Custom Content, Sims 3 vs Sims 4

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We've come a long way, but I'm still impressed!
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  • I play Sims 3 and 4

  • I have sims3 on my phone and the graphics are the worst

  • many of the ppl i know cant understand why i hate alpha cc. but for me it just looks often out of place and cheap ^^" (i know the creators put alot of work in it) but in the sims 3 alpha content works well for me. But to be honest, i never used sims 3 cc XD for some reason i was happy how the game was. 7:33 yes i know what you mean. I still have sooo many old games.. i just need to find a way to play them XD

  • I still play the sims 3 I suck at building in the sims 3 lol

  • I have the sims 3 but i really want sims 4

  • i still play the sims 3 and sims 2 for nostalgia

  • I accidentally got either the sims 2 or 3 on my phone 👁👄👁 idk

    • @Kabluya I looked and it wasn’t it’s just says sims LAMO 😂

    • It probably the sims mobile

  • (Me over here obsessed with naruto) me seeing naruto 😲 (Sacha) 😂

  • Im currently addicted to the sims 3. Even if my game struggles now and then i feel like its worth it. Though im still trying to figure out how to fix my build mode. When i try to build at all my game refuses to save. Its still playable though

  • About the graphics, yeah I thought I was the only one

  • I love the ouran hs host club 😂😂😂

  • There are WAY better sims 3 cc options on the internet. The only time I go to the sims resource is for furniture and that's not very often. I hate waiting 10 seconds every time I download something and the ads make it lag. I prefer tumblr blogs. The sims 3 has been out every since 2009 and people are still creating content for it.

  • I am a sims 4 player 😂

  • "She just killed her husband. 100%" Vixella 2021

  • could somebody please help me? My sims isn´t working...and I don´t know what to do. I repeared it like 1000 of times and I also googled it and deleted the cc which I down loaded last. Google also said to rename the sims folder or other things like this but nothing works for me. please if anyone can help, please help

  • i had a tv (cc) in the sims 4 where u could watch the simpsons

  • Who watching this in 2021

  • i play sims 2 bc apparently it runs way better on a mac..... being old af. yet can't get sims 3 to run.

  • I love sims 3 it’s my childhood I play it after school LOL

  • Sims4

  • I stopped playing sims 4 a long while ago, I exclusively play sims 3 now. EA fight me.

  • When you play on the consule: 🤧

  • I don't have the sims but maybe soon so I watched some of you and your friends videos so I can be prepared for the chaos in the sims

  • I have the hair in the thumbnail lol

  • I’m a sims 2 player, but mostly a sims 3 player

  • Yes in sims 4 you can customize what your sims watch on tv I see other simmers do it it’s probably a mod where hey can watch spongebob and stuff

  • I have never played sims only Sims 4 I miss out sad to say

  • I play 1, 2, 3 and even medival way more than 4 now!!

  • sims 3 is literally my baby will forever be the best

  • sims 2 player

  • Sims3

  • Also movie CC has always existed in Sims 2! Its in Sims 4, but I've only seen it on tumblr.

  • Sims 3's IDEAL CC creator was Anubis Under the Sun. We're the same age so I'm guessing that's what you were remembering for it. I think that Alpha was the Maxis Match for both 2 and 3 since the hyper-realistic style was part of the series. 4 has an actual art style so it has variations. (I like the graphics of 4 the best, but a lot of ways outside of that.)

  • Sims 3 you are punished horribly Sims 4 they now look like an angel

  • The Sims 3 is hands down my favorite but because of how it runs I end up playing 4 more.

  • I PLAY SIMS 3!!!

  • Are these cc downloads cas demo compatible?

  • I don't have sims on PC I have sims 3 xbox I want sims four on PC SO BAD sims on Xbox is sooooo hard

  • I just realized we go to the same website for cc

  • I only play the sims 3.... but I also just can't afford new games.


  • Her: Do you still play sims 3? Me with no money to buy sims 4: *WELL ACTUALLY.*

  • I still play sims 2 & 3 sometimes lol

  • I still play the sims 3 and i named one of my shop the thicc shop lol

  • I am 10 and my sisters played the sims 3 so for my hole life i played sims 3

  • I have an idea so what if Sasha makes a sim4 lesbian couple then make have a chi!d (I would love if you did that like if you agree)

  • I know for a fact (cause my sister does this) is that you can make playlists on sims 4 so you can hear the songs on their radio. I don't remember the folder but you add the songs and voila! I love that tbh

  • I don’t know how to use custom content or know how to buy it

  • I only have sims one but its a little different to normal sims one the one I have is very very cartoony

  • What’s that sim mode you have? Or if anyone else’s knows

  • I was thinking about video ideas for Simmers, but I got on Art Breeder and made a sim out of the "person" I created.

  • 2 years ago I got a xbox one but I was stuck with the Sims 3 on my Xbox 360 before them 😅

  • My brother has a computer but I don't know the controls I have Sims 3 but his computer doesn't have a disc drive so I can't play it but I really do want to but he doesn't have a disc drive so I can't I really really want to also I'm only a kid

  • I play sims 3 bc all I have is my brothers old ps3 but the sims I have is like sims and petsss???? I uh guess that’s different from the regular simsss?? Idk but I rlly want sims 4 man it sucks TvT

  • Am I the only one that saw Kakashi from Naruto at 7:29?

  • SIMS 4

  • Sims 3

  • How do u get CC on PS4

  • I'm a sims 3 player because I don't have sims 4

  • I feel like I have a hard time finding content for the sims 3 that suits my style. Not enough cutesie stuff like ts4 cc

  • you could do the not so berry challange

  • i want the Sims 2 but it’s off origin 😭

  • I am a sims 4 player. So I have all pack (not counting my first pet stuff) and a good amount of cc I am in love. And my pc is holding up pretty great

  • Just chilling watching this with me and my frozen peas

  • Sims 4

  • You can get mods for sims 3 to reduce lag

  • What is the website that you searched your custom can’t turn on for the Sims four and by the way you should do a video for the new SIM people like me where are you show us the websites that you use and maybe some like little techniques

  • can you do a vid on making a really realistic sim please i love your vids.

  • Do you have to pay for the sims 4 cc?

  • I’ve been wanting to play sims 4 for years but we have no devices on which I can play on 😭

  • Sims 3 still but i have sims 4 but not eneugh expantions for sims 4

  • best place to find the popular maxis match sims 4 cc? I have a hard time finding it on tsr

  • I still play and love the sims 3! I find most of my cc on tumblr though :) it runs well for me but I can’t play with all packs at once, so I usually disable like 2-3 of them.

  • Bruv I’m too stuff packs away from getting all the packs I ain’t getting sims 5 maybe a specific age or 3 years after it comes out of shorter

  • sims 3 graphics look so old! like older than sims 2 old ..

  • Me generation playing sims 8 and getting nastalgic

  • If you are looking for maxis match cc use tumblr. The sims resource is like a hub for alpha but I find it impossible to find good maxis match stuff on there lmao

  • 73 dislikes wow go girl u awesome

  • some people wish they had that coffee cup *i am one of them*

  • I play sims 3 and sims 4 sims 3 works better for me than the sims 4 because I have an older computer

  • Cc is the best

  • when sims 4 was released I was 14, so I've grown with sims 4, but I do remember playing with sims 1, 2 and 3 as a kid. I even had the sims 3 and the Katy Perry expansion pack, but I couldn't really play because it was so heavy and my notebook couldn't play it properly, so I don't have a good experience with sims 3 unfortunately

  • Does anyone have links to colorings?

  • Sashas lashes ARE GOLD

  • I Play the Sims 3

  • im a sims two player its way better in my opinion

  • Nooooo i have sims for x-box and my disc got scratched like a year ago

  • I do play sims 3, especially with a couple of tricks here and there.

  • What’s on the table it looks like Diamond paintings pls tell me

  • (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚,

  • I’m a sims 3 player

  • Guys, I just did a shell challenge, which is a first for me since I'm a phd student! Give us a look for the laugh at this wee Irish girl. Please ❤️

  • i play sims 3 EVERY dayyyy i just love it bc its so iconic and the lil details are soooo cuteee :>

  • Sasha: Sims 3 runs sims 3 runs, but it works. Also Sasha: I had all expansions, and so much CC

  • 7:28 oh gosh kakashi, u umm got a new look i see



  • I genuinely did not know that about cameras in Sims 3. :O Pretty amazing that I'm still learning stuff about a game that's over 10 years old!

  • 1,000th comment here.

  • I'm The Sims 2 to 4 player struggling on laptop, late hi from BRA