I Tried Every La Croix Flavor and I have regrets

Publicerades den 15 nov 2020
I just wanted to get a little silly and wacky.
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  • So at least I’m not the only person who really likes lemons

  • Key Lime is my favorite flavor of La Croix

  • Oooooo berry is my favorite

  • pamplemousse is grapefruit

  • "Pamplemousse" is pronounced "Pam - pull- moose" and it's grapefruit flavored.

  • “Why is mango spicy” oh boi haha

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t think Vixella is weird to enjoy eating lemons because I totally relate I personally enjoy eating lemons and limes

  • Hi yall

  • as an aussie i can obviously see zeus accent when he talks

  • My favorite is Blackberry Cucumber it sounds like spa water, so my mom and I call it fancy water.

  • Key Lime tastes like skittles to me. Its straight up candy

  • Sasha: I can like eat lemons, I'm kind of a weirdo Me, Who Has Been Taking The Lemons Meant For Water At Restaurants And Sucking The Juice Out Of Them Since I Was Five: 👁️👄👁️

  • I cant be the only one who thought Danny Gonzalez as soon as I saw this

  • no one: sasha: calls water *spicy*

  • LA CROY IS THE BEST I LOVE WATERMELON but it tastes like perfume

  • ...........……………..............…...........................ok

  • I smelt sprite when zeuz opened the sparkling water 😂

  • Vixella has to watch out before Danny slaps her with legal

  • Danny is mad.

  • 107

  • i've never ever ever heard of la croix..

  • Vixella 2020: WyE iS iT sPcEy!!!!!!

  • Vixella 2020:WhY iS iT sPcEy

  • I HATE watermelon one I just tried and it and a all most vomited in the car lol

  • Um Croiy

  • Me : “😂😂😂”

  • Sasha:”ohh it smells like a clean kitchen “

  • Skip to 8:43 trust me it's worth it they're trying Coconut

  • ive always thought La Croix was an alcoholic beverage until i started watching Danny’s videos lmaoo


  • strraberry pinapell

  • you aren't danny gonzalez

  • The only reason why I clicked on this video was because I'm a greg(fan of a commentary SEnewssr named Danny gonzalez)

  • 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • I gotta be real. I went out and tried the key lime flavor after watching this. I was surprised by how good it was! 😍 I wouldn't be mad at more taste testing videos. 👀

  • the key lime one is SO GOOD and i could just tell before youe evn tried it that you'd love it

  • Lime is my favoriteeee one

  • thank you so much for doing this so i don’t have to! xD

  • I'm in the hospital and have been for 7 days now and your channel has given me so much motivation to get better I appreciate it and love you very much ❤

  • I don't like sparkling water also

  • I, for some strange reason, went into that world of girlsgogames and decided to play the weirdest-looking games I saw. The ones that creeped me out most were Ellie: Back Treatment and Ice Queen: Baby Shower Fun. Please do another girlsgogames vid and feature those games! Love you

  • This video brings me joy... I NNED MORE OF THESE plz make more

  • Oi wha happen

  • gurl ive been watching ur streams and i named my stardew valley thing farmy farm! i love it so much

  • lemoncello is really good too its lemon an vanilla

  • my science teacher is obsessed with these, he has like 50 at school

  • Pum-pull-moose is actually tasty :P

  • The sims 4 but every room is a different food

  • Bubbly is better!

  • did they drink the whole cans?

  • La Croix here is a brand of bleach and cleaning products (including many toilet detergents). 😂🤣 So I was like whaaaaaaat ?

  • Yall dont know what tangerina is??

  • Vixella, can we get a Winter/ Christmas Sims 4 CC shopping video? With the new Snowy Escape Pack, maybe some new CC is needed..? It’s basically Christmas time.

  • I’m literally watching this while drinking la croix

  • Vixella you’ve changed my life I can’t thank you enough 🙏 You deserve 15 mill subs 🖤💖💙

  • warm hibiscus la croix is DISGUSTING

  • You totally need to taste ICE...they are the best...I love the BlackBerry ice sparkling water...

  • Omg lemon is leggit my fave fruit!!! I LOVE eating lemons! Thought I was crazy for doing that lol

  • My Greg soul is thriving

  • The “pimple mouse” is grapefruit lol😁👍🏻😂😅

  • I like orange flavored things but I 100% agree with vixella on the orange la croix im such a hoe for raspberry, I felt that

  • Can you do the challenge that lilsimsie did where when you place an item you can't move it??? Idk what its called😂

  • hello vixella 🙂😄

  • Sorry but could you do a video where you answer asked questions because one I have is WHAT IS YOU FAVORTIE PACK OVERALL EXPANSION AND GAME AND STUFF I HAVE BEEN DYING TO KNOW

  • Imagine in 70 years someone will find a can of this and gonna be like " omg its LA CORCS "

  • Yo I have never tasted any of these drinks but it was fun to watch you guys enjoy/suffer through! Thanks for the ratings! ❤️ Also as someone who is from the land of mangoes we enjoy it in many different formats! Raw mango is usually sour but it's added spices to make pickle and tastes yum! And even the ripe yellow mango can be spiced up salad to change the whole experience.. it tastes sooo good...all you need to do is dry roast a red dried chilli for few seconds (or use chilli flakes) and then mix it with sweet ripe yellow mango cubes...makes an excellent salad variety.... very unique!❤️ @Vixella and @KryticZeuz need to try it atleast once!

  • Is fall

  • Is falk

  • Is not Halloween

  • Lalalalalal

  • You do let's play sims 4

  • Wacth old videos for fun

  • And thanksgivin

  • Merry Christmas

  • Merry ch Christmas

  • I talk too much

  • Lime and lemos

  • Sims 1 to 4 I love

  • I well sub

  • Vixella I love your videos

  • Hi

  • I hate sparkling water too...

  • Danny Gonzalez has entered the chat

  • I saw that you are a fan of Sailor Moon, like my self but i'm..uh uh... a lot older than you. Were you born when Sailor Moon came out? Btw i like your personnality and you're soo cute!

  • Sasha staying quiet because she “didn’t wanna interrupt the asmr” is the most polite thing i’ve seen this year

  • Do every room in different platform height

  • la croix just tastes like carbonated toilet water

  • i literally live on la croix i drink like 3-4 a day brooo. and i hate the coconut one. my fav is watermelon or peach/pear

  • 4:56 to 4:57 I relate so hard Sasha, I don't remember when or what the drink was but it made me visit dark places in my mind

  • La Croix tastes like✨TV static✨

  • fun fact at 7:36 she timed with the exact same thing as the latest chat message

  • "pimplemouse" is grapefruit btw

  • “I don’t like the way coconut tastes but like way it smells” straight facts


  • dude watermelon is booooooooooooooooom it's the best

  • pamplemousse is french for grapefruit

  • My persanol favorite is raspberry

  • Jesus loves you :)

  • *Danny, Sasha is coming for you*

  • “I’m such a hoe for raspberry” 😂