The Sims 4 but Every Room is a Different Height

Publicerades den 21 nov 2020
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  • only vixella could make this house cute

  • I love watching your videos! You are hysterical!!! You are amazing keep up the good work!

  • Listen i know im the only one that kinda likes the house😐😑

  • And this is named the house of anxietyyy

  • You have to remove all your walls for the ladders to work 😐

  • I'd like to see a sim try to walk in there

  • Add ladders!

  • The layout of this house reminds me of ikea

  • Can u make under ground house pls I recommends

  • .imagine spilling in the stair every as a 1 year old

  • Hou could’ve just make the walls of the house taller

  • Sasha: I kinda dig this house! I like it! 2 minutes later... Still Sasha: I really hate this house! So much! 😂🤣😂🤣 8:27

  • I mean you’d get your workout in just living in this house.

  • this entire house is just 'watch your head, don't fall down to your death'

  • I love this house. Because it’s like an adventure to go to any rooms like a jungle. And who doesn’t want that perfect body? This house is for you! But this house low-ce give me anxiety from the doors 😬. And vixella: Your an amazing person love your builds stay safe 🥰

  • Why do I feel like that house is something Willy Wonka would just have laying around in the factory as some sort of experiment thing or whatsoever?

  • Honestly, you should try playing with a family in that house, see how much time you can last.

  • Can you do this in sims 2 ultimate? I really want to!

  • 5:27 *dog casually passing by undetected*

  • Alternate title try not to get claustrophobic challenge

  • EA should have made crawling a feature so that the adults can access the rooms with lower walls like the living room, etc.

  • Sims 4 but we can't delete or change a thing

  • Vexilla: this is the worst house ever. Me: I want that house😂😂😂😂.

  • and can u make a sim live in this house??

  • if you like building u should try roblox bloxberg.

  • You should do every room is a different holiday, build challenge, or animal crossing villager.

  • You know Vixella is tired when she forgets barstools😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • I'm crying and I'm dying! That's a Harry Potter house! 😂 ( Or maybe a super giant toddlers house, maybe; I don't know)

  • Am I the only one who would want her headset?

  • The tour of the house😂😂! BEST TOUR EVER!

  • Gurl this isn’t the sims 4 but you can only use the default colour

  • At the second floor the second bedroom you chould put a ladder.

  • i love your laugh

  • Vixella-now these not so tall plant have their yime to shine. * Me every time i wear shoes that make my taller

  • Sasha: "Lets put some windows." Me: "yOu diDin'T pUt wInDoWbOxEs!"

  • I luv u vixella I'm ur biggest fan

  • you can use LADDERS

  • This is making me claustrophobic🤣

  • But girl you could raise the walls up😂

  • Not gonna lie I would love too live in this house as a holiday NOT a permanent house!!

  • 5:50 Sasha= Elmo

  • Tall people are offended by that living room- Short ppl and me be vibing

  • I love the house tour! XD

  • Did she just forget about ladders

  • Sasha I hate this house so much Me I kind of like it 😂

  • If anyone looks threw them windows in the first room they just see a wall

  • you should do sims4 but every room is a diffrent size!!

  • Good quick mood changing

  • Sasha: 2 i can do Me: Great another yt rhyming whats next? 87 rhymes in a video still not as much as i'v heard so far guess yt just love to rhymme

  • Hi

  • Oof

  • Sasha:*Using all these things form different pack, and loving snowy escape doors/windows* Me:Anyone else just have base game

  • OH! I have an idea that I want to see! Every room is a different Animal crossing villager. Others have recommended this too I don’t want to take credit.

  • Her: when I said a toilet and a sink I mean A TOILET AND A SINK! also her: Placing paintings, mirror, broom, toilet paper, and a towel. Haha love ya ❤️

  • I love how she just forgets that ladders exist and can be put on the wall to get into the bathroom

  • =}

  • Please do this again it was haleries (sry for bad spelling)😂😊

  • Was I the only one yelling “JUST BUILD THE HOUSE”

  • I need to see Sasha try out this house. Lol 😂

  • Am I crazy to love this house ?

  • why do I want to live here...🙃

  • " not so tall plants ..." me looking at poison ivy "Back of the line mate" IN A FREAKIN BRITISH ACCENT * WINK *

  • " 2 baby steps " 'me thinkin of a space mission ' "and a huge step .... of freakin impossible challenges "

  • *has flashbacks of the townhouse i wanted to live in when i was a kid because of the amount of stairs it has*

  • I love how in the last bedroom, your nose can touch the ceiling when your laying down in bed. LOL

  • Reminds me of the nightmares I would have where the only entrance to a building/room was small and high and I would be too big to fit through

  • You have latters you know

  • "idk what time it is"it's time for youre sims to diee

  • My stomach hurts from how hard I was laughing.😥😥😥

  • Sasha: THIS STAIR WOULDNT WORK Ladders: I’m I a joke to you?

  • Now I want to see the sims living in that house

  • I loved the downstairs idk what vixellas talking about but the upstairs eh

  • Suggestion every room is a different room than it should be

  • I feel like I’m the only one who was looking at the curtains while the wind was moving them slowly 😂

  • sasha: it so short, its me as a living room. *and then i stopped breathing*

  • Idea: do “building but every room is a different colour” BUT, do two colours instead (example, the kitchen will be pink and brown or something like that)

  • the person who lives in this house must be pretty fit based on the amount of squatting and exercises they have to do just to move around their house

  • The house went ⬇️⬇️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️

  • Imagine sitting in the “back room” and wanting a glass of water

  • Building a house but every room is different: country, size, trait, age of sims, mood

  • "Want to use the bathroom? To bad it's been walled off." "Want to get to the bedroom? Get your grappling hook and throw it on up there." 😂😂😂😂

  • heres a new challenge the sims 4 but every room is a different size like length

  • Stop oh noing

  • Now I want to live there. Am I okay?

  • Vixella be like : chghchcgchhcgcgchch. 15:51

  • The perfect house for the American gladiator in everyone.

  • I want the house

  • Living room kid hide out

  • MAYBE you could make sister location and go down 12

  • Yo style still on point tho 🤩👌

  • Travel homes be like: 👁👄👁

  • The one time ladders are useful in the Sims4

  • Ahhhh, I need to play this update but i dont have any devices at the moment i can use as the laptop i play Sims 4 on is broken and we are looking for a new one. Imma go cry now-

  • I love it how you always laugh at yourself , but you have never screamed at yourself or the sims4

  • Oh we´re going dooown, oh we´re going down toooown😂

  • Yuna just walking gracefully in the back tho

  • curesd house

  • Honestly, i dont really like this challenge..

  • why would i actually live in this house yo

  • Imagine sleeping and then waking up realizing you have to use the bathroom. So much pain.