Can I Build a Christmas Tree Shaped House in Sims 4?

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  • You forgot a trashcan

  • Whar is the brown?

  • you sholed of platfromed it to the foor so you couled not so it just the tree outside

  • Imagine, your friend just fit their house bulldozed and rebuilt. They invite you over to stay the night and see the house. When you get there the house has an odd shape, but you can’t place your finger on it. It’s also a really weird green with things in the roof. You walk in and see a fountain. The whole house is VERY green. Even though it’s the middle of summer, there is Christmas decorations E V E R Y W H E R E. The first thing you do is rush to their bedroom, which is also green. You’re now very confused, but start playing dolls. Soon their mother calls you to lunch and the dining table is green with a green carpet, and a lot of chairs. You eat anyways. After lunch you need to pee and ask where the toilet is. They say down the hall, door right in front of you. You go down the hall and there’s 2 doors. You think it’s just a odd, fancy double door. I mean, they do have a fountain. You open the left door, and there’s a green bathroom, you open the right door, and there’s a different green bathroom. By now you are scared and confused. When you’re done doing ya thing you and your friend go to watch tv, but there’s no tv, or computer. He tells you that there’s an easel in his parents room that you can use. You go to his parent’s room and IT’S GREEN! Now you are super scared of this psychotic family. You grab your stuff and run home

  • I watched the video at 2X speed... Does anyone else do that...? No... Okay... Still here...? Almost at the bottom- I just want you to know... That you're beautiful and have a good day-

  • *this is how many times she said “are you serious?” In this video* 👇


  • Sasha, you didn't make the trunk brown. I love it, But its driving me insane


  • Sasha:Then I’m gonna make a little base.. so BASSSSEEEEICLY,, Me: I see what you did there Sasha

  • 1000th comment!

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  • 1

  • she forgot to make the stump brown

  • What makes this house even more perfect is that it's Grinch green!! 😍😍

  • This should be a shell challenge

  • Next year you should do a Christmas present 🎁

  • Sasha : the house is done Me : YOU DIDN'T DO THE WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Were is the red

  • Am i the only one who say it as a Christmas cookie cutter

  • How do you get debug

  • What about us what about all the broken happy ever afters~~~~what about~ us~~what about TRUST~~Ooooooo~~(are you ready)Oooooo~~(are you ready)

  • do a house shaped as a circle :) also i love your videos

  • Badabim Bada boom? All eyes on ne when a step in a room? Vixella is a Blink hahahha

  • Hi I decide to retire from building next video we are building a Christmas tree house

  • i just finished watching friends and i can’t stop seeing you as phoebe buffay😭❤️

  • There are no windows

  • Can u do a building with only your favorite items like the mirror floor walls

  • You couldn’t’ even made the inside brown and green because of the branches

  • Me: She won't. Also me: No, She did not. Again me: HOLY @#$% SHE DID!

  • Can you pls do a sims gameplay/sims series again😇😇

  • Video Idea- U fix the house wth out changing the objects but u can change colors, add objects, and walls

  • if you did the floors brown it would work cause of the bark but it still looks good anyway

  • the green not showing up isn't the snow- ur not using floor patterns XD (or maybe im just really stupid--)

  • I think it'd be cool if Sasha made a christmas family to go with the house lol

  • Please can you react to the new Sims 4 adverts. They are really weird! I think it would make a great video. 😅🥰

  • Fun fact, spiders favourite colour is green!

  • PSI hope you all have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year

  • You forgot windows And the trash can🦌🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄💈❄❄❄🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🧺WINDOWS !WINDOWS! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow its hideous. I love it.

  • what about house in the shape of a HOUSE

  • SEE? She's asking the important questions

  • Next shape: Vixella

  • 🍠🥔🍠🥔🍠🥔

  • the bells on sasha’s antlers jingled when she face palmed and i lost it

  • You should definitely do a cloud shaped build

  • remember when she would give us a tour of the house after she built it? yeah me neither. Love the video, Happy Tidings!

  • Still forgot the windows 😂😂

  • I--But the windows,,,, ,,

  • Bruh I thought your title said “can I make a Christmas tree shaped like a house?” Lol I was like huh

  • How do you freely rotate the objects?

  • Nice Christmas house Vixella*

  • Try to build a house in a shape of star

  • "I'm not that picky, whatever" Me: knowing very well that ain't all that true Also it's 1:22am and I need to sleep-

  • Nobody: Peoples houses at Christmas time:

  • lol dO aN aNgEl

  • Anyone know what headphones she is using?


  • Who else noticed that Sasha forgot the trashcan in the kitchen??? lol Srry I don't mean to be THAT kind of person but I just noticed lol

  • The necessities in a kitchen: stove, sink, fridge, microwave, coffee maker.


  • Can any one tell me what mod she used to build there

  • OH MY GOD! A PHENOMENAL SITE! IT ONLY COMES ONCE EVERY 20 YEARS! SASHA MADE A KIDS ROOM!! :O (this is a joke, dont come at me :/)

  • Sasha: Ugh I have to do Green because it’s a Tree The trunk: I am a joke to you?

  • Even though Christmas is tomorrow and it will be over if it’s not to challenging maybe you could do The sims 4 but I build a house in the shape of a snowman

  • build a house in the shape of a trash can

  • halfway through the video there was so much green it felt like a fever dream i need to stop coincidentally rhyming

  • Snowman and or snow-woman

  • you forgot the windows lmao

  • ’Ohhhhhh sesons has the best tree...’ Vixella 2020

  • Next is a snow flake ;)

  • you should have used a wood floor cause its a tree

  • Sasha: Oh my God, everything is green! My tritanopia ass: ah yes 💙g r e e n💙

  • The next shape should be a coffee cup shape

  • Please, PLEASE do every room is a different aspiration. Plz...

  • Christmas has so many colors you could have used, but I still loved the video as always. Maybe try a jack-o'-lantern or just a pumpkin for next Halloween. 😁

  • The decorations are really good, it reminds me of the time when you said that you start decorating as early as October-November because you love decorating in a past series! Hoping to see a house deco tour :3

  • Love the headband

  • I was trying not to sign "gotta go my own way" when Sasha said that she was going her own way but when she started to sign it, I joined her! 😂

  • Vixella: i build a house shaped like a christmas tree 5 houres later......... lilsimsie: i build a house shaped like a christmas tree ( NO HATE)

  • Merry Christmas!🎄🎁💖😁✨

  • Hey vixella i would love to see you play among us on the channel btw i love your vids u make me laugh everyday

  • hates sims my sim set on fire and saw a ghost i hate the game and he was such a high level i cry si much

  • This was super entertaining! Loved it 👍🏼 Your awesome sasha!

  • Y'all should do a Christmas tree but have the tree part in the air like an actual tree lol

  • friend: where do you live? me: in a christmas tree! friend: haha thats a good joke! me:

  • Someone, please tell Sasha that pine tree trunks are 🎄🎄🎄. This hurts my eyes! Just watched another youtubers holiday build and it was so wonderful...put me in holiday mood. Then I watched this and I feel

  • You Should Do Another Shaped House The Shape Is A Rectangle

  • Sasha you should really make a gift in the sims like a gift shaped house

  • I think a reindeer head shaped house next 😂

  • It would of been cool to add a Christmas tree in the middle of the entrance

  • YASHH GET THAT HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL SONG THERE....U should do more of them In all of your Xmas videos mhmmm yeah

  • Ok there was a missed opportunity on her merch to call the Yuna shirt "yunisex" instead of "unisex"

  • the owners bathroom door is connected to the hallway not the owners room

  • D-do a lightning strike

  • :))𓀡𓀡𓀡𓀡𓀡𓀡𓀡𓀡𓀡

  • Can you please do more Sims 4 play throughs, like the 'Not so Berry Challenge' they were so funny! :)

  • you should watch high school musical the series