Playing The Sims 2 just to feel something

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Sims 4 doesn't have cars, but Sims 2 has HELICOPTERS ☠️
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  • When I pressed the don’t recommend channel- it was the worst mistake of my life ☹️

  • Thank you for this. I love your sense of humor. Our dog passed away today and your videos made me feel a bit better. I actually chuckled a couple times.

  • Vixella: which one of these men am I going to have babies from? Also vixella: don’t you dare have puppies we can’t afford it!

  • Fired on the first day of work...that is quite the accomplishment. Sims 2 Forever.

  • I NEED more the sims 2

  • Here is in example why it is so good I played it yesterday and the baby almost died because the dad was in the way of the mom at dinner time

  • omfg u can sing?

  • discovered that my dad owns sims one and two and three

  • i hope you and your loved ones are doing alright during this crazy weather. also i enjoyed this video very much and would love to see more if you choose to in the future :) stay safe and keep up the amazing work girl

  • SIms 2 pets look so much better than sims 4 pets!


  • Not Nina Caliente’s name being Spanish for “hᴏᴛ little girl” 😭 the sims has some explaining to do

  • ok so when Carona started my fam had gotten the old laptop out and put the sims two in it and me my Dad and my Mom were all ADICTED and I remember one night my mom was playing and I was watching her and around mabey 8 or 9 my mom said she was only going to play for five more minutes. . . she kept playing till 11

  • EVERYONE HERE WHO WANTS THE SIMS 2: Download it for FREE from this website called steam unlocked! It also works for the Sims 3 and the Sims 4. Have fun! (Plus it comes with all DLCs) :D

  • I remember when I switched to sims 4 I was so sad that it didn't have horses in the animal pack like the sims 2 😭

  • Ok Question i own the sims 2 but have never played it should i play it?

  • You should do an lp 🥲 I feel like lps kinda died off a little

  • make a let's play out of this pleasee

  • The only I grew up with was the sims free play on my iPad

  • I have a question for Sims 2 players in this comment section: how hard is the Sims 2 to install? I would love to play it, and I know I can buy it, Im just unsure if Im willing to put in the effort to install it if it ends up being hard 😟

  • I honestly love the sims 2, too

  • i do like sims 2 buuuuuuuuuuuttttttttt sims 3 is my fav

  • “Just to feel something” Sasha, are you okay?.. 😶

  • that so wiert

  • Hey vixella I love you lots, do you mind trying Roblox I love it as much as I love sims

  • My Dalmatian is beside me as I watch

  • The gorilla clown sounds like the name of a hear me out film lol


  • GURL ur singing was so GOOD 💜💜💜

  • We want more SIMS 2!!! At least i do.

  • I enjoyed this video thanks

  • 14:04 dog can work why it's so funny.

  • I mean if you really wanna explore everything you can always play a LEPacy!

  • I have never related to a title more in my life

  • how do i play the sims 2. help me please. i need to play this now

  • I personally would love to see her take on a sims 2 LP

  • Do more please i love sims 2 but can't get it

  • Okay but the real question is where can I download the sims 2 because the Mac version was ✨trash✨

  • If anyone sees this does it run under windows xp?

  • I used to play sims 2 BUT now I can't because my STUPID IDIOT brother sold it for a "rare" plastic statue-_-...

  • This is why the sims 2 is my favorite sims game

  • ama GOOD parent: 60% of the episode

  • Can you play sims MEDIEVAL AGAINNNNN!!!!!!

  • Your hair looks really cute 🥰 also we love sims 2 chaos😂😂💕💕

  • Omg teenager me was addicted to the sims 2 then later the sims 3 now the 4th. The sims is the best game ever! But really the sims 4 needs so many awsome things that were in the other sims!

  • When I needed a pick me up I’d play Sims 3

  • can you play the sims3 pls

  • Such a liar, u never did play the sims 2 before... who would not even know how the attraction system works? So tired of ur click baite videos gurl

  • This unlocked memories for me that I forgot I even had.

    • My family and I played it on a console and we would kill our Sims in order to battle the Grim Reaper in a violin lol

  • I wanna experience the sims 2 for myself but I don’t know how to go about doing that 😩🥺

  • No one: Me:me when I get a need mod (Exitced)

  • I just started to replay sims 2 a couple nights ago and I’m hooked lol

  • The base games are pretty limiting. What makes The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 different is that the base game has so many updates/patches, and the updates/patches really improve/expand the game. In contrast, The Sims 2 base game, as published in 2004, is rather limiting, even though it says it has "thousands of design options" on the box cover. Me? I think The Sims 3 has the best, most solid base game thus far. The Sims 2 base game is just meh. Thankfully, there's the Ultimate Collection, and it comes with all packs. Good game, but I've moved onto the Sims 3.

  • The Sims in the sims 2 is more stylish than the sims in sims 4. :D XD

  • Hi

  • omg pkeeeaseeee do an actual LP series on this 😭😭😭😭 (if you’re motivated to do so; i know how you feel abt sims hahaha but i figured sims 2 is different for you (given how many times you said “i love this game” hahahah))

  • My niece’s name is Jade Rose. 😬😬😬 not lying

  • I want so much more sims 2 content 😂❤️

  • I am literally dying at 16:15 because I remember EXACTLY how you made that dude in one of your other Sims 2 videos

  • Okay... we need sims 2 let's play 😅 Sasha hear our prayers

  • I can just play sims 4 but its fun so i don't care. But the thing is i would love to play sims 2

  • Yes!! More Sims 2 vidoes!!!!

  • let’s be honest tho sims 2 and 3 will always be the best especially 2

  • More sims 2 pleeeease!!

  • Vixella makes me want to play the Sims 2. 🥰 This looks so deep and enjoyable and right up my alley!

  • Hi Vixella!! :3

  • I need more of this

  • I do not know why people are still playing the Sims 3, 2 and even 1 even though the Sims 4 is better than them in everything and anything Remain a point of view and i respect the opinions of others

  • I got sims 2 after watching your video and I love it

  • Your hair looks so pretty!

  • New Challenge: Build a house in he Sims1 and try to build/recreate the same house in the Sims 4

  • okyay i know you LOVE christmas but..... its over you know i can still see that chistmas tree in the backround

  • Please keep the the sims 2 videos coming 🤣🤣

  • I love your videos 🤣🤣

  • Yes. I enjoy. Good.

  • forget about choccy milk... sims 2 make pain go away

  • Are you sick

  • Is there a Minecraft harmony hollow world download?

  • We neeeed more sims 2

  • Play Sims 3!!!!!!!

  • I've been trying so hard to figure out how to get The Sims 2 since its abandonware now but I cannot figure it out

  • “The sims 4 doesn’t have cars, but the sims 2 has cars AND helicopters. Need I say more?”

  • Playing sims 2 till my waifu comes home

  • Challenge: every room is a different year:example: 2020 on fire or trash

  • hi i know you probably wont see this, but where did you get you eyelashes?


  • You should start a sims 2 let’s play 😩

  • "Sometimes you jusi gotta play the sims 2." -sasha 2020

  • Sims check

    • I am a good parent I love you vixilla

  • Can you try to do a challenge where you build without using the move objects cheat and alt?

  • I LOVE UR HAIR @Vixella and im sorry for not watching your videos recently

  • How did you get it? Did you download it from somewhere??? Please answer! Thank you

  • New idea for building challenge for the Sims 4 : Using ONLY most expensive items in the game. Like for Sasha to see this.

  • i used to play sims 3 so much

  • I love Sasha’s hair whether it’s her straight and pink, or natural and pink

  • I tried to install the sims 2 but i cant open it and the game stuck😭😭😭 ..can someone help me?

  • Personally..Sims 2 is my fav. AND IT ALWAYS WILL BE

  • Bild a house on a hovering platform without walls . Make a room delete the walls and then go one floor up. Dont use any walls so basically you are building on a flat hovering platform

  • Sims 2 is the best game in existence

  • Its like the sims 2 is meant to be the sims 4 bc of how nice and funny the sims 2 is. Does anybody agree with me?