I got The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff but I ruined it

Publicerades den 22 jan 2021
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  • :0 My name is Sawyer 2

  • Do someone know where is this crewneck from?

  • Why does the skeleton man with the top hat look to much like skulldugery pleasant

  • not me knowing exactly whos house it was 😭💀

  • I click on the video Vixella: *chokes* Me:😳

  • I love lock hat part of the video 😂

  • I'm watching this as I'm playing with the pack for the first time :))

  • Can we get a let’s play

  • Ghost: AHSHBEHDBS Sasha: Omg it’s pissed

  • 12:08 she just- i- you woo-hooed a dead being-

  • Bonehilda: 💀

  • Plz do a lets play

  • 3:30 looks like what Rosé from blackpink wore during lovesick girls dance break in the mv

  • Kind of a bohemian style for the ladies clothes. Cute! 😉


  • The time peroid is probably now (in Florida)

  • could somebody please help me? My sims isn´t working...and I don´t know what to do. I repeared it like 1000 of times and I also googled it and deleted the cc which I down loaded last. Google also said to rename the sims folder or other things like this but nothing works for me. please if anyone can help, please help

  • Me: excited for the video- sasha-"Are you saying I can easily.... die? Cuz that intriguing " (lol forgot how to spell) Me: way more excited

  • Please do another video of this pack!!

  • 8:49 I it just me or did yall nearly get a seizure...

  • Sims? 4 Childhood? ruined Children? Scared Hotel? Trivago

  • This is the second person I watch play this pack and both want to woohoo with the bone maid... Why???

  • The music for looking at the objects is chiLl

  • Hide your kids hide your wife cause sasha is going to ruin her sim’s life

  • Will you do a video that you play the whole pack

  • giving me That 70s Show vibes DrriPpYY

  • Plz make another vid of this if y’all agree with me comment:3

  • I got this pack right when it came out so I stayed on for like 1 day

  • I can't believe this is a STUFFPACK!!! This is amazing

  • 6:12 I literaly have that shirt irl :))

  • Sasha: Who’s house is this? Me: Wat this is the Langrabs we are talking about!

  • okay. first things first poopoo peepee

  • The editing is amazing 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • lol that's savage

  • Can I just say vixella all ways surprises you with content it’s like reverse click bait

  • dont you notice how sims like the coat and dress thing in full body i think its funny how the coat will be pink then theyl be like hmmm lets do a lime dress

  • The fact that this video is exactly 17 min

  • When you dont have a device to play the sims so you sit and watch while crying

  • I cant say that I knew your name was Sasha. I know it's not Vixella but......it's Vixella

  • It is 90s

  • someone make a ghost hunter legacy challenge

  • “Who’s house is this I don’t recognize it” thats almost offensive, its the Landgraab house its been here from the start of the game in basegame, how do you not recognize it?

  • The theme of the pack is boho.

  • So, yes, 60's and 70's (and the eighties) is around when paranormal began getting a bigger following with people like Ed and Lorraine Warren popping up and is actually the time when movies relating to famous paranormal cases occurred (namely the ones we see in Conjuring 1 and conjuring 2 (That was 80's i believe? could be wrong on this one). Reminder, the cases portrayed were real but the events within the movies? Not entirely correct in nature.)

    • also the Mary Janes should give you scooby doo vibes considering they are worn by Velma.

  • Where did you get your cat headphones?

  • lolol 69 dislikes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • It's actually the 70s

  • the theme of that male shirt is cocaine: and '80 :))) xd

  • Am I the only one who immediately thought of TommyInnit? 8:45 (because of the music)

  • i just love when she says “hey y’all” in the beginning..

  • At 8:36 look at how the curtain goes to the beat tho-

  • I remember hearing the style for this pack is supposed to look like 70s ghost hunters

  • DON'T YOU DISRESPECT ME, LITTLE MAN! Don't you derogate or deride! *_You're in my world now, NOT your world..._* *ꪖꪀᦔ ꠸'ꪜꫀ ᧁꪮꪻ ᠻ᥅꠸ꫀꪀᦔᦓ ꪮꪀ ꪻꫝꫀ ꪮꪻꫝꫀ᥅ ᦓ꠸ᦔꫀ~*

  • 9:38 why did that kind of match the beat though

  • ❤️ this pack 🤤🤤🤤🔥🔥🔥

  • This looks so fun!!! I can make my witches even more powerful and realistic!!

  • The slight seventies theme going on reminds me of the conjuring movies.

  • Love this!! Please play some more!!

  • I just got the oack on the day itwas released

  • My only complaint is I wish the clothes and items were more occult/goth themed. I’m not sure how a hippie vibe fits with the paranormal theme.

  • This is why I download cc.

  • Ok but who remembers Clawsha XD

  • omg i love this pack...please please please do a series of playing this pack.

  • This feels like a game pack

  • if honestly love to see a play through using this pack

  • the new girls short hair is like a wolf cut i love it so much ahsodgdj

  • I think that the theme is definitely 60s or 70s type of like vibe 😌

  • Can you do a les play the sim 4 spoocy stuff pac

  • I think it’s a ghost busters vibe, because it was back in the 60’s and 70’s

  • Who else wants a gamplay🤩🤩🤩

  • "..." "Yeah,That was pretty scary."

  • EA: doesn't add high-waisted jeans Us: *angy noises*

  • Loraine!

  • Omg

  • Hi

  • the length the video would have been if it wasn't speeded up is *ASTRONOMICAL*

  • i think we can all tell that this was only edited by sasha...

  • This pack is spooky good... heh get it, heh cause it’s a ghost pack......... please don’t ghost I have more puns to lift your spirits but a ghoul is running out of ideas and this joke is coming to a dead end if you want more bad puns leave a comment and like so I don’t mist it😋

  • i was watching the old videos it was a sirises it was get famuse and i stop doing things on the mid

  • It actually looks quite a bit better than what I initially thought it was going to be. As a CAS lover, I really like the clothes/accessories and as an interior decorating admirer, the objects in build/buy are pretty decent. Thanks for reviewing :D

  • There's gonna be Ghostbusters mods for this after it comes out and Idk if I'm ready cuz I hate the librarian ghost

  • We have vampires! We have witches! And we have ghosts. Now all we need is some werewolves my dudes.

  • Is love to watch an astronomically long video tho 🥺

  • You should do a playthrough!

  • Does anyone else remember when vixella did the not so berry challenge because I like really miss that challenge is it just me please someone ageee...😒❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍

  • Who else thinks she should do a whole playthrough with this pack. No just me okay 😔😔

  • Sasha is that how youre name typed ? becose in my country we have saša

  • It would be funny if Vixella played the sim free play mobile

  • I love the intro 😍

  • Matching love seat we love too see it

  • Also can you start a new lp please and thank you

  • Sasha: Is that 60s - 70s? Me: Omg im 13 and I know its Boho! lol

  • 9:37 the music matched perfectly. I'm happy.

  • Sasha I have a sims video idea, basically you would have to make a house and every room is based off a zodiac sign.

  • I need a part twoooooooo

  • So you just had only SALSA for lunch???? ok

  • Challenge: Let a number generator tell you how many items you can put down and use the color generator to tell you what color you use for items, wallpapers, and flooring

  • 1:48 why were they complaining about hair

  • Me:how does she get posts of money My mum:cheats Me:REEEEEE DONT CALL HER A CHEATER

  • I like it but my sims is not working