I miss the way things used to be...

Publicerades den 23 dec 2020
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Please forgive me for the dramatic thumbnail and title, I live for the ✨ drama ✨
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  • I love ur vids so much you helped me through some really tough times!:)


  • Pls send me sims 4

  • I live on 🇦🇪

  • Why don’t you to do let’s plays anymore?? I miss them🥺 still love your content though💙

  • Congrats on 7 years 💙

  • I did it and it was amazing really like everybody had a pack on them and basically they were starting fights and stuff because there is on crack we're like who's better winter are Halloween so yeah

  • What you need to do is you need to dress your characters up for Halloween and Christmas theme and then you'll have a Halloween Christmas names for ever but you can only have that for 2 days

  • Ive only watched your videos for a only a year now I remeber 2013 i Was 6 and that was another bad here bc my Grandma died

  • Gurl it’s snowin for y’all I’m the United States but me India got no snow

  • Sorry I wasn't subbed to u on 2013 I was 1 back then

  • Me realising she made her Chanel on my birthday THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT

  • There’s actually a matching bottoms for the top in the sleep wear before she changes it.. I downloaded them

  • Those boots aren’t made for walking...but that’s just what they’ll do one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

  • i miss the sims 3..

  • Your Christmas music is so nice! I’ll defo be blasting this next Christmas x the first Christmas song reminds me of The Perfect Christmas by Daniela Andrade so good

  • *Sasha you're lucky to have a PC that supports the Sims 4...mine cannot so I have to play on the PS4 where I cannot download CC*

  • Loving caliber!!!!!!!! Sasha this is my FAV Christmas song I know it by heart

  • The Sims 4 but every room is a diffrent animal? Maybe maybe?🤔

  • I know this is random but here is a idea. sims 4 but every room is a different letter, so you get a letter and everything you use has to start with that letter! IDK if you’ve done that but oh well 😜❤️ have a great day

  • Omg have I really been here for 3 years? Sweet fuck, congrats on 7 years!

  • Gal what happen to not so berry challenge😝

  • I can’t believe I got to watch your channel grow! I’ve been here since 200k which I know is not the most impressive but I got to watch you get to 1mil! I love you Sasha

  • i first found your channel from the four immortal sisters challenge- i-

  • You too!

  • Omg can I just say- The first background song is one of my fav Christmas Songs! It's called Christmas Memories btw :> Edit: Congrats on the 7 years Sasha!

  • I was born on 2013 so umm

  • Girl it is ok 👌 we know you are a cancer

  • Hey Sasha can you play the Sims two castaway it would mean the world to me it’s amazing Please 😁

  • I have an idea for a video sims 4 but every room is a different zodiac sign

  • I was only 3 when you started

  • You started your channel on my birthday

  • I want to know how to get the first song!!! Congrats on 7 years! I have only been here for 3 of those years but loved them all!

  • I feel slight clickbait vibes from the title-just a lil hunch

  • It’s called “Vixella i Challenge you” it’s so cool

  • Vixella can you look at this 11 year old house it’s amazing

  • I would die for the skirt on the party outfit

  • I love u Shasa!

    • Honestly, we should make this a *joke.* I will call her Shasa whenever I can in the comments. Thanks for the idea!

    • *Sasha*

  • Vixella dad died 7 years ago :(

  • Congrats on the 7 years!! Im a new subscriber btw. I may not be here for too long but ever since I saw ur first video I was already interested!

  • Luv u Sasha

  • Where not so Berry

  • Hey Sasha I’ve got a merch idea So u know u always wear that snake necklace well I thought u should make a cat necklace to wear with ur snake one :)

  • I always love the way your sims turn out! 💖

    • Girl, I love your profile picture. Is that alpha cc or sims 3/2???

  • I haven’t watched vixella’s videos in a year, and I forgot how much I loved her videos

  • The Christmas awesome

  • Me:looks at title...”that’s the most relatable saying of 2020”

  • I love vixella channel it has grown so much!👌👍💕

  • I was 4 when you started

  • congratulations on making it to 7 years, keep doing what you're doing! love you

  • When Sasha said hi ♡︎𝕗𝕨𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕤♡︎ I lost my mind it sounded so pure 🤩

  • does anyone else think Sasha should do the rags to riches challenge again? It was my favorite series :)

  • Sacha there is one request I have for you can you please do the legacy challenge

    • Yeah! I agree. I’ve been watching lilsimsie’s Nightmare Legacy Challenge (she has it on short lifespan) and it’s really fun so far. I’m not saying that ‘Sacha’ should do a nightmare one but I’m saying that I would really enjoy it if she did one.

  • You hanvt posted in 3 dats dud u quit

    • she didnt,she just got a break bc christmas and new year. she will come back prob on 2nd of january

  • I love her sooooo much and I love the song you picked

  • All the outfits on Mary Starr looked good And the music made memories come back I love you Sasha great job on 7 years! ❄️🙂❤️😇

  • Congrats on 7 years and video idea: ♡The sims4 but every roomn is a deff celeb{expample,ariana,billie eilish-} ♡the sims4 but every room is a[expample,rose,sunflower-] deff flower ♡put colors on a wheel and witch ever one u get u need to desighn a sims and use one that color (expample,.

  • congrats sasha love you girl

  • congrats on 7 years!!!

  • Can you please tell me where you got all your lights... you are such a ✨vibe✨

  • I have an idea: It won't be the sims but try to make a sims 4 house in minecraft

  • congrats on 7 years girly! the sim is so cute🎄❤️

  • Why isn’t she upload did she quit

  • Yay! 7 years!

  • I love ❤️ this throwback. 7 years old? Wow.

  • i’m so happy for u !! congrats on 7 years !

  • Why is Tartan like THEmost Christmassy thing ever? Love it!!

  • I don't remember 2013 I was only four but I bet it would have been cool to have a phone or have my dad let me watch videos

  • Also I saw a few comments asking about the songs and they’re both by Loving Caliber. The first one is called Christmas Memories and the second one is called My Winter Wonderland😁

  • Congrats Sasha!!!! I’m a few days late, but I can’t believe you’ve been doing yt for so long! Even though I’ve only been watching you for about a year, you’ve made such an impact for me because your videos make me smile. Here’s to 7 more years!!😁💕

  • You should do the Sims four but every room is a different show/Anime! It would be so cool! Plz like if u agree 👇

  • you know last year i bought the sims 4 on a disc and i kept on trying to work it but i had no luck right? so this year, during online learning, my mum got me a new laptop right? and she had that old computer i was trying to use but... a couple weeks later she got a new laptop and got rid of her old computer and now im not sure what to do with my sims 4 disc bc i cant use it so any help would be much appreciated

  • Your an amazing SEnewssr and I’ve been watching you for so long and i hope you have the best holidays! ❤️💕

  • Congrats periodit 😋

  • Can you do the 100 baby challenge there's one mom that starts off and has lots of kids they could also be other moms from those moms kids it's really fun and I would love if you could try it if you see this can you try it it makes lots of people go a little crazy you are really good at decorating houses so I think this will be good to decorate

  • Hey for what its worth i dont think its an identity crisis to not wanna do the same things over and over forever

  • ✨7✨

  • i loved this video its like old times🎄❤️

  • plesss

  • vixella can i have your sims 4 cats and dogs pack

  • Cant believe it’s been five years with you Sasha 😭😭 thank you for the best childhood/teenhood 💖

  • what i would like on the sims 4 is horses. they were great on the sims 3 and i kinda want them back🥺

  • Me: *r e a d s t i t l e* My mind: *I miss the old gacha community*

  • Doesn’t it get copyrighted

  • Amazing

  • have a merry christmas and a happy new year

  • Hi Sasha! Really beautiful sim you have made, I hope you had a fantastic Christmas! For Christmas I got my first pack; cats and dogs, and I was just wondering if you could do another random genetics but with pets. I have watched almost all of your videos and I love you. If you see this can you consider doing a pets random genetics. Merry Christmas and have a happy new year.

  • 2020 was sus. A new year is Amomg us.

  • We love chrismas with sasha

  • been here for almost 4 years and your once in a while identity crisis definitely make you, you!!!!

  • i’m fourteen and i’ve been here since i was seven. you were always my favorite ! 💕💕💕💕

  • Can you make a LP with that SIM?

  • aw i miss this too, i use to make sims videos like this

  • Hey can you do random genetics with mermaid sims

  • 23 December is my godmother b day

  • I’ve had the sims 4 for 1 year and me and my sister have put in over 3,300 hours... I think we have something wrong with us

  • Merry Christmas!!!! Have a good year

  • "i miss the way things used to be" Well I miss the way you did some let's plays! 🥺💔

  • Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!

  • Congrats to this beautiful 7 years!