Can I Turn This Weird Box Into a House in Sims 4?

Publicerades den 10 dec 2020
It's shell challenge time! Hope yours looks better than mine! :)
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  • what are vixellas graphics?

  • I had the worst day. So, I dont know how it happened. But my sink broke. Then I hired a plumber and he couldn't even fix it. The he died. And now my sink is still broken.

  • When you realize this video was posted on your bday and you love Vixella's vids lol

  • when are you touring this shell?

  • youtube at it again, for some reason none of your videos appeared when i search for "sims 4", but it's there in my subscription...

  • But, that box looks like my normal house. I am unable to figure out roofs and I just kinda. My houses look like this

  • “I struggle making a good floor plan” Me: well you sure as heck did a good job 👏🏻

  • I was using a glue stick and i lost the cap five minutes later i remembered i used my teeth to take of the top if you still dont get it it was in my mouth U👄U 😓 im stupid

  • Her: it's a pre teens room!! Me:......👁👄👁...... so u want me to put a toy box, a giant dinosaur plushy, a chair that is smaller that my hamster, and a bed that wont even fit me in it???? ok vixella.... I can be a pre teen now cuz before I wasn't

  • Yours look amazing, you should see mine there no where near goodike yours !!!

  • Is it just me that got convinced into buying the sims 4 and a gaming pc xd

  • that kids room is NOT a thirteen year old's room.

  • Ye that’s what I was looking for (I was looking for the your twitch stream account)

  • Not me clicking on this vid, realizing in 2 mins that I already watched it, and um still watching it.

  • 🎅🏻

  • 🎅🏻

  • U know what I just realized ... I don't think vixella has EVEr Had a walk in closet in her Sims 😲

    • Hi can I tell you something?

  • I have an idea, build a house with your eyes closed and only use cc

    • Hi can I tell you something please nobody else will take me seriously

  • You should have put a christmas tree in the empty space in the kitchen instead of like a breakfast table!!!

    • I’ll also try to never make you cry, say goodbye, not even tell a lie and hurt you

    • Also just a daily reminder that I’m never gonna give you up, let you down, run around or even desert you

    • That’s what I was thinking, but then I saw someone comment that the Christmas tree was to wide to fit, and you wouldn’t be able to see it or something like that

  • :3

  • If only I could get the season pack (to do a Christmas house) I think I’m going to get it but i don’t know🥺🤣

  • I just realized it’s her Most powerful time of the year...December/Christmas time

  • When is she making the video of all the builds?

  • I think I know why it’s weird check out lilsimsie shell 😂

    • I love lilsimsie and vixella and plumbella and James turner and deligracy and simlicy so I decided to reply to your comment to express how amazing they are.

  • uhhhh where is your shirt from?

  • I suck at floor plans so I’m struggling a bit... when are these gonna be judged? Like when is the last day I could submit a build? Is that already over?

  • Can someone plz tell me why the sims 4 gallery is not working to day idk how to fix it

  • I'm a new sims 4 player and I was wondering how you got infinity money. Thank you!! I love your channel

    • You go to build mode if you want to get a lot of money press Control-Shift-C then type “testingcheats on” and then type “money 1000000”

  • I uploaded mine! If you guys want to check it out, my ID name is mr_badkid :)

  • so fun story, once i bought a frap from starbucks but i dropped the open straw in the parking lot and i was like "no biggie, i can get one when i get home." And then the front door wouldnt open so I had to go around the back door and squeeze into the kitchen BUT. THEN I DROPPED MY DRINK ON THE FLOOR. IT WAS EVERYWHERE. i literally cried and was so upset xD

  • Anyone know when the deadline is ?

  • Yes Jonas brothers queen 👸🏽

  • wait when does it enddddd I don’t know

  • What's the table with the drawings? 👀 10 seconds later she tells us what it is I fEeL sTuPId

  • Me: has 20 assignments due Also me: has no time to play Also me: cants do interior design Also me: only has two packs Also me: does it happy with it looks at other people’s and _nope_ not doing that 😂🤣

  • hey. whoevers reading this, how's life? i didn't know what to wriite. you doing well?

  • i love the sound of her voice it reminds me of one of my friends in vancouver her name is Fallynn XD

  • currently wacthing this before online school

  • me before watching the video: yes. she can do anything.

  • 666th comment :)

  • I'm thinking about entering the challenge! How long do we have to join?

  • When is the deadline?

  • Does anyone know the deadline?

  • Is there a deadline for this challenge?

  • Can I remove a wall if I install it again?

  • Like this. This is how many hugs every on gets❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖

  • Your video will block up

  • who else came to her painting stream with zeus haha

  • it's the way she keeps aave wrong

  • theres no ladder in the pool

  • I have a 4 story doll house 😊

  • Hello

  • I can see a sailor Moon pillow in the background

  • Lol my finger slipped and liked the vid but I was like whatever the house is nice anyways

  • I really hope they stream the painting again

  • i have done something like the paint by number thing but i have one that uses diamonds in stead

  • Hey! I just noticed, this is the EXACT lot Vixella used for for her rags to riches series!

  • hiii sasha! i love you and i miss the rags to riches series you made in 2018! weird request but pleaseeeeee bring a return to it!! like if you agree and so sasha sees this!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖

  • Can you do a video where you’re only allowed to place stuff once including floor plan

  • Can you make different type of occasions into rooms like Christmas

  • When Sasha didint had a bath for 4 days and she is smelly VİXSMELLA

  • Can you please do: - every room is a different tv show - every room is a different animal -every room is a different holiday -every room is a different celebrity -every room is a different city -every room is a different landmark

  • Idk if you’ve done this- but you should recreate your house in the sims :3

  • in that little spot where the little table is downstairs you could've put the Christmas tree on like a raised spot like we saw in the last video or something like that

    • EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS It lowkey triggered me she didn't do it lmao

  • How much time do we have?

  • this is simpler than most of my houses lol but im still excited to try

  • Not your challenge

  • I have a challenge for Sasha, make a good looking sim with only base game things

  • I literally build a Christmas cabin for lilsimsies shellchallenge 😫 it took me so long to do with all the terrain tools 😅 let’s what I’ll do with this one 🤔 ( I’m charlyzeu on the gallery if anyone wants to see it 😅 )

  • I did it and I really like mine and think you would like it too, but my game does this thing where it says my builds contain cc even when they dont :(((

  • I did this, the upstairs is meh but I did my best, my EA username is the same as it is on here Edit: I was able to fit in a Christmas tree🙃😉

  • Someone remind me?

  • Weird shape... that's my build method in sims 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ I gotta get better at building.

  • ✍️Sasha✍️is✍️a✍️godess✍️tell✍️me✍️otherwise✍️i✍️dare✍️you✍️

  • Hope I get pinned

  • Vixella Vixella Vixella

  • I’m tired lol stayed up until 4:00 in the morning watching SEnewss lol

  • Sasha is so dramatic already, I wonder what would happen if she was introduced to Among Us? I would be scared...

  • 71 people are just idiots don’t worry Sasha

  • Can you do another breed out the weird video

  • Sasha: I can't fit a Christmas tree anywhere in this room Also Sasha: I,added an extra table bc there is so much extra space

  • Clare Siobhan just made a really cool snowglobe challenge. It's a build challenge and all Christmasy: right up your alley!

  • I made one that was amazing then the game crashed and I had to start over. like if you want a auto save feature in the sims 4

  • Just uploaded mine :) Really happy how it turned out!! Can't wait to see others too! 🥰🥰🥰🥳


  • she has too many dislikes... 72?!? THATS TO MANY FOR OUR QUEEN

  • I've never done one of your she'll challenges, but I've been trying to get better at building so I think I'm going to try this out. No idea when it has to be in by though. XD

  • My favourite time is here!

  • I just upploded my try to the gallery and im proud of it. I saw this video before i went to school this morning and the whole day i just waited to finish and go home to play sims. ❤️

  • When is it due?

  • YES just finished one shell challenge, cant wait to do this!

  • can you please make a base game house that i can download on my sims 4

  • 133

  • I missed your vid because I was playing sims three late night


  • the table next to sasha irl is my favourite thing ever

  • The nostalgia of the no face cam speed build-

  • My suggestion regarding floorplans is that you should try to make the living room bigger and the kitchen smaller. You always tend to make really big kitchens when in reality there is no need for that. People spend more time in the living room, so try to give them more space to hang out c:

  • Day one of asking you for a build challenge! Build a house using no base game, meaning of you want a plant it has to be from stuff pack, expansion, or game pack!❤️❤️