The Color Wheel is BACK in Sims 4

Publicerades den 25 jan 2021
This is LIFE CHANGING! Create a style in Sims 4?!?!
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  • I’m really mad at Sims right now because I installed the new update and now I can’t rotate my screen!!!

  • Yall PC players are so lucky i play on ps4 and i cant download mods because of that i stopped playing Sims 4 for Like 5 months

  • I wish I could have this mod but I told my dad that it caused money so I wish this was free = me I tell my dad that it’s three dollars = my dad he’s like sorry I can’t get it = me 🥺

  • 6:02 Nikita?

  • “I just realised that when you lower the opacity it kinda shows their nude body underneath and SEnewss would not enjoy that so~” *Mineta has entered the chat* (6:45)

  • 3 weeks later: Vixella deletes all of her mods

  • Sasha: If you don't want to download a bunch of c.c. because it will explode your computer, just download this mod! My mods folder with only the requirements for this mod in it: 5 GB in use Me: *cri*

  • What mod rearranges the hair and clothes to show 4 blocks in a row the way Vixella's is shown?

  • Heard this from somewhere and I decided to use an app to find what song it is now I'm listening to it right now

  • When you are playing sims 4 on a consule but you cannot get cc or mod your game :(

  • Please tell me which eyelashes you have on your Sim, I need them 😭

  • I cant play sims yet im so saddddd

  • You should do a random genetics 🧬 Color wheel

  • So I recently died my hair, and as its faded out me and my friend thought i looked like someone. I just realized that its sasha

  • “There is a new mod in town, she’s in town” Sasha 2021

  • Ea could never.

  • 0:20 now I’m curious

  • could somebody please help me? My sims isn´t working...and I don´t know what to do. I repeared it like 1000 of times and I also googled it and deleted the cc which I down loaded last. Google also said to rename the sims folder or other things like this but nothing works for me. please if anyone can help, please help

    • No problem.

    • @Decent Daizy I woudn't like to lose my data, but thx for helping😊

    • I feel that pain. I've had a problem like that too. It took me forever to fix it cause it seemed like no one else had the problem but I figured out how to fix it eventually. If repairing it does not work I suggest reseting you computer. It likely won't save your sims data with whatever worlds you perviously had but at least you'll be able to play again. Sorry if this doesn't help.

  • It's so cool.

  • Speaking of colors, what's your guys favorite colors? Leave them in your replies! 👛👒👕💎👗💜

  • I don’t believe you I believe that you’re just using a mod like it’s never gonna be impacted to the actual game you’re wanting us to put custom content into a game so I’m really sad because it’s probably isn’t real Edit: Never mind I just realise it is real I looked it up

  • I just wanted to make this comment number 1000

  • Cries in console

  • if you randomized clothes or hair, does it use the sliders or only the presets? if it does, I sense a random genetic challenge incoming 👀

  • Welp console gamer here :(

  • Ym get it free

  • I was so excited until I read the comments and realized it was a mod

  • You should do every room is the exact same size and shape.

  • When you have a ps4 and can’t get mods :(

  • Wow we a nude yeTii

  • 999th comment!!!

  • I haven’t played this game in a while but. DO THEY GO FK NAKED-

  • wait this is a mod? it was already in my game with no mods?

  • Okay, no offense Sasha...but you kinda look dead 😅 like your saturation/hue isn't up (ironically)

  • can you do a video of must have mods a 2021 version? or your fav mods

  • If they did this with furniture... MATCHING LOVESEAT

  • Speaking of NSB...

  • So cute

  • It's just a mod. :( clickbait title.

  • Hi Sasha you should do the random genetics while inverted and at the end try and make it all match by only using the sliders

  • Someone please tell me if this is safe to later uninstall because i want this so badly but i dont want to accidentally corrupt my whole game if I will have to uninstall it after having used it on sims.

  • Well and I already spend hours in CAS. Now i wont be able to get out of CAS

  • Sasha: its a big day! me: *gasp* Sasha: its a mod! me: my poor poor console heart

  • O.O

  • What mod do you use to get those eyelashes!?!?

  • please sub to force to force dev and get them to 150 subs

  • I got so excited ab the name then got disappointed bc it’s a mod.. I’m on Xbox

  • EA literally has been denying the ability to make everything the community has managed to do. I remember years ago when an open world or color wheel would have been considered as imposible

  • Those who want her to built a haunted house in the sims 4 👇

  • CAS Challenge: Make the sim as pretty as possible. (With the Color Wheel) And then change the normal sims colors. Then you should get something random

  • The sims 4 but every room is a different anime! 😋💖

  • I love your sim’s lashes ! Where’d you get them??

  • wait what? it’s a mod? i don’t remember downloading this like at all

  • i don’t know if it’s just my game but the eyebrows aren’t changing and my skin details aren’t loading 🧍‍♀️

  • (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  • Vixella what eyelashes are those id love to know

  • We had this for free for at least 3 4 or more months on ps4

  • Is it on computer or ps4

  • You sud mack a family with gust cc and gust the house

  • May i ask how can i make the content bar so wide? Do i have to have so much content?

  • 7:35 wait is vixella having wickedwhims in her game...?👁👄👁

  • 7:29 am i the only one that spent 5 minutes on trying to catch the exact moment to stop the video to see *that* :)

  • Me having a Xbox 🧍‍♀️ 🥲

  • OMG lol on your stream saying "IM LEAVING BC YOU DID NOT REPLY TO MY COMMENT" omg me and my friends were trying to troll you but we did not think you will reply

  • Can you do a video of showing us all the cheats on sims.please😊😊

  • New build challenge: building a house out of my hate comments What do u think?like if u think she should and she can see this comment.

  • Vixelle: don't lower the opacity it will show their bodies 30 seconds later: does any it way and starts laughing

  • can you please make one more shell challeng

  • Vixella can you do a Challenge were you don't you use any cc?!

  • Sorry if this is unrelated from the vid but you should do a every room is a different animal?

  • Having this with cc would blow my mind 😭😭

  • Hi Vixella!

  • dose it work with children

  • She used a toner 😂😂😂😂

  • The color wheel is back? No its not.

  • Caption feels a little click-baity since it’s a mod

  • OMGGGGG!!! I have only played the Sims 4 and this is amazing!!! I don't use custom content usual BUT I may have to start!!!

  • When does this update come to sims 4 console

  • I can't find Sims where I live but I really want to play it:(

  • 👁👄👁

  • Oh my gosh hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi I’m Tenley I’m 9 years old I love sims and you probably won’t see this but hi I love your channel and you are my favorite SEnewsser EVER your so nice and funny oh I remember on one of your videos you mad a joke and said that the guy was shay shin sonal but if you commented back it wood mean the world to me :) bye


  • UPDATE: The mod is now out for free, y'all don't have to wait anymore!!

  • Is this custom content or a mod 🤔

  • Am I the only one that's a little sad she's not wearing the snake necklace anymore? Lol

  • I bet you can't do that with the CC hair and stuff though. I seen sims 3 stuff where you could change the colors like whatever you want

  • I have an idea do a random genetics but with a toddler and she what she or he looks like

  • Video idea : build a house using the first object that comes up

  • How did you get the yeti glitch.

  • I hope simmers would stop putting clickbait title like this. It doesn't hurt to put "Mod" or "CC" in the title.

  • Can you do each room is a different swatch, like you randomise a number and that is you have to use for that room eg. The number is 2 you count 2 down on the colours and that is the swatch you have to use and you get a new number each room

  • Ah is that a mod?

  • SASHA! I have a new challange for ya! Every room is a different “Company” !!! For example; Disney, Apple, Lay’s, Mattel

  • One problem tho *I’m broke*

  • 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • Can you do it every room is a different pet

    • And can you also do every room is a different hobby

  • If this would work with alpha cc it would be overpowered


  • Can You Do The Sims4 Cats & Dogs seires again? or even Rags To Riches Plzzzzzzz