20 Ways To Use Platforms in Sims 4

Publicerades den 1 dec 2020
This is the best update they've ever done...period.
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  • Sasha: platforms are the best in the sims 4! also Sasha: does every room is a different platform level *her raging* me: hmm are you sure about that ? 😂😂

  • the only thing better is the heavenly mirror and flooring from jungle adventure

  • sasha: platforms are the best thing to happen in the sims not opinion fact me: seasons, city living, get famous ,toddlers, catsand dogs, simers saying things dont match when they DO ahem

  • I’m the youngest in my family and my playroom has become a homework out and PlayStation room. I have two boxes shoved behind the door that’s all that I have in that room anymore 😪

  • "Where's my coffee" Vixella 2020

  • The best thing ever is the fact we have the game at all.

  • Can anybody count how many times vixella said cute in this video if you can your amazing

  • I have one of those extra steps in my bathroom. (real life) and my grandma triped and hit her face on the door because of it.

  • Did anyone else realize that the whole video is 11:11 😂

  • What’s up

  • wasssup!!!

  • Sasha just wondering. You wear that snake necklace a lot, is it somewhat special? Feel free not to answer if it is super personal and you don’t want to tell us. Love u and your vids 💕 😘!!

  • So can anybody else do this 𝕲𝖎 🅗🅘 ♄ί☯ 𝑶𝒐𝒇 𝒉𝒊 𝗛𝗶 H̲i̲ ᖺᓰ!

  • Sasha:ooh this is so c Everyone:wait for it wait for it... Sasha:Cute! Everyone:There it is! There it is!

  • My favorites and ones I’m gonna do 1:19 kids only bed 3:36 bunk beds 4:48 raised fireplace 5:25 whatever that is 5:49 the lowered shower 6:03 yes. I’m building that 6:37 raised seating area 6:57 gym 7:30 the sunken kitchen 7:41 Christmas tree platform 8:10 apartment thing 8:53 child playhouse in room 9:53 step to living room

  • o m g

  • Hey

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  • I swear sasha always seems to make me smile.

  • this is totally random but I think the sims should add wheel chairs , like it would make it a little more realistic.

  • irl, I have a small platform near my entry way to my kitchen and living room and I have TOTALLY just went * splat* face planted onto the floor

  • ive been watching for a year and just realised i want subbed

  • Hi!

  • Me who didn’t know this was an update until now: 👁👄👁

  • I swear Vixela sounds exactly like my music teacher like what

  • To add wallpaper theres an update with different hights with half walls and then you have a trim and wallpaper 😊

  • For a second I thought that the theatre was the danganronpa class trial room 🤣🤣🤣🌚🌚🌝🌚😭🌝😭😭😭

  • Who else wants to play sims after watching this video

  • Whatsup

  • 0:01 ngl my first thought was Phantom of the Opera.

  • Whos watching in 2021?

  • It's currently 2:26am on new year's Eve. I am at my dad's house with my cousins. THIS CASTED TO THE TV AND WOKE MY COUSIN UP 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Vixella deserves at least 10milliom subscribes at the least of course

  • Platforms arnt the best thing in the sims 4........ ~Its the content makers~

  • I had a raised bed

  • I have a herth

  • For ladders it has to be a certain height

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  • When we got to the part of the video when there was a house inside the house, it just brought back an old memory. When I was younger it was my birthday and my dad and granddad build a little miniature house in are garden for me to play in, and it’s still there!

  • So confused on all the trim stuff. That's why they added so many different half walls, so you could use the wallpapers instead of the provided trims. Did some peeps miss that?

  • i agree its the best thing


  • am i the only one who love the sims but cannot build if my life depended on it

  • Wasssssuppppppp!!!!!

  • OMG I had the same bed growing up but the bottom was red! We got rid of it tho cuz I was climbing on it and hurt myself and refused to get near it lol

  • Me:goes on sims to try all of these. Sasha:[points at head] it’s just air in here... Me to Sasha...me to😅

  • Girllll I love ur NASA shirt

  • You can use wallpaper on platforms you just have to add the corresponding half wall to it 1st

  • Omg the time is 11:11 😱

  • whats up 👆👆👆👆

  • ughh im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad of building LOFTS

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  • How many times she said cute 💌 THE RESULTS ARE IN


  • Hey Sasha, can you please have a new sims for series....... Like if you agree

  • Can you try doing platfroms that would be amazing

  • I couldn’t get ladders to work either!

  • Is the ladders part of the normal sims pack?

  • I just wanna make a sociaal media acc on insta for my sims

  • I *TRIED* To Use Platforms As Bunk Beds..............................................................*I* *FAILED* *MISERABLY* 0-0

  • Hey , the functioning bunkbeds is me :) * waves *

  • So inspiring thanks for sharing these ❤

  • The sims 4: comments The sims 2 :like

  • what sup

  • My brother had that same bed!!! We’d climb all over it and jump in from the top! 😅

  • Every room is the exact same price challenge please

  • I just want to thank you for making me feel so good with your kindness and joy keep up the happiness!!! 🥳

  • Why did I just get an ad about a device for your toilet that SPRAYS water at your butt to clean it instead of wiping..send help to whoever made it please-

  • Ok but I don’t know how to build at all

  • "As a 26 year old adult, I would like a playroom. "WHERE IS MY COFFEE!?" -Vixella 2020

  • Want to know what I’d do with platforms? Make a little alcove in a kid’s room that I can put their bed on. Preferably by a window.

  • I’m in there

  • "me watching this 2 days later when the better dark skintones came out THIS UPDATE IS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE SIMS"

  • Whatss up!

  • So at 4:58 you can see a little set of tools by the fireplace. I swear I have used them before but cannot for the life of me find them in my game anymore!!

  • The video is 11 minutes long 11 seconds long

  • what's sup!!!

  • Hey I'm super late and you may not see this but if you do, know; hanging out with you watching this brought me much happiness. Great content and you are awesome! 💕👏

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  • Vixella is so pretty 🤭

  • Sasha talking about her slugbug bed Me knowing I slept on a mattress in my moms room for a part of life

  • My house in real life has platforms. I can definitely feel you there. I have face planted several times by actually falling up the platform. It's not fun. lol

  • 11:11 make a wish

  • Mantel:layer of the earth

  • I used platforms a lot when I tried to build my OC's castle another day.... The throne room really needed them

  • I had the slug bug bed too!!!

  • Vixella explaining things: well like the little thing under yeah

  • our front step are the "platform" stairs

  • The best thing that happen in the sims was that you joined

  • To put the ladders on the platform you need to lower the floors 7-8 times place the ladder then raise the floor back up

  • I have a fireplace like that

  • OMG how do they do that

  • Hey Babe im also poor to build, dont worry🤣

  • Did you ever do a video playing knock-offs of the sims? You know know that I think about it there probably isn’t many is there?😐

  • i have a loft bed (bunk bed w/o the bottom bunk) and its pretty swaggy

  • thx this helped me :> btw luv ur vids 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Can you try to make a real life house in Sims four please

  • Stepho does a video on Sunday wOw *burp*

  • These people r the architect that never pursued they dream in real life