Ranking EVERY Sims 4 Pack

Publicerades den 27 apr 2021
Tier list time! Here are my thoughts on all the expansions, game packs and stuff packs.
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  • With island living they wanted to focus on the cultural aspect of Polynesian life rather than the tourism in Hawaii, so I'm glad they didn't add hotels.

  • Island living is such a disappointment xD its literally the only sims 4 game i went to the store and got the cd for and I HATED IT

  • She gave eco lifstile highly recemend but the video where she checks out the pack is called eco lifstile is trash? or something like that. whatttttttt










  • spa day slaps solely for the incense influencing moods. being able to instantly focus or inspire a sim is so op

  • me waching the movie night one me eating popcorn

  • I pretty much think that the Star Wars pack might have been good if Disney had not put their corporate overlord foot down and forced in some heavy handed gameplay decisions. No lots in the world, unable to romance Sims from that world, making it a weird sort of pseudo-world that was sort of Star Wars but at the same time almost like a fake theme park. I honestly think this could have slapped if it had been literally the Star Wars theme park as a world, and you could just go on a little vacation there. As is, me as both a Star Wars and Sims fan was HUGELY let down.

  • What does everyone have against the ball pit??? Yeah the graphics suck but what ever

  • well theres a mod to own a hotel

  • I love spooky stuff and hate get famous and most other SEnewssrs feel the opposite so I thought it was just me, so thank you for sharing my opinion lol

  • Vampires and realm of Magic automatically go to top tier. Them and parenthood are the best game packs. Even if you don’t like occults you can’t deny they are amazing packs.

  • I agree with the get famous pack. I was so excited to get it, then I got it and I was just like... yeah

  • I think spa day should have been a stuff pack.

  • I'm just reading these comments 😂😂😂 if y'all don't like the sims 4 Don't play it I have fun with it I play on console

  • I’m just going to be honest the way that she rated it is was wayyy different then how I would lol, I mean she put get to work before get together!!!!😂🤣🤯😰

  • I don't get it how do you go to class with them? I got the universty pack and there was never an option

  • For me the parenthood pack, back yard, and get to work. I don't why people hate on get to work cause it adds so much for stuff than just detective science and doctor

  • I liked everything you put besides the pets packs i love both of them but i do wish they were togther, also i LOVE the island one!

  • Make a build/do some sort of series with only your must haves :D

  • I feel like most people don't know how to play with get famous and that's why they don't like it. But imagine you downloaded some celebrities that we all know from the gallery such as brad pitt and angelina jolie, johnny depp ( young hahahah), the kardashians, taylor swift, tom holland.... And put them into fancy houses in the get famous world and cheat their fame level to proper celebrity. If you want a little more realism, put the actor ones in the actor career and cheat their level. Don't play with them but in the end, you will have some celebrities that we all know from real life and maybe you'll come across one of them at the city living festivals, get together nightclubs or even at the movie set as your colleague if you are an actor.

  • Y'all I figured it out. After a three hour long research session and watching multiple of Vixella's videos and streams the Sweater is from Shein and is called 'Star pattern sweater'. You're welcome ✌🏻🥰

  • I haven't finished Strangerville. I could never solve the last task. Instead I came there possessed and got a good relationship so I could ask for things.

  • Nifty knitting MUST HAVE.

  • Am I the only one who can't live without City Living??

  • I honestly think the kids stuff pack and the toddler stuff pack should have been included in the parenting pack

  • Its fun to watch how everyones reasons for liking packs are so different

  • Sasha,you are very wrong.

  • girl THROW luxury party stuff IN THE GARBAGGGEEEEE. Also, don't play you know Jungle Adventure is a must have because you can't build without that gorgeous wall mirror for ya bedrooms.

  • Star Wars would have been so much better if they had made it an occult pack...hear me out They could have made it a system similar to a mix of Vampires and the celebrity system. Jedi/Sith would have been the occult. The world would have been the same, but the game would have been more about the story than a giant advertisement for the theme park. It would have still had the factions as well. Basically just adding the ability to be Jedi/Sith would have made a big difference, but that is just my opinion. There are some nice build/buy and clutter items for builds, but not worth the full price, maybe half or a quarter of the price maybe.

  • I love island living

  • I was so excited to watch this but the shakiness of the frame most of the time is making me really seasick 😭

  • hey ya'll

  • ok but fitness stuff has SUCH NICE BUILD ITEMS! i use the wallpapers CONSTANTLY it's almost ridiculous

  • I don't fully understand the Fabrication and Recycling for Eco Lifestyle, BUT she is my Queen!! Literally, all of my builds have several items and/or wallpapers. imo best pack

  • what about the build items in paranormal stuff?

  • Does it infuriate anyone else that red is the top of teir lists and green is on the bottom??

  • 11:28 my friends talking about me

  • Vintage Glamour is honestly the stuff pack I use the most, especially if I count the CC that is an add-on to the pack.

  • im sorry sasha but how could u leave out that the build items in the paranormal stuff pack are AMAZING

  • Yeah I agree with her about the Star Wars pack. I watched one of my favorite SEnewssrs play it when it came out since he hadn’t made a Sims video in ages, and I didn’t even finish 2 min of the video bc I didn’t understand ANYTHING. I’m not a Star Wars fan (don’t come at me). Ngl, I’ve only watched one SW movie and I slept thru most of it. Partially bc it was really late when we watched it, but I just didn’t get it. I’m not really into that kinda thing, so I wasn’t really having it when that Sims pack was released

  • “Since the Panini happened” 😂😂😂😂

  • Please do more series!! Something like a heart breaker maybe? They get like 10000 bfs and cheats and stuff, jui.cy.👀

  • I now why she said they have Murphy beds because of DEATH ☠️

  • I’d have ranked Spooky Stuff lower just because one of the items is in both that one and Seasons (the same tombstones), but Seasons at least also has generalizable content.

  • sorry but Parenthood SLAPPED. And there is affect, it's just that you need to play a little more to see it. It affects you in subtle ways.

  • This seems cool Edit:I have not seen it yet

  • You actually can't be the chef in your restaurant in dine out, and I think that kinda sucks 😬

    • @Sugary-Stardust You manage your staff, pay for their training and promote them if you want to keep them happy. As for what you can do while the restaurant is running, you can welcome guests when they have been seated, and you can choose to comp their food or recommend a dish. And thats it ..

    • ARE YOU SERIOUS? i hadn't tried it yet, but that was what i hoped it was for ;; what on earth do you do in "your" restaurant, then?

  • Seasons should literally just be part of the base game.

  • Why is the camera shaking so much 😂😂

  • I personally don't hate journey to batuu lol I like being able to build stuff with the items and make my own star wars characters, but I'm not really bothered about the actual batuu gameplay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • pause your video at 0:00 Thnk me later

  • Island living is the real "makes me sad" cause I heard in sims 3, you can dive underwater and find treasure.... (As someone who only played sims 1 and sims 4) I really agree with Sasha here. Even when I love occult stuff, making magic and vampires are kinda broken and I never finished it cause of annoyance more than anything. Bust the dust is electric chair for me, I'm sorry..... I dont know about sims 3 and all its packs.. Kinda meh on graphics, can you guys suggest me how I can "improve" the look and play it?

  • This video came out 23 hours ago and is 23 minutes long

  • I feel like I’m the only one who loves get famous-

  • Thank you for adding the memes that you used in the video, I feel included

  • I choose sims 4 base game for most have

  • me: owns TWO sims four packs Sasha: owns ALL THIRTY-NINE PACKS

    • tbf probably plenty of them were free for her for being a game changer

  • the windows in moschino stuff pack !!!

  • "Well not sense the Panini happened" -Sasha 2021

  • Can you rank packs based on CAS items or Build mode items next.

  • Vixela do more gacha reasons

  • Vi

  • sims 2 university is where my heart will remain in terms of top tier packs

  • Finally... a simmer who has other packs along side the star wars pack lol

  • Girl you aren't alone I LOVED StrangerVille

  • Actually the parenthood trait things DO affect how they act. You just haven't noticed it yet. If you use cheats on a toddler and make them all go up/down the sims will change, like one will change how messy a person is, which is very noticable in toddlers.

  • Whats link for the tier list

  • i’m gonna need a link to that sweater you’re wearing 😍😍😍 pink and it has stars on it, two of my favorite things. praying you see this so i can twin with you

  • Kayla would kill you if you don’t put parenthood in must have. Me the same

  • UwU

  • I feel like they should have combined vampires, realm of magic etc and just made a supernatural expansion pack like sims 3 with werewolf’s and fairies etc cause they are just selling the components separately for more money

    • I agree except for the fact that because they are separate they actually put more time into making them good. I feel like if they had been put together they wouldn't have been as good

  • i feel like she’s ignoring the CAS items 😔😔

  • Where do you get all these cute pastel clothes?!

  • The moment I saw electric chair LUXURY PARTY WHERE YOU AT 🤣✨

  • snowy escapes LAGS.. ALOT! And the hotpot... can't be used because of lagging...

  • Spot on with everything.

  • For your next video, can you create your sims self?

  • I feel like a lot of simmers don’t give get together enough credit because they have had it for so long. I recently got it and it is great. The amount of gameplay it adds is immense. You get so many more text messages and it makes you feel like the other people in your game are, well, people. I really recommend it.

  • why was your camera shaking vix

  • In conclusion: Seasons & Laundry Day are queens

  • Ty for doing this !!

  • Help a simmer out. When I open my game it gets to where it says "The Sims 4" and then the window says not responding. It does this EVERYTIME. Does anyone no how to fix this?

    • @Sugary-Stardust What would happen to my modded saves if i took everything out?

    • i believe origin has an option to "repair" your game; i'd say give that a try first. if it persists, temporarily remove everything from your mods folder (if there's anything at all)

  • I can play jungle adventure for hours..... I love finding things and uncovering them... in my own head I’m like the Indiana Jones of Sims... so ye :P


  • Pls do a build batlle with lilsimsie

  • Wait didn't u do this already?

  • I actually have a lot of use for Srangerville. Not the gameplay, but the CAS stuff. You would not believe how many times I've given my Sims the denim shorts with the embroidered flowers on them. They are like my favourite CAS pants.

  • how you get on that

  • Amazing

  • Sasha where do u get your sweaters from omg ;W;

  • I respect your opinion, and honestly I agree with all you said beside island living Parenthood disappointed me kinda much honestly, same for get famous

  • With Cats and Dogs. I am currently playing a sim who had a cat and the cat had literally everything to live a luxurious life and I also made my sim play and cuddle with him everyday. Still this dumb B has ran away for the 6th time already in a span of two sim calender years. After that I gave him up adoption because I was tired of him constantly running away...