The Sims 4 but Every Room is 1 Tile Bigger

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I do love a good build challenge, thank you lilsimsie and James Turner for the idea!
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  • Sasha: the only other I can think to add... Me: add toilet paper? Sasha puts a rug down. Ok I think I am finished Me: what about toilet paper!!!!

  • I write letters all the time. Mostly to my Great Grandma who is almost 💯 years old

  • Hi! i have not made a house in a year can you give me tips? i only have a base game :(

  • How does move objects work😂

  • there's not much room in here left BUT ima add lots more

  • I would love to have a penpal like it seems so cool but looking at how literally every conversation I have ever had I would just one day get no reply. Then I would send another letter and they would either decide to acknowledge my existence again or be dead. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

  • New build challenge, get the gnomes that are in the sims, and you have to make each room based on a different gnome.

  • Sorry if it doesn’t count but every room is a different emoji here are some you can use:❤️ 😈 😺 🧚🏻‍♀️ 🧞‍♂️ 🧜🏻‍♀️ 🍀 🌹 🍕 🍒 🍉 🍭 💵 🧸 🎀 🏳️‍🌈Hope that helps!! Edit: also use them for the outside please!

  • I don't have a oenpal but my girlfriend lives all the way across the world does that count

  • i'm calling it: he's not named james turner, he's *JAMES TURNER FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE SIM SUPPLY*

  • I know EVERYONE has said this before I wish she would remember that there is a matching loveseat for Eco Lifestyle. It has to be crafted using the Fabricator machine but she can easily access it in Debug.

  • Every room is a different career would be fun 🙈

  • A have A pinpal

  • Try bloxburg on Roblox

  • what are vixellas graphics?

  • windows in the bathroom..

  • 1:58

  • "let me know down below if you have a pin-pal" me: looks to the guy beside me in my jail cell

  • video ideas: -the sims 4 but every room is a different animal -the sims 4 but every room is a different age -the sims 4 but every room is a different country -the sims 4 but every room is a different planet -the sims 4 but every room is a different singer -the sims 4 but every room is a different season

  • Oh my god she missed the tolet paper

  • late but sasha i have 9 pen pals!

  • i have a pin pal

  • Toilet paper: I guess everyone bought me out that she could not buy me

  • Omg! I randomly remembered FancySimmer was her old user name and binged watched all her videos😭she makes me happy

  • Every room is a different movie/book challenge uWu Like if you like the idea 👇

  • Please dont speake so fast

  • my brothers teacher has a penpal. i think it would cool to have one lmao

  • Has she uploaded this to the gallery? I WANT IT!!!


  • could somebody please help me? My sims isn´t working...and I don´t know what to do. I repeared it like 1000 of times and I also googled it and deleted the cc which I down loaded last. Google also said to rename the sims folder or other things like this but nothing works for me. please if anyone can help, please help

  • Doea anyone know what pack she used for the Rug in the office! I can't find it!

  • I just got a new pen pal!!

  • i still use the pen pal feature 😭

  • You should do every room is the exact same size and shape.

  • Sims 4 but ever room is a different blank idea............................. Sims 4 but every room, is a different sims 4 but every room is a different blank.............,You put every room is a different blank challenge you have ever done, and you spin the wheel and if it lands on... every Room is a different colour, every tile of the wall and floor is a different colour, if it lands on every room is a different size, you could make it so that very item/furniture item, is a different size, and if it lands on every room is a different personality, you could make each item in the room a different personality, and if it lands on every room is a different budget each Item is a different price............ pls .........., I think it could be fun.......... love ur vids......🤩😋👋👋👋👋

  • I used to have a pen pal who lived north from me but since covid we didn’t wanna be sending germs so I got her number and now we are BFFs!

  • You should do the no mistakes build challenge Like this so she can see!!!

  • I have a pen pal!

  • "We love Simmers recycling other Simmers content." Me: I mean that's basically what EA does with most of their programming.....

  • I think it would be cool for a every room is a different mythical creature

  • ⅛⅜⅝⅞

  • I was just tginking she didn't put the mirror whwen she said "can i fit a mirror"

  • The Thumbnail is a 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 though 🤔

  • Sasha What type of computer are u using

  • i wanna see someone make a mansion with this idea

  • You should do each room is a different pack mixed with each room is a different colour 😸

  • sasha: I wanted them so bad but they just didn't wanna be there me: *thinks of ex-boyfriend*

  • This is how many people frothed over the amount of swatches for that one Parenthood rug 👇

  • Sasha forgot toilet paper

  • I still write letters to my cousins and sister.

  • In my personal opinion I would have had a cozy living room in the front and a bigger kitchen and dinning where the living room is currently and would have done a little sunroom or laundry room/ mud room in the tiny back room with a door outside ☺️🥰

  • I have a pen pal and I sent postcards to people all over the world

  • Vixella: All I can think to do is... Me: Add toilet paper? Vixella: Add... Me: Toilet paper? Vixella: A little baby rug!😊 Me: 😑

  • You could have made the extra room into a green house and put a lot of plant in it on the walls. Then you could have used the big windows you like!

  • Lol the bottom floor looks like Texas or like Africa

  • I recently got a pinpal

  • Sasha, I'm not sure if this counts as a pen pal but in response to your question I do in fact have quite a few people from various places that I write letters to fairly frequently. Also used to write my Grandma every other week who lived in a different country so I guess in a way she was my pen pal for a time.

  • Ah yes, take the bathroom out of the bathroom.

  • Yes, I have a penpal

  • What is you tried to recreate your childhood home, if you remember the layout

  • The sims 4 but every room is a different time period

  • I need to try this too!

  • I’m “pen pals” with my dad since I can’t see or call him. We talk through letters and drawings. :)

  • You should do this, but mix it with the "every room is a different color" challenge (or the "every room is a different pack" challenge)

  • I came up with 2 build challenge idea! They are... *The Sims 4 but every room is a different video game* One room could be The Sims 4, and the other could be among us and so on... *The Sims 4 but every room is a different social media* One room could be Instagram, one could be Twitter, and so on...

  • I made a minecraft challenge called family of 5 you could probably do it in the sims 4.

  • 10:33 i did have a pen pal in 3rd grade but like two people shared that same pen pal and when we met up from a different school i got left out because she liked her other penpal better because i remember hearing the girl who shared my pen pal say "shouldnt we invite teagan to play with us" and my penpal was like "no" wow thanks

  • Why does the house look like Texas

  • Can you do this SEnewss video please!!! Sims 4 but every room is a different theme! Here is some examples of what you could use: Teddy bear Cats Dogs Plants Food Baby Teen Kid Gamers Garbage Work Fancy Normal Crazy Nerdy Game- Ex chess

  • Wha is move objects

  • Make the house blueprint as best as u can but you have to make the rooms exactly the way they are. But you can use different furniture

  • Did anyone else notice the lack of TOILET PAPER like it’s driving me insane

  • Sasha should try bloxburg in Roblox. It’s kinda like the sims. Build mode is really cool, and you can actually match the colors. Just a recommendation!

  • The shower would be useable if was the university shower or snowy escape one.

  • U forgot the toilet paper nooooo


  • *me just wondering how you have infinte simoliens*

  • how does she use the camera? and which one like i'm confused

  • İf I have ALL PACKS İn The sims 4 i am play every day every hour every SECOND but i have only seasons and vampires good for you Vixella 💖

  • And the house is done! “What about me?” 😅- Toilet paper and the garbage can

  • What is the game called and can u get it on a laptop

  • each room is a shop challenge: starbucks, target etc

  • Wait, this house is so cute

  • i have a pin pal UwU

  • You could do a video where you build a house but once you place something or build a wall you can't delete it

  • Yay

  • Did anyone else know that in the sims when you change the swatches of a lamp the room gets darker? I have been playing sims for 3 years and I never noticed that I saw it in the video at 11:53 was i the only one??

  • sasha forgetting toilet paper for the 7368720 th time

  • You are the queen of building I envy people who can build. 🙌💛🔥👏👏👏I can't even place the ready made rooms in the right way am so bad at it 😅🙈

  • Sas sha the tolet paper

  • My penpal is my roommate from college!! We like the sentiment of handwritten letters.

  • You should do the Sims 4 but every room is a different Fast food restaurant

  • i have about ten penpals all around the world! and if someone in comments is looking for a penpal u can find me in instagram @kokkotinkaa and send me dm! and yes i have a couple penpals who loves to play sims too😂🥰

  • Can you do difrent acivedys pls plsssssssssssss

  • You should do every room is a different app like tiktok youtube Snapchat and ect please do mine please

  • bulid a house but each room is a diffrent weather type eg a heat wave theamed bed room


  • I have a pen pal! She’s in Austria!

  • I used to have a pen pal she lives in Germany! And I learned German and we sent letters for a while and soon we became best friends! We FaceTimed and I have never met her in real life, I just FaceTime her everyday and she is my only friend. (Just kidding I have one friend at school and he is so kind)

  • Not Sasha putting in a dining table for 6 people for a house with one bedroom😂