The Sims 4 is up to something...

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They are being SNEAKY!
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  • cool

  • Vixella: a Luigi board Me who watches her twitch: hahaha I get that :)

  • I’m thinking it will be a ghost hunter/ghost communication career, as that has been very popular with phasmaphobia and all.

  • WE LOVE YOUR HAIR LIKE THIS SO DON'T WORRY No actually you can leave it wavy more often I love it🥺

  • I know it was a year ago but please do some planet zoo videos 👁️👄👁️

  • three days later i can say yup! it’s paranormal!

  • “I like spooky and cute” My brain: *S p u t e*

  • Video idea: random genetics but the sims 3


  • When its January 12th


  • Love you the trailer comes out today excited 💖💖💖

  • If theres something strange... in the neighborhood WHo you gunna call VIXELA

  • Three words: GRIM👏REAPER👏CAREER👏 I want it lol

  • There is a leak!!!! It looks like we are getting everything except the Grimm Reaper Career. We are even getting Bonehilda!!!

  • Me watching this in january 12th: Well...wheres the reaction

  • You're not being greedy by wanting all of that, it's terrible to be in this situation but as a life-long Sims fan I feel like EA owes us content at this point lol

  • Have u ever seen the seal meme called jhuan? Type chonkey seal plush into google, and u will see him! It looks like jhan in the background

  • January 12th is a day before my birthday also I know you said don’t like your hair but when I first joined this video I said “I love her hair”

  • I know a new stuff pack is coming.Dont come at me,but please can you do another part of Planet Zoo?

  • When you realize its January 12th

  • Hey sausha could you please make a sim and use the randomnizer for names and depending on the first name and the last name use the first two letters of the name and think of two things that start with them for example, Cally harpenter. Cat horse. Try to dress the sim to include cat and horse like things.

  • "the sims4 but each room is a different fnaf character"

  • Hey Vixella you should do the 100 baby challenge on the Sims 4

  • Here's my theory about what's going to be in the stuff pack: there's going to be a ghost pet or something, new ghost themed glow-in-dark furniture items(??), your house can now be haunted, there's a new way to possess someone with summoning a spirit, etc. (i'm sorry if some of these are already implemented in the game, i don't play the sims 4 but i think it would be really cool to hear about these being added!)

  • Sasha you should try playing among us

  • Your natural hair is so cute! Fingers crossed for a good pack tomorrow 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • vid idea you can put some random clothes on a sim and then try to make the rest of the sim look good without changing the clothes : PS I cant spell that good

  • T O M M O R O W

  • Vixella :can hunt your dead love ones Me :yeah 😳😳😳

  • sasha your hair looks so cute!

  • Hey, I have a question for anyone who uses sims 4 cc. I found Kijiko eyelashes and I use TSR but I don't have a subscription to winzip and I've already deleted it, but it holds my files captive and I can't unzip the files because I don't have a subscription. I was wondering if anyone knew how to unzip the files or how to get winzip off of my laptop. (btw Winzip just came with my laptop uninvited from the beginning)

  • the thumbnail has my birthday date


  • My father is born on January 12th 😐

  • You should do a 'sims house but every room is a different ac character' Eg Flick CJ Tom nook Isabelle Daisy Mae Sahara Mabel Sable Blathers

  • Sasha and I are on the same page that this should be a game pack...



  • I have a Challenge. Try to. Build a house up side down???

  • I love Luigi borads

  • Video idea you should play house flipper or plantet zoo 🤍🤍

  • Get out the Luigi board we're gonna summon us some wild Luigis

  • Sasha:the ghosts are cute Ghosts:UWU 🥺 👉🏼👈🏼

  • Soo my sim drowned itself today.....

  • I’m watching this on the 10th oop

  • The Sims is a teen rated game Why do they cater towards little kids

  • *casper the house is quaking*😌✨👏🏼🤍

  • I watched lilsimsies video

  • I WANNA BE A GHOST BUSTER SO BAD! What a career eh!? 👻👻👻👻💀

  • My birthday is on January 12🥺💫

  • Sasha: I am rambling like a crazy person today! (Something like that) Me: Sasha needs her coffee this morning

  • It’s gonna be revealed on my birthday THIS IS AWESOMEE

    • I know someone that has there birthday on the 11

  • _SiMs 4 lUv tO hAuNt_

  • I was wondering if you could contact ea games fore because I want to suggest an amazing game pack for them to make. Please vixella 🥺❤️💕

  • really either hope or wish they had grim reaper career! i wanna reap some souls! maybe even summon the dead via the board?

  • Im soOiooO happy the christmas are finallly over ^^ i hate everyone being so fake during this time, even you are fake happy and smilling because you have to

  • I’m disappointed that I can’t be the grim reaper and kill everyone around me

  • Kind of sad because this stuff scares me but very cool!!!

  • I'm hoping they add all the careers and some GOOD traits for our sims. Like scardey cat, medium, stuff like that. But I'm pretty sure I'm being too ambitious with that

  • I have a recommended for a video timed create a sim

  • Sasha“Can you hunt dead loved ones” Me *Orders therapist for Sasha*

  • Gurl your hair is on fleek today

  • id love a geim job

  • Hey Sasha, 2020 SUCKED sooo I thought maybe for 2021 you could carry on with the not so berry challenge. It would make me and a lot of people happy😁🙂

  • My birthday is on January 12th so its on the day its the pack comes out

    • It’s not coming out on the 12th, the trailer is coming out on the 12th

  • her necklace is perfectly placed so that it looks like a broken heart...

  • i dont know if anything about what stuff packs are but l belive they have new clothes in them correct me if im wrong so if they do i think their whould be things such as ghost outfits

  • Ends up being sims 5 trailer lol jk

  • I want all of them too🙂😓

  • Hi Ssha i mea Sasha

  • If we're only going to get one thing it will probably not be ghost hunters, because she's talking to the ghosts not hunting them. It's probably the lot trait.

  • me finding out about the new pack: *I'm going to make the chostbusters and the marshmellow thing* also me: **starts hearing ghostbusters in my head**

  • I liked this idea when we voted, but I feel like the time has passed and it was really just like a last thought and money grab, also coincidentally after phasmo started getting more attention. Idk, seems a lil sus to me. I hate to be a negative Nancy but just my opinion 🙃

  • I love how Sasha has a Discord pillow at the background. 😅😂😂 -------------------------------------- *S* - *SILLY* *A* - *AWESOME* *S* - *SICK* (Not the other sick like your ill, the good sick) *H* - *HEAVENLY* *A* - *AMAZED*

  • They should give us all supernatural things in one pack

  • From where get you that beautiful headset?

  • I just want to say your hair is stunning xx

  • I was so excited about this but now Im kinda scared cause I really wanted it all and definitely the Grim reaper career. So all ready a little sad.

  • I am sick to death of stuff packs omg we have 10 billion in the sims 4...just give us real content pleaseeee

  • I can’t download this game because I’m playing on mobile

  • I really hope we can get all off it I kinda want the Grim job because I would love that

  • I really hope so!!!!

  • I agree, it should be all of those things in a game pack instead. It's not too much. *sighs* TS4, you have done it (or not done it) again... 😔🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Hopeing the haunted house lot will be a free update or so. The Spirit borde and seance table will be in this pack as well. I'm going choice between These ideas psychic or ghost hunting or ghost Hunter freelance or grim reaper freelance. Or hopefully all these ideas will be in this pack I'm hoping the haunted house lot traits will be at least a free update and they could add fear to the new emotion and possibility graveyard lot type.

  • The spooks are still here? My Christmas tree is still here😳 like-

  • Was anyone else thinking about how they LOVED her hair?

  • I don't know if you done this BUT. Build challenge: Every room is a different celebrity. I have no idea if you have don't it or I had another ideas but I think you done it, it was every room is a different season. Hope u can do one x

  • I want everything thing too

  • I would think it is happy hunting or maybe weegee board one I hope the boss

  • Wait hold up is it a stuff pack or a game pack?Because if it is oop

  • *Can you burn a Luigi board?*

  • You should do every room is a different holiday I think that’s would be pretty cool🎄🎃🎆🦃🐇🥚

  • The worldwide pandemic's really showing in her videos xD Finger paints and messy hair (No hate just funny to me)

  • OUIGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I really want a rags to Rich’s gameplay again🥲

  • Mad suspicious- 👀

  • I voted Happy Haunts as my number 1 when they did the survey. I would love to see the psychic career with the table/board and the lot trait. One of these days I need to combine vamps/realm of magic together in one of my gameplays and this would be an awesome addition.

  • The luigi board is coming back XD

  • they could add Medium too as a career. or maybe you could BE the ghost. and have to haunt people and things to stay....