Taking Sims 4 Quizzes but it knows too much

Publicerades den 17 dec 2020
Buzzfeed really does have all the answers.
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  • I love it when im right

  • Sul sul

  • Vixela i am from the future and it is 3-4-2021 you are still a youtuber

  • My boyfriend is a Pisces too. I'm a leo though. And on my quiz I got a Taurus which was what my ex boyfriend was 🤦‍♀️😂

  • I got Virgo and my crush is a Virgo

  • 9:34 I'm sorry I can't stop laughing at when Sasha said JUST EXEPT IT UR MEH SOUL MATE!?!!!??!?

  • XD it is too right

  • I'm jealous of your sweater ♥

  • F*ck my bf i rater go with my pet meh

  • Vixella: I'm not very evil Also Vixella: *watches sims die and laughs*

  • I also want to retire at 30 😩

  • I'm your soulmate too:)

  • your not good.. your not evil

  • I'm thinking of retiring around 30- Me: what nooooooo! But only if I become a millionaire Me: oh thank you we still have a chance!!!

  • JUST ACCEPT IT YOUR MY SOULMATE is now the best phrase in the world

  • "See i told u buzzfeed has never been wrong" Me whos apparently 5, 17 and 21 all at once: 🤨🤨

  • Sasha: “Buzz feed is never wrong.” Buzz feed: “Your Eliza Pancakes!” Sasha: “oh, god. I take it back.”

  • Our birthday is 6 days apart

  • I’m a Pisces

  • vixella: buzzfeed never disapoints me *me: then explain why the next video is "taking buzzfeed quizes but i get ofended"*

  • Omg I can already see mt Taranaki out my window lollll

  • With the crush thing I made him I just used a different name to cover it up ISHCJSHDCJS

  • 7:51 the pictures Don't match the texts.. xd

  • I am a Pieces😉😏😏

  • i'm actually in shock there's not a bunch of pressed kids screaming at Sasha far saying shit-

  • I i i- ofcourse i FOGOT (Does vixella/Sasha live in australia Oh i fogot i fogot

  • Sasha: "BuzzFeed never disappoints". Me: Let me stop you right there.

  • I took the quiz on buzzfeed and it was called WhAt SiMs ChArAcTeR aRe YoU? and I got the grim reaper an i`m pround

  • I saw sunset valley and screamed 🙀

  • I got weird kid to- I'm scared

  • I support you no matter what.

  • Hi Sasha! My name is Gabby. My instagram is @fortheloveofgabby and I was wondering if we could be friends! I dont have any friends in real life. You are so kind and bubbly and I think you're awesome!

  • so Zeuz is her soulmate but before that she had said that she would rather have her dog in the future than Zeuz

  • I am taking this quiz

  • Does Vixella look so different everday





  • HI

  • Me: almost burns down my kitchen while watching this

  • I thought she said salmoncookies


  • awe thanks for liking me.

  • 6:55 OMG YOU TOOK MY QUIZ 😲😲😍

  • Me and my best friend were doing a buzzfeed quiz and it said you would marry your best friend and we just looked at each other and slid away.

  • @vixella i love your videos

  • Buzzfeed: have you done this? Vixella: yes Buzzfeed: this? Vixella: yes Buzzfeed: this? Vixella: yes Buzzfeed: you were a weird kid Me: Buzzfeed hasn’t even scratched the surface of the weird things people have done in the sims...

  • Hey Sasha! be glad you didnt add your crush to the sims! I added my crush when I was a kid, and my crush was my best friend. So as her being my best friend, she used my computer frequently to play the sims. I still dont know how she didnt find a household with us two, married with 5 kids.... :)

  • U r 26 years old am I right?

  • No one: Not even me😳 Her: JuSt ExEpet iT

  • Im pisces!!!!

  • I reallyyyyy want to be a photographer 🥺🥺🥺

  • Me to every anime character I kin or simp over: 9:27

  • i love it how zues got eoanal ;( about the soalmate thing for trying to stand his point but little did he know he was supporting vixellas point

  • I love your freaking sweater!! Super cute girl hope to meet you one day you look like you my next bestie ☺🤞 keep strong Sasha 💗

  • B

  • 1:35 wha.....? a dog is a person?

  • She sweared she never swears

  • Me in Sydney '*short gasp* :D'

  • i tuk the same quiz and i got understanding to!!!!!!!!!!

  • I also love how much Zeus is like trying to avoid the soulmate route with vixella

  • The snob trait is a sim that like to keep thing clean and tidy unlike the slob trait who is ok with dirty thing like counters and floors etc. childish I don’t know much about I just there not same as the snob

  • merry Christmas!

  • Whose yourSoul mate

  • I am picies

  • The most important person for Vixella: The dog-

  • Me: Embarrassed I got 17 Nobody: Vixella: I got 30 LOL

  • Watching this vid and gets to the Pisces part Me: HOLY FUCK WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. PISCES GANG PLEASE STAND UP!

  • HELLO!!!!

  • She said she didn’t want kids and then she said she would work in a daycare all day everyday lol

  • i feel like every 3 months on the 17th she is gonna take a buzzfeed quiz lol

  • So one time I took a quiz and it was "We can guess your dogs name" and it actually guessed my dogs name-

  • *When Sasha tries to explain something every five seconds to Zuez* Zuez everyday: SASHA STOP!

  • Sasha: I know people who are doing the 100 baby challenge and its taking them YEARS Everybody in the comments: Lilsimie tho Me: Remember when Steph0Sims did the 100 baby challenge in under 24 hours sucessfully-?

  • i really want her to do the hp house quizzes

  • Pieces gang

  • Thanks for liking me 🤌🏻🐸🍄🎨✨

  • why doesnt he wanna be your soulmate?

  • 7:58 My Sun: Virgo Moon: Taurus Rising: Scorpio Venus: Leo Mars: Gemini Mercury: Virgo Star: Virgo Vertex: Gemini Jupiter: Sagittarius Saturn: Leo Uranus: Pisces Neptune: Aquarius Pluto: Sagittarius If I see the word horoscope, zodiac, ex. I get excited to share mine I wanna be an astrologist when I grow up so I study zodiacs

  • I'm amazed how accurate these quizzes were for you! I took loads of BuzzFeed quizzes (Sims and personality ect.) and I got all the opposite answers from my personality and things 😔

  • On the second quiz at the end the really had to put something from riverdale lol 😂

  • On the second quiz at the end the really had to put something from riverdale lol 😂


  • The fact that Zeus refused that you're soulmates is amazingly weird and so romantic

  • " just accept it you're my soulmate " * slight door slam *

  • I got 95% on the weird one

  • You like Sydney?!? You mean the only place with Covid cases in all of Australia?!?

  • Why dont you link the websites

  • Vixella checking off things: yes, yes, yes Me: yeah, I was watching

  • Buzzfeed quizzes? Nah Buzzfeed Unsolved? Yeah

  • Guys we need to make Sasha a millionaire

  • YAY buzz feed is back!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4:30 ohhh sameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • love it zoo mach!!

  • i got distracted with the video and named 2/3 sims babies the same name

  • you should do something in the sims like " Every room is a different holiday" Here are some Holidays Christmas day New years eve Halloween Fourth of july Martin Luther King, Jr. Day George Washington's Birthday Thanksgiving Memorial Day Independence Day New Year's Day Labor Day Columbus Day Christmas Eve Veterans Day Your birthday Etc.

  • My mom looked at my screen and said “she has really pretty pink hair”

  • Vixella:I only got to sixty Me:my sims can even take care of one kid