Testing Sims 4 Tik Tok Life Hacks To See If They Really Work

Publicerades den 1 maj 2021
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    • @This is my special username She posted the comment before she posted the video

    • I'm wheezing laughing right now at the idea of sending a screenshot cuz I've been playing for a WHILE...I'm not at level thirty, I just hit level two hundred and thirty XD

    • Okay so maybe I'm dumb but I have the game and enjoy the matching but I can't figure out how to send the emojis

    • 1. I'm British 2. I'm 13 3. I don't have Twitter I cannot enter, even though I clicked the link and downloaded the app

    • If you whant twins look at the food ting on the tv

  • Is there a trick to make the twins one boy and one girl cause that’s what I want

  • How did you lower the energy need so easily? Need that in my games.

  • If you just click turn on it’ll stay on for days and she’ll can multitask. You can also send ur sims to work with them’and school on so they don’t get stressed

  • I thought u were going to show us how to make babies cutier in the sims!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TikTok is an evil app only full of lies and Facebook level clickbait 😭

  • Mabey you only have to do the routen 1 time

  • I hate me bc I don't have a phone or a computer I just have a TV so I can't win :(

  • Hi! I have a question, what kind of mod do you use so you can click on the needs that they can decay or fill like in the sims 3?

  • 6:58 dust bunny!

  • you could add the room you made to the gallery-

  • Hi I'm new here

  • everytime i change one of the lot traits to fertile, i end up having twins. so if you’re looking to have twins, then i’d try that

  • 8:05 is learn how to make a canopy bed:)

  • I think you didn't have a second baby cradle and idk if that's why it didn't work but I plan on testing that out myself to see

  • i did the frist life hauck and got twins

  • Can someone tell me how u can get the curtains to clip to the spandrels? I tried using bb.move objects on and used the tall curtains but they’re not tall enough!

  • :-: I wanna enter giveaway but I don’t have Twitter and I really can’t be bothered to get it lmao

  • Hey Vixella! I noticed that you experience some lag in your gameplay and I’m actually experiencing the same thing. It runs silky smooth for like 5 minutes and then it lags a lot for 1 min. It’s really annoying and it ruins my gameplay! Has anyone else experienced lag in sims 4 recently? Is it in connection to the new update? I don’t have any cc but I do have quite a lot of packs.

  • I’m gonna use that platform bed trick! That looks cute AF! 😁

  • u need another crib

  • I got an ad during this for a pregnancy test. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • In the sims 3 I used to have to start the baby things as soon as “try for baby” to get multiples

  • Why did it turn into a bear


  • I think since Vixela forgot to do kids network at first she had one baby sort girl

  • 11:15 idk it made me so laugh 😭poor ghost

  • rip it dint work to bad

  • 9:59 What is this self woohoo option? Am I skipt something?

  • Me: *just uninstalled Disney Emoji Blitz because I got sick of the pay to win* OOH, Vixella made a video! Sasha: This video is sponsored by Disney Emoji Blitz Me: FUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • "increases chance of" does not mean "guarantees"

  • No one: Simstubers: DIsnEY EmOJi BLitZ

  • the best way (imo) without mods to get twins is to use the "on ley line" lot trait for your sims house! :D otherwise mccc works good. i remember when there were cheats all over the internet for sims 2 and 3 on how to get a boy or a girl baby by eating apples or grapes lol

  • I’ve already have the game what do I do?

  • i'm sorry but self-woohoo??? LMAOOOOO

  • Why you looking so beautiful right now.? And that sweater is *chefs kiss* love it.

  • bruh you are so pretty😭❤️

  • People who get the pack good job. I want it so bad and I have emoji blitz but I want sims and I am only 10 so no Twitter but good job

  • When you just bought the sims 4 cats and dogs: 👁👄👁

  • Nobody is gonna talk about Johnny Zest’s self woohoo? Just me ok-

  • I like your sims life hacks

  • U didn’t have twins bc u didn’t have two cribs

  • she forgot kids network lol

  • JONNY ZEST!! I may have married him with my sim and had 2 boys with him 😅😅😅


  • I've been had like that sim got HUGE and still only had the one baby it was so weird 😐

  • If your sim eats a lot of strawberries the baby is more likely to be a girl. The reason your more likely to get twins when watching kids tv etc. is bc your sim acts more like a child, so if you do kids activities you’re more likely to get more than one kid, but obv it’s not 100%

  • The pregnancy one could have not worked because you had only one baby bed, maybe if you tried hospital or having more beds prepared it would have worked

  • How about when your sims got pregnant you just keep wohoo until you got into the labor

  • Where in you find the house it really nice

  • How to get twins: get the fertility life thing

  • You forgot the most important part (change number of babies from 1 to 2 using MC Command Center 😂)

  • can anybody say how she got the earbuds

  • Hi

  • How did she get headphones

  • Sasha doing all the stuff tiktok says to see if the thing works to get twins ' me when my sim is pregnant places 2 baby baskets and i mostly get twins- ' Uuuh😅

  • I've tried the twin hack, didnt work for me either. I think they used mcc and didn't show it.

  • How do you get earbuds

  • 4:30 can someone pls tell me how that cheat works or what buttons you have to click to adjust the needs?

  • Random question - for some reason when I click on my fridge and click " open " it does nothing like I didn't even click it, is this something wrong with my game itself or a glitch? or is it a mod issue. If you know any mods that do this or it's just my game please tell me! I have been trying to find something online for this or asking my friends but nothing really comes up lol.

  • I listened to kids radio and watched the kids network NON STOP my whole pregnancy (in the sims ofc) and got triplet boys! From what I R.E.M. ever I think they were fraternal but 2 of them looked very identical but they were triplets! :D

  • The pregnancy one just straight up doesn't work. People saying that it ups your chances are just playing into confirmation bias. It also can't effect it if you have MC command center cause you can check what they're having and it will only change if you cheat it.

  • When I wanted triplets I just kept reading children’s books and watching kids network and it worked for me :)

  • Hi

  • The moment she said “Sora” I’m like, dang. I gotta download the game now. 😂

  • animal crackers and fishing does nothing, just kids television and music

  • where did you get that house!! amazing

  • Why is “Super Inspired” Imaginative? Why is “Very Uncomfortable” Miserable? Why is “Very Flirty” Passionate? Why is “Very Happy” Excited? WHAT?

  • Do more videos like this please!!

  • bonehilda stop being gay for 5 seconds

  • there’s a random guy in this house the guy: 🧍‍♂️

  • I have cats dogs pack

  • Make a hotel and use that for the master bedroom

  • Is it ok to sub to you

  • I love emoji blitz! Downloaded because you recommended it and I’ve loved it so far!

  • WHAT ARE THE ODDS THAT THE BABY'S NAME IS LARISSA??!?!! I'M LARISSA!!! *puts sunglasses on* My time has come B-) Lololol

  • For the one with twins make sure you do not leave the lot

  • I feel Honored that the Sims choose my Name for the baby

  • Sims 4 but every room is a different clique? Artsy kids Band Geeks Brainy kids Drama kids Gamers Goths Hipsters Jocks Loners Nerds Popular kids Skaters Social floaters Talented kids Trouble makers Weebs Mean girls

  • Just two lovely victims here

  • My sims is different if you tell me what you play on please!

  • It would be so cool if the baby’s personality was affected by how the parent behaved while pregnant

  • 🦦

  • So I downloaded the game using the link but didn't get the princesses 🥺🥺

  • What happend to the not so berry challenge i like it e lot 😜😜😜♥️♥️♥️😁

  • 😮😮😮😮😮

  • omg I died when she squished the little ghost!! 😂😂😂😂

  • What if you don’t have Twitter 😞

  • I don't have twitter, instagram, or more so no way I'm getting that pack 😭

  • I downloaded the game and convinced my mom to as well 🥳

  • Which pack should I get? Get Together or Discover University.

  • Are the earbuds cc or ingame? Because I´ve never seen them before :O

  • early!

  • if you want more than one baby you need more basenets

  • Not when Eliza called 😳 🤚

  • Is nobody gonna talk about self woohoo with Johnny zest?

  • *me asking my parents if I can have cats and dogs* *Looking at this video* How did I get this coincidence?! *me realizing I don't have Twitter cuz I'm too young* WHYYYYYyYYYyyyyYyyy


  • I was also confused at “go fishing “

  • loving your content, sasha! gotta try these hacks myself now