Reacting to my 7 YEAR OLD Videos (cringe)

Publicerades den 19 nov 2020
Hey guys it's Fancysimmer, welcome to my channel.
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  • Dooooo Roblozx

  • firstly, how did you come up with the name vixella? secondly, you could do videos like you do now - random sims stuff - except on any game - so just random videos :)

  • 2013 was when I was born! And I’m seven!🤣😂

  • I have been watching you for a long time scene the Rosesvile sorry for my spelling but I love you came out of my comfort zone and your videos never gets old at all. 💕💕💕🌸🌸🌸🌺🌺🌺🍁🍁🌷🌷🌼🌼💐💐

  • 4 immortal sisters

  • Everyone: Do what you want Me: I wAnT yOu To PlAy RoBlOx BuT iT's NoT mEh ChAnEl.... so do whatever

  • OMg 8:29 THe GUyS WAs NaMED cONnoR LiKe HEr REceNT vIdeO IM dYINg 💀

  • Wow, the RIP FancySimmer just unlocked such a vivid memory of that video.....

  • OMG I’ve watched her since i was 9

  • Play wizard 101

  • Idea! What If You Did the 1 Color Challenge AND the 1 Pack Challenge... It Would Be Very Hard Tough...

  • Tbh i don't really care about the contents, but i just LOVE watching you enjoying and having funs with the game, your personality really makes every game you play just VERYYY FUNNN, its been a longg journey, we love youuu❤️❤️

  • Honestly I would love to watch you ruin Roblox 🤣


  • Yes u should do roblox

  • you relate to it because it is litterally you

  • I found your channel in 2016-2017💕💕👀

  • Do roblox plz

  • AmErIcA 🇺🇸 😂

  • I would love to see you play Roblox again I was watching it you in 2020 when I didn't even know you recorded Roblox videos I only thought you recorded some videos and then one day I was scrolling through your older videos and I saw it and I was so happy because I play Roblox a lot of the time I would love to see you play Roblox again and you're one of my favorite SEnewssrs I know your internet's out because you live in Texas I really hope you have a great great great days 💞I really really want you to go back to Roblox and I would be so happy if you went back to Roblox

  • Me squeeze

  • wased so meny of your old vids

  • i wased your Disney leasey

  • 1 was born in 2012

  • I would love to watch you play Stardew Valley or Undertale ^^ I would be just great

  • Do more Roblox It is so funy. And i an a big fan

  • You should check out terraria or staxel, terraria is like minecraft but 2D and with a lot more bosses and outfits and materials and things and staxel is similar to starves valley but it’s 3D and you build more

  • i would love to see you play roblox! also it’s totally fine if you don’t play sims for as long as you like. it’s your Channel and you can upload whatever video you would like to upload:)

  • do a horror game lol

  • Omg yes! You should definitely play roblox again lol. I think those videos are how I found your channel

  • Ik this is an older video but yo my dad died almost 4 years ago when I was nineteen at the time. Idk why that made me wanna leave my first comment to you as opposed to smth funny, but it sucked, it still does lmao.


  • i think sasha playing roblox is what i need in my life

  • I love any vid u post, and u do yt for u, not us

  • Sasha at first when you said I'm was insecure about my voice you are beautiful and your voice is beautiful also ❤

  • You should review sh*tty mobile app games. there are some crazy ones out there. especially if you get into the story based ones...

  • 'Im sorry if it sounds like I have a cold, it's just really cold in here and uh.. okay' I ACTUALLY SNORTED

  • how do you make your intros

  • how do you edit your videos.

  • Here me out minecraft

  • Sasha I thought I would be u when I grow up getting mods for sims and cc

  • I would love to see Roblox again, but only if you enjoy it, I will watch anything you post!

  • i can't stop staring at her teeth

  • Who saw the person saying they had poop brown hands?!? 11:09

  • Me:WHAT

  • play more robox

  • My parrot literally hid behind my IPad when you made does deep sounds

  • Omg i subscribed after watching the useless websites video lmao

  • Be yourself I love your channel

  • pls everyone like to make her happy

  • Please play stardew valley!!!

  • Maybe try playing the game IttleDew or IttleDew 2

  • Girl i have a deep voice too i have deepest voice as a girl im my friend group

  • I hate taco with a burning raging pashin (from you)

  • I would love if you did some roblox and more gacha :)

  • roblox plz

  • vixella i beg u do more lets plays i rewatch not so berry and cats and dogs so much

  • Plaaaaay roooblox again!

  • PLS PLS PLS do more breed out the weird! Love ya Vixella!

  • You should definetly do some other stuff beyond The Sims😀

  • Omg I never knew your dad had died. I can’t believe how much you have powered through. You continue to be an amazing youtuber and I will continue to support you

  • I was four when she was making her first video like WHAT now I’m sooo ten like WHAT

  • Oh what's this your vixcel as evolving, do do do do

  • I cried when you said the backstory of your second video 😭😭😭😭....

  • yasss play roblox plssss

  • When that comment said i think shes gonna be a famous youtuber 7 years later.

  • it's easy to say do what makes you happy, but sometimes it takes time. Take all the time you need, we will be her for you!!!

  • Do what u want sasha, ive seen u go through that many fases and enjoyed every part.

  • Play roblox bro...

  • You should try Roblox games orhorror games I feel like they would be great content aswell as sims xxx


  • Mur

  • I REMEMBER the " alien" and the "hustling" videos... wow i.. wow iremember so much...😅


  • I love how u still have the same laugh as u did 7 years ago lol ♥

  • I love your Chanel


  • I don't know what you mean about your voice--sounds like a normal woman's voice to me! Not too low or high

  • I’ve been watching Sasha for 4 years this is the fifth year- Omg 🥺😫

  • just to let yall know how long i’ve been watching sasha, the first video i watched from her was her most recent video which was ep 1 of four immortal sisters (so 5 years) soooo yeah im obsessed with her

  • I absolutely love your videos and would watch any game you play. I love finding new games and seeing what people play

  • twotplist:her high voice is real and her low voice is fake LMAO HAAHAAHH nobody luaghed;-;(no hate lol)

  • I was 3 when u posted the first video

  • ME 2 months ago- hey who this lady she looks interesting Vixella- If you're new here... Me- yep Also me after seeing it- woah that was interesting *subscribes and likes*

  • I would love to see roblox again

  • I was a year old when she posted her first video🤭🤭

  • totalllllllllllllllllllllllllllly

  • You know more than me because I am making a channel!!

  • I Know I'm really late but Can you PLEASE start 🙏 the Cat's and dog's thing again I loved that series!!!!

  • You sub to Megan

  • yessss play roblox or whatever you want :)

  • I like how she talks to us like we are her friends

    • Funny as in I laugh with you not at you. sorry if you took that differently!

  • Why don’t you play Minecraft

  • i would love to see the disaster of a roblox video

  • Sasha: oh no Her old video: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH 0:16

  • Let it play through without constantly stopping it to defend on y it was bad...

  • I WAS 4!!!!

  • i was three in 2013

  • I was 2 when you posted your very first video-

  • girl go games