Sims 3 Details That Didn't Make It To Sims 4

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I miss The Sims 3 Generations :(
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  • Me *writes on screen* My sis:mom CALL 911

  • That death I think was maybe cow plant

  • He got eatin

  • I just want strollers man

  • The death is ..... Sharks !

  • a vampire logo or it could be that plant That each people

  • It's a shark attack on the gravestone

  • shark attack

  • Omni-plants, skill plaques, sleeping bags, cause-of-death tombstones, and slottable hot tubs all need to return. And DEFINITELY mid-life crises!

  • So hear me out....GOLD BARS! RIGHT?!?! i'm gonna plant some bars

  • Got eaten by shark

  • 2:03 this one is probably death by cowplant

  • they were etan by a shark

  • Cow plant

  • I think It might be a shark?

  • Also they would get singed not from the pencil and notebook but because with Wiccan's they use the rule of three they need good energy doing a spell and since they just slammed a pencil angrily I guess its a chance thats just my theory

  • the simbol on the gravestone is a shark

  • Sims 3 and 4 are siblings. Sims 3 is the genius one with a lot of personality and some fun quirks. Sims 4 is the one that has the personality of an IKEA Billy shelf.

  • I wish in the sims 4 you could move babies

  • i think it was a vampire bite

  • I think the mouth means they died from a shark in island paradise.

  • Cow plant I think because it looks like jaws

  • Lmao I've never watched one of ur videos before but the enthusiasm is contagious, I quite love you. Also I'm banned from ordering KFC from skip the dishes because I complained that they gave me all dark meat and one back piece, and I only found out after trying to order from skip Multiple times and being told it's closed and ordering from Uber eats instead and having the order go through xD -_- I had to just laugh

  • I think the grave stone was a cowplant

  • 2:02 probably/maybe ate by cow plant?... did they have cow plants in sims 3

  • I never played sims 2 or sims 3 only the first and sims 4

  • i think that that death is death by cow plant 😏😛

  • Shark attack

  • 2:05 cow plant?

  • The death was shatk bite i think

  • It was a shark bite that’s what he died from. 😇😇😇😵😵😵😵

  • Omg hi Vixella please reply I’m your biggest fan!

  • 2:00 shark attack

  • I did'nt know these things where real(sivck)

  • At 2:03 the death sign thingy probably meant the sim died cause of the cow plant you can plant it once you have max level I think and if you don't feed it meat everyday it'll eat you-

  • Time travel! Wow advanced

  • Sims 4 gotta take notes on past Sims 3 details

  • Golden idea the art styles for sims 4 had me amazed

  • The grave stone deah thone you didnt know what it was a was a death to a cow plant!

  • This is why I am not getting rid of my old current laptop. It can still play the Sims 3 relatively smoothly without lag. Other than having to skimp out on the graphics I am happy to keep playing the Sims 3 just because of the little details alone.

  • Maybe it's cow plant death???????????? 🤔

  • The death was killed by a shark

  • I have a little thing here if they write a bad review why would they go there again??

    • Lol there are more than one restaurant in Sims 3 worlds aleast 2 or 3 depends how big the world is

  • The deaf that is a cowplant death looks like a cow plant

  • Cow plant death because it looks like a cow plant mouth

  • I think the sidle is shark bite Death 🦈

  • Lmao honestly looks like death by shark,, yall cant change my mind

  • Death by shark

  • cowplant Vixellla Cowplant girl its death by Cowplant

  • that was shark attack btw

  • The sims 3 is better with stuff you can do-

  • continue your sims 3 series!!

  • I think it’s a shark

  • I really wish we had cars and an open world

  • Number 79. we need this in sims 4!

  • You should do a video of being an alien in the sims 3, u can summon meteor showers then sell the rocks, and zap people😂😂😂

  • Maybe like she or he got eaten by a shark?

  • death by shark attack

  • Sasha are you going to finish ur sims 3 series? Like if u agree

  • That teeth are probably cowplany

  • The is cow plant I thing judging buy it’s a mouth and cow plants eat people

  • OMG I loved this! 😭❤️ I never knew you could break out criminals with a gem digger, that's completely new news to me haha! 🤭

  • Could it be a cow plant


  • Vampire


  • 02:02 Shark becous its a schark moute

  • Vampier

  • Sims 2 and 3 it's a super very cool games. ❤️ I love it the social of Sims 4, but only this. 😅😅

  • I think that simble (I cannot spell lol) MUST be like the sim has been.............. *dramatic sounds* EATENNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

  • That death you didn't know was a death by eaten by shark

  • I think that simble means then got bitten by a vampire? Mabey an other animal lol idk

  • Yes! Please do a Let’s Play Sims 3

  • I believe is death by shark, isn’t it???

  • Alternative title: sims 3 details that SHOULD have made it in the sims 4.

  • That death i think it is by a cow plant

  • Me **reads title** : that's like the whole game.

  • The method of death I think is being bitten to death or somthing

  • One time i was playing sims 3 and my sim got married and had a kid with a sim whos trait was dislikes children and she divorced him it was awesome cause he seemed to hate her anyway lol

  • I didn’t know like half of these things, wow

  • maybe a shark?

  • I didn't have an ability to play The Sims 3 when it came out so all my friends playing it so I'm having fun with it that man that'd be so cool but just couldn't get a computer to run it couldn't just couldn't do it till when the Sims 4 came out and I had a computer I'm like oh yeah oh damn straight yes I'm playing that's why I've been seeing all these people playing this I'm sorry I'm not going oh I want to go back and try that cuz now I've got a computer that will run that too and I made a character and I thought I'll look the customization I can do all this I was got in there and I tried to build and rage quit in 10 minutes uninstalled it and yeah I guess it was just never meant to be

  • YES THE BOOKSHELF ONE! i used to buy all these books for my sims just so that i could fill up the bookshelfs :(

  • 2:10 death by cow plant?

  • Things I want in the sims 5 The sims 3

  • That fact about painting was cool, I’m pretty sure that sims who make paintings but they hate art their artwork is less expensive

  • That death is a shark

  • you should react to sims 4 vs sims 3 vs sims 2 stuff. maybe the cat, dog, puppie, and kitten one since you love pets lmao.

  • Shark

  • This is one of the many reasons why I went back to the Sims 3 and can't go back to the Sims 4.

  • It’s a vampire death


  • 3:04 vixella: omg that’s so funny me: he DIED Me: trying to do the same thing so I can die😂

  • 2:09 its the cow plant

  • Shark death the mouth on the gravestone

  • i want sim3 with sims4 graphics

  • Now i wanna see a sims 3 series so bad😭

  • I miss sims 3 so much. It's unfortunate that it is literally unplayable on normal computers and some high power ones

  • Sims 3 popped off. It was amazing

  • I’m dead. *dies* -RIP Sasha 2021