella, yeah she loves to cause chaos, so let's make the cars stop when she walks in front of them."

  • **me angry bc she didn’t make the seating identical**

  • teacher: summarize the video Me: its cute😂

  • Its not for Android!! ALWAYS!!!!!!!?

  • Hi!

  • i noticed you put nonbinary for your gender, was that an accident or do you go by they/them? :o just curious, i dont want to use the wrong pronouns for you

  • Huge Stardew Valley Vibes.

  • what happended to the sims 3!!??? :(

  • I love this so much

  • Off topic but i have a feeling that Sasha would enjoy playing Genshin Impact idk why

  • We’re both cancers 🥺

  • Pls make a video about you (actually) playing this

  • How to download?

  • Hello Vix I'm a Aries


  • Can you do more of this because you are good at this

  • The foreheads r huge-

  • Looks like a Stardew mod...cute but nah.

  • DO MORE!!!!!!! (who agrees?)

  • Vixella should do a video where she reacts to her old sims videos

  • sashas jacket is so cute i just wanna know where she got it lol

  • Plsss can you do more videos about planet zoo

  • where do I find the game btw?

  • i love the pagode music at the end LOL

  • Drink every time Sasha says cute

  • Lol don’t be shy run me overrrr

  • the thing i dont understand is why is "transgender" listed as a gender? non-binary, genderfluid male and female are genders, trans is not. its just the opposite of cis. correct me if im misunderstanding

  • Stardew mixed with the Sims. The perfect combo I never knew I needed 😭

  • Wallpaper sound is so satisfying 🥰

  • is it free

  • If you listen closely, you can hear the sims 4 QUACKING and SHAKING in their boots!! Lil sims world ateee!! Left no crumbs baby😍 Can't wait till it's fully out!

  • This is unrelated but I love that jacket 😱

  • sasha shuld build thie house in the sims

  • Do part 2

  • Is it coming on console does anyone know?

  • ahh this game looks so adorable🥺

  • That personality system is a great idea :O

  • Wow ily

  • noone: sasha playing the little sim world for 12hrs straight

  • Waiting for this game on Steam so much...

  • Which device can you play

  • Sasha putting fancy stuff down me be liken:- fancy simmer its your time to shine

  • The game comes with a washing machine the sims could never.✨

  • omg woowwwwwwwww

  • OMG just what I needed to watch instead of trying to force myself to listen to music

  • You made me when you made yourself down to the character customization and I’m kinda surprised

  • The main thing I love about this. Is the genders. Me being gender fluid always has to try decide what gender I’m gonna pick when I’m creating myself-

    • @MoonyLupin28 yes definitely

    • @png. rat yessss cause whenever I make myself I’m like, my gender literally like a tornado- it’s all over the place- and hello fellow gender fluid friend :3

    • Yas! I am bisexual and even though I normally pick female it is great to finally have that option.

    • it’s a shame that sims 4 doesn’t give much of an option it’s either male or female ~coming from a gender fluid friend:3

    • @Potato 27 same, I don’t have a computer either

  • Seagulls

  • Not me simping for the TV 😫🤚

  • ᕼOI ᔕᗩᔕᕼᗩ

  • Sasha: “Ooh! We can have a little gate!” **puts a fence up** Sasha: “We don’t need a fence.” **pointing at gate** Me: “My mother has taught my improperly. I shall live by the words Vixella has taught me.”

  • Remind me harvest moon

  • I want to see so much more of this game 😍

  • You should do a cas and make you can’t change the swatch

  • I love it! Excited for LSW . the candles have light!

  • omg love the jacket!!!

  • You should build the house you’ve made in this game in the sims and see how it works 🤣🤭🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️

  • this game looks so cute

  • I swear I may buy this game!!!

  • i cannot wait til this game is out!!

  • There is a couch I saw it on another content creators video!

  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate Sashas jacket

  • March13 its freukin april 👁👄👁 By the way i spelled freaking grong to collage it into fu*k sorry for wrong spelling

  • This looks real interesting.

  • So was this made by the same creator as the sims?

    • No it wasn’t. It was inspired by the sims😁

  • Every sims player ever when playing other life simulator games : CARS 👀

  • People must just hate TS4 bc I see no hate comments for there being no color wheel. Yeah, I see y’all. Stop hating on one game for lacking something and praising another without a care in the world!

  • wait... did she put a fridge in the bedroom?