The Best Thing I've Seen in Sims 4 So Far

Publicerades den 26 nov 2020
These mods keep delivering and I keep downloading.
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  • No one: Not even air: Sasha:ROCKS!!! I just realised this comment is like someone elses im sorry i didnt mean to comment the same pls dont hate

  • I'm in love with your hair its beautiful

  • When I saw the thumbnail I was like Who is she- No hate I love ur hair 💝

  • Vixella:sees pretty end tables :O Also vixella: dies of happiness The fans: noooooooooooo and yayyyyyyyyyy but also noooooooooooo

  • Nani?

  • I just realised. This is the first video I’ve heard Sasha actually swear

  • “me, it’s me bitch💅🏼”

  • i had\i hade

  • since when does sasha cus?

  • hey could you start doing a sim mobile series pls pls

  • Thank u for bringing this pack to my attention I love it

  • littledica saving the game once again🙏🏾

  • Not the covid masks for sims... yea, I play sims to ESCAPE the real world, I don’t want the nightmare that is 2020 anywhere near my game, thanks

  • watch sims 4 steal it-

  • Why are the sims4 paintings so small

  • Just by the plants and the you like thinking your an interior designer is giving off some vibes-

  • I did not know she said badwords -_-

  • “that looks so good!! and i’m not talking bout the bodies hunny

  • it would be funny if sasha had merch saying "BUT IT THERE A MATCHING SOFA?!"

  • I love how as the coffee kicks in Vixella gets more and more animated and excited from the amazing cc pack! adorable!

  • Hey girl here is a idea put all the spinning wheel put all the rooms in a house and back yard and outside just go up if you what a backyard

  • "Thats gotta be like the iphone 15" *me with the note20 ultra knowing damn well thats my phone on the table* yeah probably

  • Hanged closet: exists Sasha: I've seen enough, I'm satisfied

  • I was like “why does shasha look different in the thumbnail?”then I realised she wasn’t wearing her headphone😂😂😂😂

  • This is 13 minutes of Sasha realizing she doesn't have enough CC in her game

  • I think the little things are so good because I mean nobody's house is completely clean and you always have small things placed somewhere

  • When she said that she wasn't talking about the body, I was like HUNNY I WAS, he was a little thicc


  • Omg with that window I would think it’s a door and just run into it lol and I thought you were talking about gay love in the thumbnail

  • That’s how many times Sasha said classic 👇🏻

  • This pack is gonna make it possible for me to make my house in the sims 4!!!! I need all the small clutter items and especially the piles of books so that I am able make my room as messy as possible as it is in real life :))))

  • 11:00 I actually did see it coming. I’ve been watching let’s just say a *lot* of your videos and I knew you were either gonna put a lamp of a plant in that tiny space. My thought process was basically: “Hm that’s a good tiny spot for a plant I wonder what she’s gonna out there if anything at all or else I’ll be annoyed.” “Probably that lamp” “Plant or lamp “ “Yes she’s gonna turn it around” *shocked pikachu face* You think we don’t know that you’re gonna put something in every spot

  • Omg the bustin out build music 😹😹

  • I haven't played sims 4 for so long I was convinced that this was... an actual pack

  • 😧😧 so you can make CLOSETS?!

  • You need to make a build with all this please

  • Her wavy hair thoo~ aah I'm so in love with Vixella😍

  • Why don't American simmers say little dica ?

  • Me playing in a ps;n;

  • gall your heir it looking fire

  • im looking at her when she says she is a interior designer and i tell myself " honey U R a interior designer! ive know ever sense u started!

  • i need this

  • So I made small school we have computers and there was sims so i played it and made my teacher then later accidently clicked.. That he can have kid even tho hes boy.. And i ha detention Bc he saw it...

  • Sasha your hair in the thumbnail fits you perfectly! (also a perfect combo with those earrings:) )

  • Who is watching in 2020

  • She said a swear word omg she is a kids youtuber

  • Ok wait and take a second to realize how pretty that house was! But Sasha made it better

  • when you use console...😭

  • me:thinks she doesnt cus sasha: says bitch me:😳

  • Your so pretty vixella 🙂 your such a good youtuber too have a good day everyone

  • Ooh your hair looking fancy girl

  • I’m serious you need to make your irl studio in sims 4 NOW like love at these sister

  • I’m surprised 😲 cause this is the first time I saw her say the b word🤣🤣😂

  • “So I can get three more succulents That die” -Vixella 2020

  • I feel like you hair changes every vidio and i love it 😂🤣

  • Am I the only one here praying for a let’s play with Sasha. Bc I need to see a let’s play with all the mods and cc she has now. Just me? Okay

  • So I still see it as having to pay, Im not sure where to find it

  • Here's an idea- every room is filled with different cc from certain creators.

  • Would you ever go back to making let’s plays? Your sims 4 cats and dogs series is the reason I started playing sims today❤️ I saw it around 2-3 years ago I believe😂✨

  • Ok these parts made me die of laughter when she said: do you know who has a thing me me bitch me. And : oh I had cactus and they died this is going to make me get more succulents that can die

  • This is amazing omg 🤩🤯

  • Hey fixela guess what my name is Sasha and your name is Sasha right

  • Can I be a golden Pothos if it's your child?😌🥺

  • Dont know why I'm torturing myself watching this. I play on console and console-players can't download CC. 😥

  • WOW that phone has 15 cams. There’s only 3 XD

  • Me a pc

  • i'M hAvinG LiKe a cRiSis

  • Are the phones funcienal

  • I dont get how to downlaod the mod.... can someone help? Im new to sims and it stood free today but i dont get how i download it. Edit: i know how to download it now, but idk how to get it in to the game

  • vixella you should made a house wher ever room is a diffent creatures like a room for a alien and 4 room for the difent whiches and a room for vampires and a room for mermaids and for this you should used difent pack for the most of it like the science stuff from get to work and strager things. for all use a difent pack and for the witches i recommend doing a room for position a rom for practical, mistshif and untamed. after you make the house you should make a charter for each room.

  • When it’s December 1st and the first thing you do is look for it

    • I did too but I can only find it as a pay thing, I don't know where to find it

  • Sasha I name my dog Sasha I love her so much

  • I’ve got a suggestion building a house using cc and base game only

  • Adorable pack but is it base game compatible? 🐙

  • My birthday is tomorrow!!!!! Also, your hair is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I wish I could download cc on console

  • lemme know when ur doing lets plays again owo

  • Guys- I think we should stop her.. she's going crazy over closets

  • Aaaand another video adding to my disappointment of EA 😂

  • Can't wait to start playing TS4 again when I get my laptop because of cc like this

  • The Sims creators lives in the offices so they don't know what real houses looks like :D

  • video idea: the sims but you can only use your least favourite items

  • Sasha hair is gorgeous when it’s curly 🥺💖

  • She should get merch that says ‘love to see that’

  • Sasha: released December 1st Me, who is watching on November 30th but has sims on console: 👁️👄👁️

  • This pack makes me sad I have a console But I’m getting a pc soon so my soul will be saved

  • Hair Color?????????

  • “ oooooo holy swatch 😯 “ BYE I LOVE SASHA

  • “ i had three cacti.... they’re dead now 😐 “

  • “Holy splotch” - Vixella 2020

  • sasha is my favorite person 😌

  • Sasha: *gasp* * move objects keyboard clicking intensifies * edit: "holy swatch" -Sasha

  • Is this the house simsie created?

  • I literally hate that console miss out on so much

  • the cc was beautiful but not as beautiful as your hair?? wth??

  • If you haven't before, for your next sims challenge you should try to recreate your house :) I know this is off topic to the video but I just wanted to put it out there-

  • Girl that has neved seen so many things *SCREEKES*

  • Unrelated but as a mean interatshon sims should be albe to call one and other a bottom or top sorry for bad spelling

  • I think for your next vid u should go cc shopping for lots of stuf

  • I thought this video was gay, it wasn't, my brain is just too gay to think different.