These Are The MOST DOWNLOADED Houses in Sims 4

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These people are so talented!!!
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  • nice builds!! I might want to download one of these builds

  • Me coming here to find cool builds to download and realizing I have downloaded absolutely all these already lol

  • Love ur vids

  • the First one unlocked so many memories

  • How do you go in to gallery

  • This is random and late but I think a video on all the cheats you use in sims building etc would be really helpful,definitely for me a noob sim player 😂

  • “We “craped” the code” IM DEAD-

  • 4:13 the locker room just reminds me of miraculous ladybug 💀💀

  • I love your sweater!!

  • I can build insides but the outside just NO. People have so much talent!

  • I always wanted to be that talented but imp getting there.

  • you should play with the one at 7:57 it look amazing

  • These People have a very creative taste ooh a trash can.

  • The gallery is unstable, i mean that’s a mood sis

  • I use bluemoon nocc ALL THE TIME!

  • Do a challenge: you CANT rotate objets

  • Mayyy I just say, EA what the heckadoodle is going on.. the glitches with the gallery, prices, other garbage. Permanently offended 😑

  • The lighthoue bar and grill sums up all restaurants from the beach I go to every summer.

  • If we counted all the times sasha said cute

  • The gallery just exists to make me feel bad about myself✋🏼😭

  • I can't make a decision

  • Hey,I have a Q:My game wouldn't let me go with my sims at school,can someone tell me why?

  • I- I- hew ugh I know why these are most downloaded

  • I got heatwaves add before this video what is going to happen in this video

  • Wait didn’t you say you were taking a break from sims 4? No hate! I love your vids just confused

  • you should do a video where you get the most popular houses and then redo the insid kind of like the shell challenge but you have to base it off one time frame like 1940 1960 1970 so on and so forth but its up to you.

  • *ooh a trash can*

  • The lighthouse one is SO pretty!! What pack do the booths come from?

  • at 12:25 am I the only one who saw that the lights looked like disco balls?

  • hi

  • I’m not surprised older builds are popular, they have the most time to get the most likes/downloads.

  • PLEASE do a video where you build a house with zero base game items. I think it would be interesting to see just how necessary base game is for a decent looking house! :) Love you Sasha!

  • I downloaded the first house for my child in the sims 4 and the furniture wasn't really how I wanted it, so I just renovated it and it looks so much better

  • Drinking game: take a shot every time Sasha says 'cute'

  • Maybe its organized by years?

  • 1:22 I literally have a savefile with this house and this is one of my first savefiles

  • Sasha for 13 minutes: this is so cool

  • When she said Plant on that one build, it reminded me of WALL-E

  • Ummm yeah I've been playing for a year or two now and it needs updated BADDDDDD another Sim YT channel I apologize I forgot mentioned this is their vid. It is so outdated and doesn't give way for any other creator to be feature I mean I am positive if you even explore it 1-2-3-4 years down the road it'll be THE EXACT SAME which is bull spuds like don't they know times change and fad NOPE so yeah it's despicable. I am getting tired of seeing the same antiquated stuff each time.

  • I wish I were creative enough to make these builds!

  • pretty amazing houses

  • where did yall download your sims 4 because I am still having trouble with my sims 4 I keep downloading it but then it says the computer is full or there is trouble with the game soo yea I would love if yall told me cause I wanna play it:(

  • Rewatch and take a shot every time Vixella says the word "cute" 😆

  • Take a shot everytime Sasha says cute

  • Next time you should do “The most popular 64x64 builds”

  • imagine being able to build those houses. i could never-

  • Vixiella please do another sims 4 challenge

  • You should totally take that gym and refurnish it, now when we actually have saunas & yoga mats ^^ That modern crisp house is based off the children modern dollhouse ^^ which could be spotted in the backyard

  • Maybe you could rank them out of ten next time!

  • Can you make a tutorial on how to make GOOD houses? Every time I try, I fail😂

  • This videos make me so mad!! I don't have gallery I only have library...I don't know how to fix it😞 I wanna download these builds! Does anyone know how to fix it? Please help

  • Can we get a part 2?

  • first one looks familiar 🧐 Was it a shell challenge?

  • How does that Tiki Bar have the grass roofing if they didn't put that in the game til island living???(which was not added til 2019 and the date of the item says 2015)

  • I wish you could download a house using the packs you have but the gallery gives you houses with packs you have AND packs you dont have, If i want a house that’s specifically Paranormal stuff, vampires, the magic pack, then I want exclusively that but they give me that and a bunch of other packs 🤷🏻‍♀️😡🙎🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • I like the 1 and the 5

  • She/he build a Disneyland!?🏰👸🤴🥀

  • I didn’t even know that there was that many people playing the Sims never mind downloading all of these houses...

  • Hi! :3

  • I’m confused bc the first house was made in 2014 but it has a pool? 🤨

  • me, thinking my sims builds are fine. me thinking Sacha's sims buils are good. me seeing these builds: .....(almost crying because of how amazing they are and mine could never be so perfect.)

  • Finally apple Launch the new iPad Pro M1 I wonder if it can run Sims 4 !

  • This house was reviewed by gamer girl KarinaOMG too Check out her channel the video name is “stuck in the rain” Btw the house I’m talking about is the first house Sasha loaded

  • The amount of times she said cute❤love u

  • 9:31 for some reason... this house reminds me of the science house you got to in the Sims Bustin’ Out for GameCube. Anyone else???


  • I totally didn't have the sims long enough for the 1st build to be my main household at the beginning of my playing

  • These builds are amazing 🤩 I literally never

  • Ideas for, Every room is a different: -Zodiac Sign -Holiday -Skill -Aspiration -Celebrity -Food -App -Game -Career -Style

  • “Only one clothing item”. Sasha, that’s just the men’s section 😂

  • Ok video idea: Instead of building hoses you should build different shops like: a boutique, bakery, ice cream shops, cafe, or even a restaurant!!! 😁

  • How about you do a video where you furnish homes from the gallery

  • Is it just me or are 2014 builds so much better then newer ones

  • I had the first house down loaded in my first save file

  • What if u tried to build a whole town??

  • Vixella, wanted to play the sims like this. with smooth graphics :((((

  • 2:36 me when I haven’t been to a friends house in awhile

  • omg I want that sweater

  • *sighs* opens sims

  • I wish i could build more than a pool 😂

  • You should react to SimStreams builds 😁

  • Video idea: Search up castle or mansion on the Gallery and see what’s the most popular :)

  • Earlyyy

  • Can I honestly admit to you all who read this: I love playing The Sims and I now love Tenants, we have watched Sasha play both on here and Squasha Streams right, right! Ok but here is where you get to lol 😂 🤣 at an older person (me) playing The Tenants and thinking ‘ It would be so great if you could build houses and design them in The Sims’ I’ll give ya a few seconds to take that in...Now bust out a 😂🤣🥲 Me 🤦‍♀️

  • I have some of the same sweaters as you

  • The second house was made in 2014

  • * When you recognize all of these builds because you played on console and all of these were saved to your library *

  • Imagine going to a store and all there was is one type of shirt in different colors.

  • Video idea: breed out vlad Basically see how many generations it takes to breed out vlads big features (chin,nose....)

  • It’s the Oprah of bathrooms wow Sasha that’s 🤣🤣👌👌👌👌👌 and the random hello of Sasha😳👌😂😂🤣😂😂

  • day 2 of telling sasha she’s loved💗

  • Love you Sasha

  • These builds are destroying my ego

  • I know you have done plenty of cc shopping videos but could you do a mod shopping video. (for the sims 4) I love watching your cc shopping videos and they are really helpful when looking for new cc, I think mod shopping videos would be very helpful to me and many other people. I hope you take this idea in to consideration!

  • HI can you please do each room is a different season☺️

  • I shoukd be sleeping... me at 12am and still watching

  • that tiki bar that you didn't look at is a really really good one I use that all the time

  • You should build a business

  • What hair dye do you use?

  • Please do another Sims 4 but every room is a different______ Sims 4 but every room is a different holiday. Valentines Day Christmas Your B-day Halloween Easter New Years Day Thanksgiving World Chocolate Day Rainbow Day Love your vids!!