Testing Sims 4 Tik Tok Life Hacks to See If They Really Work

Publicerades den 12 apr 2021
I saved the special one for the very end :)
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  • soooo if you can do that with fish... theoretically.... could you do it with the hamsters and have big creepy hamster?

  • Thumb. Thumb Whoohwoo

  • Video idea! Build a house but only use TikTok life hacks x

  • This is random but I just got Mario kart 8 deluxe yesterday and I'm playing it now I paused it and baby rosalina is so adorable

  • Her shirt is ✨ a do r a b l e ✨

  • hey vix there is a problem with my cc when i download it it wont go on my sims4 it says at the start about like all my cc but it dosent goo on my sims 4 so can you help please thx!

  • I think I have a video idea: Make a house but only make it with/out of(if that makes since) sims 4 tik tik hacks for the house I think it would be fun home u would like it now me now finishing your amazing video :)

  • E

  • That last fireplace hack would have worked better if you built it in the wall and then use the debug fense. I also would have used some railing, my fave is the one from ROM, with a column on each side.

  • can we just appreciate how beautiful Sasha looks in this.... like...... wow

  • I play on ps4. Can I do this on a normal fold

  • The windows by room are only going to place where windows would go normally and without moveobjects turned on. So it’s not gonna place it where a curtain is, on a dormer, etc.

  • I love when Sasha visibly cringes at herself

  • uuuummmmmm..... I'm pretty sure those aren't snails, or else I'm just really dirty minded. in any case, 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • I wonder if the auto windows would work better with the house unfurnished?

  • Sims when woohooing in the hot tub 🍤🍤

  • Oh my God how do you do those videos I just love doing comics do you like you know what I mean...

  • Hot Tub Woohoo reminds me of some Junji Ito sh*t.

  • can you link the second house pretty please

  • when you’re a console player and EA decided to give us less features so we can’t make things smaller/bigger and can’t control the height of objects⚰️

  • I used to use the auto windows thing haha I wasn’t very good at building as you can guess

  • I can not unseen that last one! 🤢

  • Where are you getting ur 90s shirts?

  • Where are you getting ur 90s shirts?

  • No matter how my sense of humor grows and changes Sasha is the funniest person alive

  • I don’t hate many things but I really hate those snails

  • OMG The last house you used was a reno I did. Thanks for using it. Its on my gallery user name sailorcosmos82 for anyone who would like to download it.

  • My question is, how do you feed the fish? I get this sometimes where my game decides that it wants to do auto window -.- and I can’t turn it off! So annoying

  • The aquarium hack makes me think of Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio lol

  • the perch didn't go into the tank because you already fully stocked it, it might work if it was empty

  • I absolutely love your sweater and need one 😂

  • is it just me or does she look absolutely beautiful like I mean like amazing

  • I died laughing at the "Stop snailing!!" :-D at 13:07

  • you always make me laugh

  • Hot tub woohoo is illegal. I think remember seeing that from one of Gray's videos lol

  • Is it just me or does anyone else get a really uncomfortable feeling when there are too many windows on a house, Sims or IRL? It’s like trypophobia but for windows instead of holes

  • burning the tv😂

  • For that first one, I use the brick fireplace with a mirror, then take away the wall and use the keys to bring a wall mounted TV upwards lol Depending on how old that TikTok is, I did that LOOONG before it was a thing 😂

  • i think the windows would be better if there werent any objects over there, like the flowers and the curtains

  • *stop snailing*

  • “Snail woohoo”💀💀

  • i have over 2000 hours in ts4 but i never realised you could auto place windows 😭

  • The amount of times she said cool l l

  • I feel like we need to stop apologizing to EA...

  • oh my god where is your sweater from

  • the snail people gave me flashbacks to Uzumaki. yikes.

  • I love your sweater!

  • The automatic window is why ea builds is kinda bad 😂😂

  • Sims need to have a pack dedicaded to aquariums amd all that stuff to like, make custom aquariums without going through all that problem

  • cas or building challenge: use your favorite idea(hair/wall height/furniture/clothing/etc) for everything(no cc(even no eye lashes)) see how the sim/house turns out then ;)

  • I think u should try the windows thing with a house that has no interior layout yet, bc maybe the interior walls are messing with the placement? Although I doubt its much better haha

  • Hi,this is a video idea for the sims 4.Trying to make a house without any packs or downloaded stuff.

  • I went onto my sims world because I wanted try them when I got on my dog died then like 5 seconds later one of my sims died THE DAY BEFORE WINTERFEST and I liked my sims :(

  • I love your sweater!!! It looks so comfy!!

  • omg i love that sweater 💙

  • The "this isn't even my final form" part got me 😀😄😆

  • What do you call a snail on a boat? A snailor! XD aight I'll see myself out, excuse me ^-^

  • Take a shot every time she says so cool: wasted

  • *aint nobody gonna talk about how pretty that sweater looks on Sasha-*

  • Sasha: I would really recommend this hack it's super cute! Me who is a console player: 👁️👄👁️💔

  • OMG, my TikTok is video #3! Thank you so much for using it in your video Vix!! ♡

  • hoe kan je de vissen dan eten geven?

  • I actually knew all of them

  • I use the TV hack ALL THE TIME!! You don’t have to make indents but it looks nice!

  • GUYS my teachers showing us a video right now and this video is in his recommendations for SEnewss HEhehEewHeE

  • Hey yall

  • you're SO CUTE with glasses O_O your power...

  • do a 'sims 4 building but i can only use color by filter'

  • You know the first hack, you put it on the shelf not *in* the fireplace

  • I think its because the rooms aren't closed up is why the windows weren't working

  • Im sad because i play sims on the playstation and you cant size things up or down and you cant move things up

  • Me just sitting here knowing all these hacks and using them sometimes 👁👄👁🤌


  • hi can you do more videos about planet zoo

  • You should make a house with all these hacks

  • I mostly build in the Sims and let's just say I was shocked when I saw you didn't know that wall removal hack to place stuff that's meant for walls anywhere but on walls

  • idk if that's a turtleneck or not but it looks so cute on you!!

  • I always use the widow one its not rlly a suprise lol

  • I loveee your sweater, it’s so pretty 💕 ❤️

  • Oh my where is that beautiful sweater from 🥺❤️

  • The auto window thing makes me realize maybe why the ea houses have crazy placements 🤔

  • I do the fire place thing all the time lol

  • 11:30 Changing flame colors? Not sure if Sims 4 or Need for Speed: Heat! :p

  • Thanks for showing me these hacks you are one of my favourite SEnewss is 😁

  • When a man and a woman love each other very much.... THEY TURN INTO SNAILS

  • Hey Sasha, if you can see this: Fish you caught can be put in aquariums, but if you press the populate with fish button your aquarium will be filled to maximum capacity with bought Fish ❤

  • Hey y'all ✌️

  • I love her “hey y’all” so much

  • does the furniture placement affect the auto window hack?

  • I- I did the aquarium hack before I saw the tik tok- My mom showed it to me-

  • Hi Vixella

  • I wonder if the snail woo hoo thing would also work with shrinking down a bed ? I’m laying in bed rn and don’t want to get up and go to computer to check if someone could lmk that’d be great 😊

  • Two snails chilling in a hot tub

  • Who else came in a few hours late

  • I tried the fish tank one and it just made the fish super small 💀

  • the aquarium would look really cool with floor lights on the bottom like a real aquarium edit: nvm I got to the part where you made a comment about that lol

  • "YASSS......." [instant regret] "ew" Sis same

  • I bought the sims 4 today because of you

  • The second fireplace hack, but on a platform??? Perfection.

  • The window hack reminded me of every EA build ever😭