Clicking "Set as Head" for EVERYTHING in Sims 4

Publicerades den 5 apr 2021
Brings a whole new meaning to poopoo head.
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  • This takes "IMA TREE" to an amazing level "She's a trashcan" Relatable

  • Image people start using the toilets on the sims head.

  • You click reset objects and then it gets rid of there head

  • I got a heatwaves ad before this video again

  • "You're as hard as a rock"

  • The hand tree looks like the thing from the owl house-

  • "i think i turned off their free will"

  • me, whenever something is inconvenient: 8:24

  • Me wondering if she knew that those objects are also usable, unless they took that out since I last tried this

  • I've always wondered what that command is for thank you for answering that question

  • Shift klick on the sim and choose reset object 0:38

  • 6:27 i can not stop laughing omg

  • One time I had 7 children. I had one child with a pirate ship head, then had another play on it. I set that child's head as the pirate ship. This was repeated until all 7 children were stacked with pirate ship heads. It was... interesting

  • I just looked at the thumbnail and I immediately thought: Spider-Man with a toilet head

  • That one debug toy head be like:

  • “My kid is a pirate ship!” ~Sasha 2021~ 💀✋🤣😭

  • I used to do this to size up things back when I didn’t know how to size them up properly 😭😂

  • This is the best thing

  • Sasha: oh she's a trash can Me: oh she's my brother

  • Your guy laughing at his own bad singing at 6:29 I'm crying tears rn 😂😂😂

  • 3:19 IM DEAD

  • this made my day a lot better thank u sasha

  • this is very crazy 😆😆😆

  • “Yay she’s a trash can” Same 😂😂

  • 6:30 is that face you make when you're singing and someone thinks it's a duet

  • Sasha: That’s what I feel like when I don’t take a sh- Me: Shit! Sasha: Shower. Me: Oh.

  • Please actually try using something like a toilet while it’s someone’s head because some objects are usable

  • reset the object and then delete in build mode to get them to go away :)

  • you should make a video and try to make a house with the head setting cheat

  • bh

  • Any Ateez fans here? You know which part I’m talking about.

  • I had to rewatch 7:30 3 times because I thought you said b*tch 😳

  • Can you set a head for the volcano in sulani?

  • Me: :3 this is hilarious video. Vixella: yay she's a trash can me LMFAO WAH DE SHE SAY

  • I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard

  • its even funnier when u see the sims use the objects that are set as head.

  • Love her energy!!!😊😎🤪🤭

  • Just so you know how to stop making it their head shift click on the sim and “press reset object” Hope that helped 😁

  • Have you had kids with the grime reaper

  • I was just crying now i am laufing

  • You press reset object to get the object off

  • this is so stupid, I love it!

  • You should do the sims 4 but every room is a different movie genre Animation Family Comedy Superhero Action Drama Crime Thriller Horror Fantasy Sci-Fi

  • I just about died laughing at this video 😂

  • I am going to laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • My toilet related saying: Think of all your bad feelings Those ones that bother you Think of when you poop or pee Let it all go I do not know why I thought of that 😂

  • IT'S TOO BIG!! Me 😏😏😏 That's what she said!!

  • she said Groot 5:27

  • Who else finished this, logged into their game and did it for themselves

  • Bruh

  • Lol this is so stupid, I love it

  • the fear in your eyes when you heard your sim singing 😂😂😂💀

  • "and now he's a grill"

  • "the pirate ship is ice skating,, I'm fucking dying xD

  • Imagine if she chose a siren


  • Set a couch as a sims head, then make a sim sit on it with a couch on there head. Then keep it going you get a sims couch tower. Thats what I did lol it’s hilarious you need to try it

  • I feel like for another sims challenge she could do differently themed mansions. It could turn into a whole series if she wanted. What I mean by this is; one mansion could be a tropical themed and she can spend an episode on that, another episode she could make a dessert themed. The thoughts are endless and with this series she can take her time and still be able to do her other videos as she wishes!

  • this brings a whole new meaning to the term "ur a walking dictionary"

  • We all dream of being toilets when we grow up. This video did better: They were Magic Toilets 🚽

  • Sasha honey...its not a basketball GOAL lololol

  • You should have made a house that was just a pool and a ship put the ship has the head and made the sim swin and it would be a ship on water

  • "Have you done everything there is to do in the Sims 4?" Uh... No because I haven't been able to get it to run at more than 1 fps since I bought the base game back in 2016

  • When you get mods and accidentally kill your favorite sim with one: *EXIT WITHOUT SAVING PANIC MODE PANIC MODE NOOOOOO*

  • If you could do a HOUSE as a head you wouldnt see anything.

  • This is just great 🤣🤣

  • Why does it kind of seem like Sasha just rewatched all of the high school musicals, is it just me?

  • It has no business to be that funny

  • 6:28 kILLED me. That's exactly why I don't go to the karaoke bars much - it ruins the mood lmao

  • Can an infant be set as head? Since they're objects right now.

  • Imagine being one of her Sims sure you get nice houses but I mean it's vixella she does some weird crap

  • Sim: *sings badly* Vixella: I gotta get outta here. And this is why I can’t visit karaoke bars in the sims 4, because that is my mood as soon as I arrive. 🤣

  • “I got distracted. Where are my toilets?” -Sasha, 2021

  • U know they can use those thing when they are heads :D

  • I once set a baby as my head and now in my game I have a giant baby on the road.

  • Hi

  • ok....I didnt know this was a thing hahahahah

  • Ya buckle in your just like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • a toilet, a seance table and a car walk into a bar...

  • Lol I always do that 🤗🤪

  • Press debug to reset

  • Vixella; turns child's head into ship Child; becomes happy

  • 6:27 I'M DYING AT THIS😭😭

  • Can u play some more planet zoo one day also I love ur vids and I love this vid❤️❤️❤️

  • video suggestion! try and play the sims mobile:>

  • 3:14 *dirty mind intensifies*

  • You didn't explore the best part though. Your sims can actually use the items on other sims heads I'm pretty sure

  • does anyone know why this exists in the game? like why can u just do this

  • 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • I absolutely love abusing this cheat. I really hope this cheat returns in Sims 5

  • Um.... if you haven’t done this, I highly recommend 😂. I also made my sim a plantsim by accident 😳

  • dude, I think you finally found a use for the Batuu expansion...

  • « oh no ?! The pirate ship is ice skating » ~Sacha 2021

  • I wish you would have clicked on the object after you set it as their head because one sim that has a toilet head or shower head....the objects are still usable. A sim could climb into that other sims object head.

  • How do you not see the huge moving TREE!!!

  • My biggest question out of all of this is *why* is Set As Head a cheat just built into the game.


  • How you stop it from being their head is you like go to where you clicked set as head but you press reset object if you wanted to know!

  • Ohhh, this makes me think of the clip from when James and Zeuz played the Sims 4 using a multiplayer mod and did this! That was honestly one of the most hysterical things I have ever seen in my life 🤣