I've Decided to Retire from Building in Sims 4

Publicerades den 19 dec 2020
Y'all have defeated me. I accept this defeat.
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  • whoever made that boho christmas build pleeeeease tell me you dropped a tutorial specifically on how to do the loft i’ve NEVER been able to do that

  • *vixella presses build mode* "ERROR. YOU'RE BUILDING LICENSE HAS EXPIRED"

  • Hi I just wanted to say which pack do you recommend get together or university those are the only packs I need each month I get one and I really need both so can you please tell which one is better

  • karaoke rooms... suree

  • All these houses are so cute

  • She didn’t notice there was a Baby yoda on the Starbucks

  • Sacha be nice to yourself I love your builds mine look like poop yours look like 👍🏻

  • I actually had an anxiety attack from the name....😅

  • I swear to god whenever Sasha does these things it feels like all the simmers who made these builds are just having fun but meanwhile Sasha is over here thinking that she has let herself go in terms of building-

  • I wish I could make houses this beautiful and detailed

  • Starbucks is in base game?

  • could you maybe do a long sims mobile series

  • Cannot wait till the day I have a computer that can handle making my game look this freaking good.

  • You gave me a heart attack sis

  • Idc:)


  • Just wow- *scream* Sasha-😑

  • One time I woke up and my face was full of acne. So the rest of the day I laid in my bed crying and eating my icecream ;^;

  • Another click baitey title

  • Acne from wearing a mask? Maskne.

  • I feel I'm better at making houses in Minecraft then at sims 4

  • The detail in every build is AMAZING❕❗️

  • You make me happy when i watch you videos

  • I just realised how much Rachel Green vibes i got from you 😳❤️❤️

  • Awe I’m gonna miss the sims my fav from u girl

  • You scared me with the title ;-;

  • I love Christmas it is one of my favorite holiday along with Halloween

  • Video idea going through the debug items lol

  • If you get an acne around your face where your mask goes I was told that throughout the day spritz it with witch hazel (the mask)

  • Sasha even had to use knew audio for how wonderful these build are!!

  • Sasha: see’s the building 🤯 Sasha later: IM GIVING MY ‘GAME CHANGER’ TITLE AWAY

  • The first one definitely looks like a strip club 😂

  • i dont have starbucks in my country and im so sad🥺🥺

  • OMG I made the last house and you and you said it was nice and cute just thank you

  • Don’t scare me like that

  • Sasha you are the one who gave me the inspiration.

  • worked 12 hours on a christmas village and just realized i missed the deadline lol whoops

  • When I build my house for like two hours and it’s look like a mess se dis and just wow am not good at building:/

  • Me: *hears her say sh*t* Also me: *did anybody notice*

  • im going to download that starbucks right now omg!

  • I can't hear Zeus, but I'm surprised he can't hear you screaming about the smallest of sims build mode stuff. Like that random pig.

  • Omggg firstly it's definitely the masks bc I'm having the same with spots😂😂 and secondly omg how are people so talented :ooo woah I'm sure you could do just as good toooo but woah lol.

  • honestly, the winter climate in the uk has my skin saying these zits don’t quit and my acne gets so much worse, idk if it’s something to do with vitamin D exposure, maybe

  • I have a fake fireplace with a nice mantle and it was one of my best purchases. They're so nice!


  • As a fellow Texan, I don’t have an actual fireplace in my house, so I purchased a “fake” fireplace/heater for my living room. They’re definitely worth the investment, especially around Christmas!

  • Since you were so excited about the magic cottage I think you would like the movie godmothered

  • Vixella when I'm doing a fake garage I use the fake garage doors from town life. Originally sims are supposed to spray on it but I use it for the garage😁😁

  • i got so exited when i saw that a hungarian built the gingerbread house

  • “UmmmMMMAA!!”

  • Hey did anyone else hear Zeus screaming??? I didnt. It might just be my volume but idk

  • if i had access to the gallery i would make a giant hanukkah themed house

  • me: ooooooh pretty house! vixella: uhmmmmmm AHHHHHHHHH-

  • When she just sat their not talking I literally started checking my internet connection 😂😂😂. Also gonna say I have a fireplace in my room and I honestly never use it.

  • No I can understand the Karen’s I don’t wanna wear a mask because they don’t want to break out it makes perfect sense😂😅

  • You should do a challenge where u recreate a house but u only get 5 minutes to memorize it

  • When I saw the thumbnail i clicked as fast as my thumb could before it fell off Just so you know It didnt fall of But my nail kinda hurts so

  • “Holy fairy lights!” Is my new religion ( 11:01 )

  • my gallery is broken and you're making me jealous

  • I just wanna point out how she said "So CUTEEEEEE!" Then claps

  • Don’t retire! Also, you have said that a lot. You are my 1# SEnewssr! Please don’t go!

  • Still a lil sad u sisnt do mune but yk, its life lol! This video is great 😎

  • Wait... she has 1.4. MILLION subscribers but only 97,594 views??? Shouldn’t all of her subscribers be watching ALL of her videos??? Why subscribe I’d you wont watch all her videos???

  • I really love these video's they're are really funny and fun to watch

  • you know for a fact that when the video is done, not even when it is done.. when she gets done recording.. SHE LOOKS AT MORE!!!!!!!!!

  • I agree with the maskne! I only get acne when I have my period, until the whole pandemic 😩🙄 now my chin stays having pimples 😠😭

  • After you put the cheat for debug you can serch items

  • Who else thought she was having burnout and was going to take a break from building 😅

  • you should do a second part


    • which one did you make:)

  • and that's how now I understand lilsimsie's reference

  • I work in a nursing home and we are required a N95 and a normal mask over that, and when I say the Masknea is awful. I MEAN ITS AWFUL

  • So... I had to watch this entire video in 240p due to three separate updates deciding to download at once on my PS4 today 😠

  • WHY!!!!???

  • every room is a different challenge

  • I stopped watching for a few seconds to clean my glasses when you said "we have a bathroom right here...what's in there? oh, it's a toilet!" and let me just say, I was a little confused. It sounded like you were surprised to find a toilet in the bathroom.

  • Me thinking my build would be in the video- Me remembering I didn’t upload it to the gallery thing 😢

  • i get maskne too dont woery

  • You NEED to do either a Christmas tree shaped house or snowman shaped

  • My family is Buddhist and Shintoist but I find western Christmas so beautiful ! !

  • No joke I will be sad if Sasha doesn’t put a fireplace in her bedroom in the home she’s building right now. She deserves that comfy coziness

  • U should build a little cozy village plz

  • Can somebody tell me how to get DeBug items??! Bc I don’t how lol 😅


  • Why does everyone think these builds are so good. Ya'll are just bad at building

  • nope nope nope nope nope NO JUST NOPE

  • The debug mushrooms are the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  • Baby Yoda?

  • I guess some people have more than 24 hours in a day

  • Fun Fact: I just watched the whole video and my Sims 4 game still hasn‘t loaded 🦦

  • ✨VIDEO IDEA✨ you should do inverted BUT with the slider mod! And build a house and make a sim! Or 2

  • Little confused about the title but also yes I will also give you my building badge

  • As much as I love to live in most of these builds, I'm gonna need more than 2 maids to clean daily 😅

  • It should be illegal for people to build this good

  • My build was on a hill where you start on the second floor and the bedrooms are on the first floor. I had fun with platforms. Love challenging myself with teraforming.

  • I love shell tours!

  • Stoooop a hungarian person made the gingerbread house jsjdhshshshshsj

  • Do sims 4 but every room is a different holiday or celebration

  • Girl I just wanted to say that I can see that your workouts are making a difference! Keep it up 👍🏼

  • OMG SHE SNAPPED, I love your vids butttttttttttt I WOULD LOVEEEEEEEEE to see more vlogs (like a house tour 😁) anyway stay safe and Merry Christmas🎄!! Love you 💕