I Tried to Build a House with only $10k in Sims 4

Publicerades den 2 feb 2021
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  • Omg try to build a house using only the sims rooms. That could be a gratuluji challenge!!❤

  • Idk if you would enjoy this, but you should do a challenge where every room is like one of your least favorite packs but you have to try to make it look good.

  • vixella: lets put a dresser in the bathroom 13:45

  • you should do "the sims 4 but every item has to be a different color/swatch" {sorry not sorry}

  • I don’t know If someone already did this, but can you do each room as a different time limit. Like if the living room is 29 minutes and the kitchen is 5 minutes? Also, love you Vixella 💕

  • lmaoo this sim looks like sheila from shameless

  • Ji

  • Why do most people forget about the Spa Day wardrobes? They are much cheaper than regular dressers. This challenge at 5000 is more of a challenge. 10000 is a piece of pizza. (I'm aware that the phrase is "piece of cake" but my phone suggested "pizza" and you know what, why not?)

  • i need someone's helpppp, i know the command "bb.moveobjects" to move objects BUT what is the command that allows items to move even where the grid isnt (11:50 she moves the plant and the gird doesnt stop her) HOWW ?!?!?

    • @Ana Possebon that isn’t working for me-

    • Just hold shift while moving the object

  • Simoleons: 647 Me:Mabye a TV!!!

  • Why does privacy in bathrooms not exist?

  • How does she do roofs so perfectly lol.

  • The art on the living room change everything🗿

  • I like it.

  • What can you get with $2? *looks at her 3 free carpets* Yeah I wonder what!

  • This looks like my Sims Mobile house

  • I think it's such a cute build but to save money I think it would have been more practical to not have the separate dining room and just put the table behind the couch as it is small and looks like it would have fit perfectly

  • Does anyone know is this is up on the gallery? My oldest daughter is a big fan of Vixella and loves her builds 💖

  • M'y mom in a nutshell:


  • I love her asthetic

  • Am I the only one that wants to know where she got her headphones

  • Build challenge: don’t use move objects or size up and down objects

  • Toilet paper is a luxury item That no one happens to have...

  • You should play Toca world!!!!

  • Dude I haven’t seen anyone do this I may be wrong but u should build a house while ur screen is upside down 😌✌️ luv u

  • sims 4 but every room has a different time limit ?? so u can only spend a certain amount of time on each room

  • is she ever going to finish not so berry i loved not so berry and was sad to see it end

  • you should do a really high money number and you have to use it allll.

  • When yall gonna do the shell challenge tour

  • Can you do the shell challenge again ? I loved them they are so fun

  • I can't build something that good on an infinite budget.

  • I had to pause at 4:57 cuz it's 3 am and my sister freaked herself out from sleep talking, she sleep talks all the time and sometimes moves around and yells, this time being scary for her, apparently she was dreaming that I was putting a bunch of boxes on her and she couldn't breathe... it was funny to me for a second until she sounded freaked out so yea there's that for you

  • I’m gonna try 5000 😁 maybe I can tagg u in it

  • Can you do one where every room is a different anime plz

  • Sasha could've saved more money if she put a table behind the couch & not give it its own room lol

  • We need more sims 2

  • the tv is sooo close to the couch

  • New challenge: Sims 4 but every room is a different Holiday in honor of all of the holidays you cant celebrate in full force because of Miss Corona. Credit to Brooke Greninger on SEnewss for coming up with the idea.

  • For the next Sims 4 build can it be "the Sims 4 but rainbow theme"

  • Hai vix! Just wanted to say that your channel gives me SO MUCH inspiration thank you!!

  • can you do a random genetics inverted challenge? basicly you put it in inverted and you make 2 sims of one coller in inverted so it would be inverted and you make like a yellow male and a purple female and then they have a kid and you make them inverted and one coller too and then you take off the inverted fillter and see what coller they actrully are.

  • She wasn't happy that the shower was only £300 but made a whole dining room with only 2 chairs when she could of put them in the kitchen

  • ART!!!!!

  • So I have an idea,hear me out,my idea is "every object is a different color in each room" like in the bedroom the bed is green,the bedside table is pink.

  • everybody please spend this in the comments we have to make Sim crazy

  • Video idea!! Makeover your building Guinea pig 😂 since you build a bit at least add some 🌟spice🌟 to Phoenix

  • could somebody please help me? My sims isn´t working...and I don´t know what to do. I repeared it like 1000 of times and I also googled it and deleted the cc which I down loaded last. Google also said to rename the sims folder or other things like this but nothing works for me. please if anyone can help, please help

  • Hey Sasha! I had a video idea. Building a house using only pre-made rooms in the build catalog. Idk if that makes any sense at all and i’m not expecting you to see this comment. I’m not even expecting you to do it but I just thought would be a cool idea. ❤️😊

  • Can you try to build you own House in sims 4?

  • The Sims 4 but every room is a different animal just an idea. ..Have a good day ;)

  • at least the cheap things are kinda cute?

  • How do you make them bigger?

  • Build idea!!!! The Sims 4 but every room is a different colour palette. The pallets would be: Cotton candy Rainbow Galaxy Pastel Saturated Grays Fiery Browns Swampy

  • I have no night stands not even 1 but I live in england

  • YOU POPPED OFF!!!! Love is little house :3

  • You should do a build with only base game stuff! Also I love your vids

  • VIXELLA! you need to make another let’s play!! i’ve been binge watching them and i need more.

  • Is this build on the gallery?

  • And I love the house

  • Nightstands are luxury my “nightstands” how to table stacked on top of each other

  • Girl, build a studio. My husband and I literally just have our bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. But we still have a small dining set and a tv..most things big houses have, just in a smaller space!

  • She sounds like an architect :)

  • Vixella: That’s not a lot of money. Me: Laughs in Rags to Riches


  • 7:49 what is the cheat called?

  • The dining room with just two chairs was a bit... Ridiculous. Idk I just think that if you put the table behind the couches everything would've looked way better and you'd have more money for furniture and decorations

  • I think i got a fake snowyescape

  • An Idea: My idea is that Sasha had builded so many houses and made so many charactars, So my Idea is that she can pick one of the family's and one of the house's and than Make an cool series about that :3 Hope you liked this idea! Bye!!😘✨

  • I just got sims 4 today!

  • U should try building with only using pre made rooms

  • No one: Sims when you’re not using cheats:

  • That looks like a great starter home!

  • That “so cheap” made your Texas show

  • Vixella, I have a video idea for you. The Sims 4 but every room is a different animal. Cheetah (My favorite!) Cat Dog Llama fish horse unicorn wolf fox tiger Could be some you could use. If you want to.

  • You should do a challenge renovating houses in the area

  • Why not put the trash can behind the couch? empty space there!

  • small house very small house, maybe even tiny house to make it under 10k

  • You’re honestly my favorite youtuber at the moment

  • I love your videos. I laugh my ass off every time I watch them. :)

  • Woah so much better than the first 10k challenge no shade

  • Could you play the not so berry challenge?

  • Builds dining room Sim eats on couch, bed, and any other object that isn't the dining room table.

  • You should have put the kitchen in the little room and dining room in with the living room. Also when I can't for a dresser in the bedroom I use one as the tv stand.

  • Sasha at the beginning: Have confidence! Sasha at the end: No confidence!


  • BUILD IDEA: You should look through and choose one of the non-usable debug houses and try to replicate it and decorate it etc.

  • Using debug is it cheating it’s just using what u got and that I learned in school (••)

  • Sacha : 10k simoleons is nothing Kayla : a makes a house whit 2800 simoleons

  • When I was small, I only liked symmetrical things, if something was even slightly asymmetrical, and so 8 was my favorite number, and although I like asymmetry now, 8 is still my favorite and lucky number.

  • you’re so cute

  • Can you do a challenge where you create a sim blindfolded

  • Hi!!!!! I’m a new subscriber

  • you should join the series that the minecraft youtubers are doing! :D

  • u should try playing bloxburg in roblox bc its like sims 4.

  • You should try to build a house where you need to use 100k. Every last bit. 😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤

  • girl u literally keep cheating on these challenges by using debug furniture.. whats the challenge lol

  • 10K LIKES FOR A 10K HOUSE Also Sim-etry Symmetry This is why she loves Sim-etry

  • wait this Video Got 11k Likes (it was 10k Likes But Now it is 11k Likes Cuz I Liked).

  • Lilsimsie with her 2K houses with no walls...