The Most AMAZING Art Tik Toks

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The Most AMAZING Art Tik Toks
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  • 6:38 ITS ASKABAN FROM HARRY POTTER!!!! i new it when he started to make the triangle

  • “The panini” 👩🏽‍🍳💋🤌🏽

  • 11:15 not trying to scare anyone but I bought from etsy two days ago and today I had my debit card hacked with like 10 Only fans purchases

  • that painting with a mop is literally effortless but i bet she makes a killing. girl power! proud of her. a true queen.

  • I watch Korean Cafe vlogs as my ASMR to go to sleep lmao

  • Vixella not knowing what pastels are 😂

  • you just see where the pencil takes u

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  • For me as an artist I don’t normally sit down and think about what to paint or draw. If I am stumped on ideas I will doodle until I get one or a will see something that inspires me then it just goes “boom!” And I all of a sudden think “omg I’m a genius!”

  • Those Chucky crayons were oil pastels I have been doing art since I was 2 out of anyone I would know this LOL but it’s ok Vixella art isn’t for everyone plus everyone has their own ay of doing art maybe you haven’t found that spark for you yet

  • So what I do is go to Pinterest

  • Azcaban! Like if u a Harry Potter fan!

  • This painting is going to be ✋😡🤚THICCC

  • Usually when I sit down and draw something it's because the idea came out of nowhere I'm just chilling trying to fall asleep and then _boop_ and idea


  • Might be a little late, but I do a lot of digital stuff, it not great but inspiration comes from literally anywhere. I can be eating potatoes and BAM! it hits me. Also if you wanna get into a cheaper hobby, soap crafting, melt and pour is great for beginners.

  • Also, the secret of doing art everyday is to sell your soul to the demons and never go outside anymore- (ง ื▿ ื)ว hehe

  • Sweety you don't need talent to do that too!!! Just try it out and if you like it keep going with it!!!!! We all just tested art out someday and the main reason is to have fun! It would be very interesting and cool if ya try that out too! JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!

  • Hey so you how artists make this beautiful and creative art pieces well first they figure out from, basically looking at different references of something simple like a galaxy or a sunset or something, then they see what they like about it the put all of it together in there brain, then they add something that just makes it look deep like draw a girl holding a torch which reflects to a galaxy or something.hope this helps:)

  • This is random and almost everyone probably knows this in the animal crossing community but if your a hufflepuff make the iron door plate customize it to gold and silver rand you have a hufflepuff door plate

  • omg the Azkaban Sandcastle really got me 🤣😂

  • Hi! Artist here! To come up with something to draw or make I sit down at my desk with my sketchbook..... Then I proceed to spin in my chair and stare at the ceiling until all my motivation has left my body.

  • You find inspiration, to answer your question. That or you create art based on how your feeling. You don't have to listen to me I am just a 12 year old middle schooler. Also those "chunky crayons" they were blend the colors with are pastels.

  • The chunky crayons are called oil pastels

  • The pottery one was made for the use of a earn for young boy🙏🏻🙏🏻 I have seen the tiktok video a couple of days ago

  • Pottery is hard, trust me

  • "do you come up with this" well, watch art tiktoks, go on(any social media like amino or pintest) and mix you your favorits that are all the same astetic

  • near my dads house theres a museum with free digatle potery

  • You get inspired from what you see and make it insane ya know

  • Hai im a artist and i search stuff up on Pinterest Pinterest is my bestie😂😂✨💕

  • Sasha. That was azkaban from Harry Potter😭

  • The triangle they made out of sand is is azkaban from Harry Potter

  • Hello! Artist here, music really helps flow my creativity, and sometimes I just draw

  • i ask my mum

  • The ‘lipstick’ or ‘ chunky crayons’ they are called oil pastels I’m not sure if there all around the world but in Australia is where we have them. They are used for blending like they did in this video. Your welcome.

  • hey sasha... those things you callef chunky crayons are actually oil pastels used for blending

  • i'm an artist and i find cool images for inspiration i sometimes even print something out, colour it in and then realize it would be a good painting on a canvas sooo then i just paint it.

  • Sooo I'm an artist I just watch my favorite artists, look outside, play my favorite games and watch SEnewss for ideas

  • I usually find really cool images and get inspired, and make it in my style.

  • Answering on how artists come up with our ideas: we imagine, dream or look at actual real life pictures or other people's art and that's it.

  • Sasha: “thick crayons” Me: “...pastels?” All jokes aside, lots of love 💕

  • i'm an artist, i guess? i do digital art a lot but it's trash (i typed trans by accident but that's also true)

    • cool! i wish i could do that but i can only paint :(

  • If you dont know what to draw, you can think of fan art or somthin’

  • The sand castle was Azkabahn from Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The thing in the cloak was a demontor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He flew on a broom stick because he is a wizard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Resin+shapes= satisfying tik-toks

  • Honestly, ideas just come to me. they aren't GOOD ideas, but ideas nonetheless.

  • 10:30 i did this with my grandma and i always had the better ones because of my color picking. BTW I want to become an artist so far the art i like it still art

  • i have been trying to listen to asmr to go asleep but i just can’t

  • So I am a artist and I look around stuff and create a different style of the Item of the desired

  • If you ever do resin, do the research cause it is toxic so you need gloves and gas mask

  • The chalking crayons are called oil based pastels, it one thing I am good with lol. Crayons and markers, can't lol

  • You get inspiration from other artists or just one day come up with something

  • 4:41 did she just call the pandemic a panini? ✋💀

  • Sometimes you don’t know what your making until your doing it

  • The “chonky crayons” are oil pastels, and the way artist come up with ideas like that really depends on the artist. Personally, music inspires me a lot and it wouldn’t surprise me if that piece was also inspired by a song.

  • Lol was I the only one that laughed hysterically when she called the pandemic a panini 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • REALLY HARD or just think for fun

  • We just think

  • Artist here! More of a character designer, but still: First I come up with the emotion I want to portray, then I look at pics that inspire said emotion or feeling (a lot of them), and then I create the drawing. When I'm doing characters I look for outfit and hairstyle inspo, and then think of their personality and come up with a pose based off of that. I actually draw a lot while I watch your videos so thanks for that lol

  • To come up with ideas it takes a lot of inspiration and creativity things that inspire you

  • 7:05 I was dying after i realized it was azkaban

  • When I do my drawlings I look at the stuff around me and think how can I make it more like my soul. Then I drawl it r drawl something that doesn't exist.

  • Let your emotions take over your head and then you shall see the Masterpiece you have created

  • I look at a tree and see what I can see

  • I’m crying laughing the sculpture is good but the backstory is even better🤣

  • 7:00 omg that’s the Azkaban prison from Harry Potter!😂

  • We rlly need to see Sasha make art for one of her videos XD

  • My grandad is an artist and he is DEFFO the best artist ive EVER seen he painted a tiger with a butterfly and i was blown away when i saw it.. His inspiration is from going to all the zoo animals and taking pics then he paints them!

  • The way I normally decide on what to draw from people think about in the day. If they were thinking about how beautiful the view was, I'll do a landscape

  • Me is artist, I draw/paint different types of styles, I usually draw dragons

  • im an artist ig, and my source for inspiration is other people and their art. i also enjoy looking around and just seeing the world in a more imaginative state.

  • 7:55,I don't, I struggle 😂

  • You need some Merch that says “don’t be shy”

  • 6:39 Sasha I love you but it did say "sandsculptor" in the corner fhsjd

  • I am definitely not an artist l would think you would be

  • I am an artist and ideas normally come from references or your surroundings or maybe your brain

  • 7:53 I usually just think of what I want to make, and for example, if I want to draw a unicorn by the lake with stars in the night, I'll go and grab a paper to sketch out what I want it to look like first, and see if it would work. And if I'm done sketching my idea, I would just go for it, and of course, you have to practice this, is not like you can just do it with one shot, you will have to keep on practicing, and learn the skills of it. (I hope that help and make sense😅

  • Some people come up with ideas just from there mind like I just make it up and do my best or sometimes I just have a idea some other people get inspection from things.

  • Idk where my inspiration comes from, i just get an idea and draw it

  • I’m not an artist but when I think of what I’m ganna draw I base it off my emotions 😃 let’s just say I have a lot of dark drawings

  • the pottery in the video was actually an urn that someone commissioned to keep their son's ashes in. they wanted to honor his interests during his eternal rest.

  • I’m a artist and it’s different with people and it’s all for ur fantasy and personality

  • If you go on Etsy a bunch, could you check out the shop Junesworks please? 🥺 she’s my cousin and I want her shop to be more successful. She has had 22 sales and her stuff is super cute! Thanks! 🥰 love your videos

  • My inspiration is I think of litterally the weirdest thing ever..... And then draw it😅😅😅

  • My ideas of being an "Artiste" is things that speak me, my surrounding, paintings, pictures etc, I've been painting and drawing since first grade and I love it.

  • I’m an artist and I just...think of something and like y’know....draw it.

  • Sasha just make an arts and crafts channel.

  • I'm an artist and how I get my ides from anime

  • for me when I come up with an idea it's similar to when people get a sudden burst of motivation at 3 in the morning. I just get a bunch of ideas(usually at 3 in the morning) and have to either write them down or do them immediately.

  • For me who has done resin stuff I haven’t done layers yet but from what I’ve done it’s not really that hard I think anyway but it does take 10-12 hours to dry

  • Idk how to tell you but like it’s just like you get the idea and do it

  • The pottery one was actually an erne

  • Listening to music or watching some videos like yourss

  • The Pottery thing is a thing for a little boy that died :(

  • I don’t know how but it just comes to the mind if your trying to get an idea don’t just go on with your day and the ideas will come naturally love u vix

  • As an artist, the best art comes from one you don't really think about. Just look at your surroundings and think like a 5 year-old with an active imagination.

  • Sasha reaction:wow there so good Me:draws a happy face with hair or something Also me:omg im amazing im a artist

  • Wait was that Astro Boy dude!? THEN THERE WAS SAILOR MOON!?

  • so am an artist and you usualy come up with it from yor mind or even your life and from mostly imagination sometimes

  • for me as an artist i will be doing a random thing and see something or think of something and an idea just sparks!